Annie’s Ace Hardware Opens Second Store Today

by Prince Of Petworth November 10, 2015 at 3:45 pm 16 Comments


From a press release:

“This week the Brookland neighborhood will witness the passing of the hammer, er, torch as Annie’s Ace Hardware opens and Brookland True Value closes shop after 35 years. To staff her second store, Anne Stom, the owner of Annie’s Ace Hardware has hired all of the employees from the former Brookland True Value hardware store. “We are thrilled to be able to continue providing the knowledgeable service that community residents have experienced at Brookland Hardware in an updated environment,” said Stom. “Between these six employees, we have gained over 100 years of retail hardware experience that will enhance our ability to serve the Brookland community”.

In addition, Howard Politzer, owner of the former Brookland Hardware has been hired to serve as a Senior Advisor for both locations of Annie’s Ace Hardware. Howard is eager to teach his skills to a younger group of people. “Annie and I believe that the expertise that I have developed over the years can be passed on to her employees to create a true hardware store experience for customers by providing services that cannot be replicated in a big box store.”
The new Annie’s Ace Hardware will open on November 10 and is the second location for the popular neighborhood hardware store. The first location opened in the Petworth neighborhood to rousing success in 2012.

“Our mission is to provide customers with convenience combined with superior service through one-on-one expert advice and assistance,” said Stom. “This mission is something that both Howard and I are committed to continuing in Brookland.” The new store is located on 8th Street, NE, between Monroe and Lawrence Street in the Menkiti Building.

The new 7,400 square-foot Annie’s Hardware-Brookland store will be packed with thousands of essential products and supplies from the most respected brand names and best-selling items in the home improvement marketplace, including Benjamin Moore paints, Weber grills, Mrs. Myer’s earth-friendly cleaning products, a complete line of canning supplies, Craftsman tools, and other premium products. Annie’s Hardware-Brookland will also offer many of the same services neighbors expect from Brookland Hardware, such as key cutting, screen repair, glass and Plexiglas cutting, and propane exchange. For the neighborhood’s active gardening community, the store will also include a 1,000 square-foot garden center, which will feature plants native to the region.

Thomas Vedrody, the current Manager of the Annie’s Hardware-Petworth, will manage and co-own the new store. “As we have set up the new store, I have had the opportunity to meet many residents and business owners in Brookland and have been gratified by their enthusiasm for our new endeavor. It has also been a pleasure getting to know the staff from Brookland Hardware …I have already gained a lot of knowledge by working with them and am very excited that we will be able to provide continuity of service to the Brookland and Edgewood communities,” Vedrody said

Annie’s Ace Hardware – Brookland:

Store Hours: Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Saturday, 8 a.m. – 7 p.m. and Sunday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Address: 3405 8th Street, NE, Washington, DC 20017, just south of Monroe Street Market”

  • Aces

    So glad to see that they are addressing what was a critical flaw for me in the old True Value by being open on Sundays! Seems like that’s when I always need something and have been forced to go to HD instead of True Value.

  • uptowner

    Would it be possible to make their stores less mini strip malls? I like Annie’s Ace (nice people, decent service), and I get that they need to provide parking for contractors and customers picking up large items, but it’s totally possible to put the parking in the back or on the side. That way the stores better contribute to the urban environment.

    • Krampus

      I think the buildings have already been built so it would be hard to move the parking lot at this stage.

      • MsSunshine

        +1. Also, Annie’s rules.

      • madmonk28

        Yeah, the one in Petworth moved into an existing building that already had parking in front.

        • JoDa

          This was also an existing building. It’s a fantastic location (close to many homes as well as the Metro) and the parking is a huge bonus, no matter where it’s located on the premises. Big bags of potting soil are no fun to haul home without a car, or even walk a block to the closest legal spot I could find!

          • HaileUnlikely

            Agreed, even though I do not even have a car. Did you know that Annie’s delivers? At least the Petworth location, anyway. I do not have a car, and have had stuff delivered. The fee was very reasonable – I’m not sure whether it is a flat fee or based on price or item size or what, but I once bought several hundred pounds of soil and a couple of other very large items and they delivered them to me the next day for $15. Thomas himself, the manager of the store and co-owner of the new store, delivered the stuff. On a related note, Thomas is awesome – a good guy and extremely knowledgeable – I am very happy to see that he is a co-owner of the new store.

          • JoDa

            O.M.G. I hope they offer that option here. I also don’t own a car, but would often get a Zipcar and head over to Annie’s in Petworth to do my spring garden shopping. If they’ll deliver my potting soil, fertilizer, Safer spray, and other stuff to me in the spring, that’s $15 well-spent. Will check, many thanks!

          • JoDa

            Will also note that Annie’s staff saw that I was using a Zipcar and usually threw a piece of plastic in the back under the bags of potting soil, since they knew I had to keep it clean. Maybe they did that for everyone, but it was a nice touch. It struck me that it was just “refuse” plastic from something they had delivered, but it did the job nicely.

    • Anon

      Go to Annie’s. Buy the components to build a time machine. Share your bold vision with the people who built the building 20+ years ago.

      • Jon

        Nailed it.

  • 2b or not 2b

    Annie rocks. As for the building, look more at the content of the building, and what it means to the community, and less at whether it conforms to your personal idea of what an urban neighborhood should look like. To me it looks great.

  • Pontor

    Remember when local hardware stores were all closing? What a turn around based on a cultural shift back to human scale lifestyles in our cities.

  • Anonamom

    Annie’s is awesome!! They are super involved in the community and welcome the pre-schoolers form my kids’ school every year on a field trip. It’s great to see a local business so involved in the community.

  • Petworth Diva

    Annie’s Ace Hardware is right on my route & quite convenient with helpful, knowledgeable staff. I’ve gotten a lot of mostly small but essential hardware purchases there. Glad to see they’re expanding to Brookland & hiring the former personnel of the store that closed. When we hear of businesses closing & Annie’s is growing, it’s awesome.

  • Anon

    This is actually in Edgewood. Yay for Edgewood getting a good, new business!


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