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Assault with Intent to Commit First Degree Sex Abuse 10:35pm on Capitol Hill

by Prince Of Petworth November 25, 2015 at 9:45 am 21 Comments

via google maps

From MPD:

“On Tuesday, November 24, 2015, at approximately 10:35 pm, a female complainant was walking in the 200 block of 8th Street, Southeast, when a male suspect approached from the rear and pushed her to the ground. Taken was a tote bag containing personal items. The suspect fled the scene in an unknown direction. The First District Detective’s Office is currently investigating this offense. Anyone with information regarding this offense is asked to call (202) 299-2025 or (202) 727-9099.”


“This incident has been classified as an Assault with Intent to Commit First Degree Sex Abuse.

The victim was accosted by the suspect who originally demanded her property and subsequently forced her pants down. After obtaining her property, the suspect fled the area.

Anyone having information regarding this incident is asked to call our Command Information Center at (202) 727-9099 or Text Tip at 50411.”

  • AA

    Sweet jesus. When, WHEN are Lanier and Bowser going to step up to the plate?

    • anonymous

      And do what? What could either of them have done to prevent this attack? Whst enforcement can prevent a random attack other than having police on every single block in the city? Im all for cctv/cameras being installed widespread across the city which might act as a deterrence and assist in identifying/tracking the attackers. But impossible to man every city block.

      • Kingman Park

        +1. But we’ll always have our Helen Lovejoys and their ideological perfect world.

      • Caleb

        I agree. Citizens must be realistic that they live in a large urban city and with those benefits come some negatives–one being that we are far more vulnerable to crime. That is not to say that it does not exist in non-cities, but we are far more exposed to randoms acts of violence when we are not locked in a car driving to the market rather than walking.

        That said, I write the following to not blame the victim as it is not her fault she was attacked, but to offer an opinion on prevention. I too often hear friends say things like, “I live in the safe part of town, nothing happens here.” Crime spans from Georgetown, Capitol Hill, Arlington and out to Woodbridge. You should take the same precautions when you’re out about town that you would likely instruct a 13 year old who may be walking along alone.

        • oh, give me a break. “Not to victim blame, BUT…”

          You are insinuating that the victim was not taking what you feel to be proper precautions – but for the sake of argument, let’s say that she had pepper spray or a taser in her purse, didn’t have headphones on, was keeping aware of her surroundings – if someone is hell bent on attacking someone out of nowhere and sexually assaulting them on the street, I’m not sure how effective those preventative measures will be.

          • Caleb

            Where did you get that quote from? I didn’t say that. I assumed some zealot would make my statement an attack on the victim with their poor reading comprehension skills. Chill–we can have a conversation about the crime in our city and prevention and still realize past crimes have happened and some, like myself, have been victims.

            If you read the entirety of my statement and not a phrase, you might want to consider the point of my comment was not about this vicitim in particular, as I pointed out, but toward those who make comments–as they have in this thread–about how they are surprised something like this could happen on this block at this time of day. I’ll say it once more, but we should all be more realistic that crime happens all over this city–even in “nice” Eastern Market.

      • petworther

        I would put a pretty strong wager on the perp already having serious priors and being irresponsibly let out on the street.
        Also, MPD effectively provide no deterrent for the time being. The whole idea of having a police force is that, if people know they are likely to be caught and punished they are less likely to commit crimes. When most crimes (e.g. shootings) barely lead to an investigation and many just lead to catch and release, the police force fails to provide any deterrent.

        • Cap Hill

          In the spring of last year, there were two attacks on women at night right near there in which they had knives to their throats and were cut. They were robberies but one of them (in which the woman was pulled into one of the alleyways along there) was also an attempted sexual assault. There was another similar one somewhere else in the larger vicinity that was possibly connected to those two. And then the attacks stopped. Just stopped cold. Since he seemed to be a serial attacker, I wondered at the time if the perp had gotten picked up for something else and that’s why the attacks stopped. If so, he may be out again. Of course, it could be a completely new guy…

  • Caroline

    Wow, this must have happened right in front of my house. I’m kind of surprised this all went down on my block, which gets a lot of pedestrian traffic even at 10:35 pm.

  • SusanRH

    This is horrible – I hope they catch this person quickly before he is actually able to rape someone

  • Linc Park SE

    Crazy brazen as this is a HIGH traffic area – people and cars. Im shocked.

  • Anon

    Castrate this man. I’m serious.

  • Pandamonium

    I lived in the Middle East, the same Middle East where ISIS is beheading journalists, Iran and Saudi Arabia require their women to wear a veil in public, and where Syria, Yemen, and Libya are embroiled in two very long and intractable civil wars. And no, I did not live in the Americanized cosmopolitan areas of the Middle East, for the record.

    I felt safer living in the Middle East than I do living on Hill East.

    • NoThanks

      I’m sure it’s more difficult to rape a woman when her freedoms are restricted. As a female, I’ll stay here in the U.S. and take my chances. It’s a trade off I much prefer to make.

    • Anonymous

      Hyperbole much? The “moral” goon patrols beat and harass women in public in those countries for being “immodest.” And lets not even get into their molestation of boys (“No homo, if I’m the Top.”)
      Crime would sure need to go up way more for the women of Hill East to prefer Saudi life. And even then, women can just move out of Hill East for safer environs. The only reason you felt safer in those countries is because you traveled there as an Elite. Nothing more.

    • SF

      “I feel safer with ISIS than I do in Hill East”. This should win some sort of award for most hyperbolic PoP comment of all time.

    • anonymous

      I think you should give us your address and we’d be more than happy to padlock your place so NO one can get in, but moreso so you can’t get out. Would that help with your safety?

    • Aglets

      not to be ‘that guy’ but this is straight up Eastern Market, not Hill East

      • That Man A

        yea, DEFF not hill east
        by far Eastern Mkt

        i am surprised to see this happen in such a high traffic area though

    • Are you a man or a woman?

      • anonymous

        Isn’t that obvious from the comment? Was to me…


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