• Cam

    Last I heard there is still an ongoing lawsuit. Don’t think you will see anyone dining at Ray’s or another restaurant in that location for a long time, unfortunately. On a different note, would love to learn who is planning to open in the former Kushi spot. Source says upscale Italian eatery from owner with at least one other DC area restaurant?

  • The OP Anon

    Screw the burgers. I really want a DC version of Ray’s the Steaks.

  • MVT

    No liquor license posting in the window. I think I am with Cam in that it is doubtful.

    • GBinDC

      In DC, am I right in thinking you don’t need a liquor license to sell beer? The old Hellburger location in Arlington never sold any of the hard stuff.

      • saf

        No, you’re not right. You need a liquor license to sell anything alcoholic.

  • Anon

    When it comes to Ray’s, even this is no reason for hope.


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