Long Time Horse’s Ass Award Recipient, Hoagie House, For Sale Again

by Prince Of Petworth August 9, 2015 at 10:05 pm 8 Comments

4th and N Street, NW

Hoagie House was nominated for a horse’s ass award back in Nov. 2010, showed signs of promise back in 2013 and got a vacant property notice back in April. Now back on the market:


And price recently got reduced too – it’s yours for $2,295,000:

“One of the only development opportunities left in a prime location. Total lot Sq Ft is 6377 Sq Ft. Redistribution of lots allow for a build out of approximately 13,000 sq ft. Existing structure on 2100 sq ft lot. 2 additional empty lots one of 2267 sq ft and one of 2000 sq ft. Curb cut allows for parking as well. Numerous development possibilities. In the heart of booming Shaw/Mt Vernon Sq.”

1251 4th Street, NW

  • The OP Anon

    Plus two empty lots? Some family is sitting on a very cushy retirement, good for them.
    Though being in the historic district has to really put a bind on the development plans. Will be interesting to see how they incorporate the old building into a development with the two lots.

    • Neighbor

      Some family? I’m pretty sure that Joe Mamo (of the DC gas distribution monopoly) owns this lot. He’s sitting on a lot of property that he doesn’t care to develop because monopolies generally do great business.

  • Anonymus

    6377 square feet in an R-4 zone is worth a fair amount less now that it was a couple of months ago. Two months ago, it turns into seven units at 40 feet with a mezzanine level and more design flexibility because everything could be on one record lot. Now, you’re looking at subdividing into three lots and building flats for six total units. The subdivision, however, will allow heights to stay at 40 feet but mezzanines aren’t allowed so the height isn’t incredibly useful.

    • TruxtonResident

      I walk by this every day and wonder why no one has snagged this up. It’s a great corner lot and downtown just keeps creeping closer and closer to this.

      I keep crossing my fingers this will flip soon and then one block south of this at the corner of 4th and New York where that weird lot is that appears to be a mechanic setup (although it is really hard to tell what exactly goes on in that lot), that someone will buy and develop there. It’s definitely my most uncomfortable part of my walk home

  • Hoagi

    Right, but how much do the signs cost? That’s what I want.

  • vacant

    I REALLY hope the city is taxing this at the blighted rate. And they deserve to be assessed at this offer price.

    • The OP Anon

      Check out those new windows…..that’s to avoid the vacant tax rate. Sorg is running the same scam on the historic church at W and 10th.

  • Sydney

    “For Sale”? Again? Uh-huh. Sounds like a clever way to keep DCRA at bay and avoid paying the vacant property tax they should be paying. Shameless. But “everybody’s doing it.”


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