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  • wow

    I really don’t see how it’s possible to flip a sedan in the city if you’re going anywhere near the speed limit. I hope the driver is okay, I also hope they are charged with reckless driving and have their license revoked. This easily could have killed a biker or pedestrian.

    • DRC

      Check out those crumpled doors. The car got t-boned, which can easily put a car on it’s side. Either someone ran a stop sign, or the guy that got hit pulled out from the stop sign without checking cross traffic. It is notoriously hard to see around corners when there are parallel parked cars right on the corners.

      • brantshali

        It’s actually pretty hard to flip a car…whether a solo event OR through impact with another vehicle. The circumstances that it would take to make something like this happen is a confluence of events that should really not be as frequent on city streets as it seems to be (lately?) here in DC. If a driver is even moderately competent behind the wheel, they should be able to avoid such circumstances at the sub-50mph speeds that people SHOULD be driving in the city.

    • DC_Chica

      +1 you don’t know what happened here, so please don’t jump to conclusions

  • Nonna

    For some reason this corner is a nightmare. People think that there’s a stop sign on 11th when it’s just a cross walk. So you have cars crossing Girard thinking it’s a 4 way stop and cars on 11th slowing/stopping when it’s not necessary. And nobody seems to know what’s going on. Such a cluster.

    • jcm

      I agree. They ought to just add a stop sign. It’s the only intersection that doesn’t have one (or a light) on that stretch.

      • Anon

        Don’t forget that DC has severely inaccurate crash data for intersections. If 911 is not called and there are no bodily injuries or no property damage (not including vehicles), it’s MPD policy to not file a report. How ludicrous is that?

      • Anonymous

        Agreed. This calls for a stop sign.

      • GBinCH

        I live right by here and it’s a complete nightmare. I see no reason why there shouldn’t be a stop sign. It would make a dangerous intersection (especially for cars trying to cross 11th) a lot safer.

    • a

      Agreed. I live nearby and along with frequent accidents there are near-misses all the time. A 4-way stop is needed.

  • Anon

    Can someone tell me why so many car flips in Columbia Heights? Geez.

  • retropean

    It’s cool guys, bicycles run stop signs all the time.


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