Shooting at 7th and O St, NW Again; Shooting Homicide in the 800 block of 18th St, NE

by Prince Of Petworth August 2, 2015 at 12:55 pm 29 Comments

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From @DCPoliceDept:

“1D Shooting-7th & O St.NW, 0316 hrs, LOF: B/M, 20’s, 5’9″, slim, dreads, blk sht, wht stripes, blk handgun”

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From MPD:

“On Sunday morning, August 2, 2015, at approximately 5:23 am officers from the Fifth District responded to the 800 block of 18th Street NE. When the officers arrived they observed an adult male suffering from gunshot wounds. Shortly later, the male victim succumb to his injuries. There is no suspect information at this present time.

Anyone who has information regarding this case should call police at 202-727-9099. Additionally, information may be submitted to the TEXT TIP LINE by text messaging 50411.”

  • twoyearsinDC

    Last weekend a stray bullet hit the “City Market at O” flats. FYI: just b/c you pay $2,200/month for a tiny studio apartment doesn’t mean you get to be gun crime-free. If you want an end to gun violence, demand an end to guns in America.

    • DCRez

      And demand prosecution of violent crew members in DC and neighboring counties!

    • mcd

      This “outlaw guns” argument always entertains me. Because the guns used in these crimes are legal guns, right?

      • twoyearsinDC

        America has 40 percent of all civilian-owned guns in the entire world. Legal or illegal, guns are the problem and America will continue to face these kinds of problems as long as the country is literally drowning in weapons.

        • lexicon

          Literally…I don’t think you know what that word means.

      • 2nd Amendment


        Might as well outlaw alcohol, cars, kitchen knives, bats, feet, hands, and cigarettes while we are at it. All of these kill more people than guns.

        • Citations for the kitchen knives and bats, please?

          I’m totally on board with banning cigarettes. Otherwise, all of these items have a primary purpose other than maiming or killing. Guns don’t (with the possible exception of informing someone that you have the capacity to maim or kill them).

        • David G.

          More people are killed with bats than guns? I’m skeptical. Where does one find such statistics?

      • Ben

        If the NRA had their way they would be!

        Besides only roughly 10~15% of guns used in crimes are stolen. A vast majority are bought legally with the intent to resell on the black market.

      • madmonk28

        The gun certainly entered the market legally and was either stolen, or more likely sold by a legal gun owner to an illegal user. There are no underground Glockenspiel factories in the US, the guns used to kill people on our streets come from the legal,gun industry.

    • Jd

      The guns shoot themselves? the problem is ghetto crime culture. This needs to be fixed from within the community and from inside the individual. Banning guns and government programs / housing etc…are not the answer.

      • Guns don’t kill people; criminals kill people. Therefore, there’s no reason to make sure that guns aren’t easily available for criminals to obtain and use. Seems solid to me.

        We haven’t gotten to domestic violence, suicide, mental illness, or all the many other ways your street thug fantasies (and your John Wayne fantasies) don’t work.

  • Linc Park SE

    That is not the correct location for the 800 block of 18th St NE. I sold my house there two years ago because there were monthly gun incidents and one beautiful morning murder of a kid that convinced me to move out of Carver/Langston. Little has changed.

  • Shaw Neighbor

    Why isn’t DC or MPD doing anything about the gun violence at 7th and O?? This is- what- the 5th shooting in and around that block since May? Right in front of a playground for children that the city invested well over $1M to build 2 years ago? Right in front of a city-owned vacant parcel of land?? This is totally unacceptable and causes me to lose significant faith in MPD and the leadership of Cathy Lanier, as well as the leadership of the City’s DMPED and real estate groups. Mayor Bowser, who have you hired to deal with real estate? That parcel is hugely valuable and nothing is going on with it. The city isn’t even maintaining their fence. Where is CM Charles Allen on this issue? I haven’t heard a peep from his office. Has he pledged to do anything?

    • JM1

      At the last neighborhood meeting, that was held about this same issue, there was supposed to be a focus group of city officials, police, and citizens to fix the problem. Right. Charles Allen was there talking about the focus group but nothing has been done. I live one block up and nothing has been done. The police use the excuse that the violence has been going on for years…so…we really can’t expect much… Bowser sent a rep that said they were going to start a jobs program which has very little to do with the constant shootings. It is getting more and more difficult to care though. Just avoid the block and hopefully things will calm down again in the winter and start up again next summer. The city will do nothing about this besides point fingers at another agency. It is frustrating and scary. But you know if it were a white person the news would be ALL over this!

  • 2nd Amendment

    As mentioned, guns do not fire themselves. A person with intent is the responsible party. If someone wants to harm/kill someone they will figure out a way to do it regardless of if guns are banned or not.

    DC already infringes on the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution with their gun laws. Can’t even have an empty shell casing in DC. While legal to own a gun in DC, the hoops that you are required to take to get to this point are a huge deterrent.

    It is funny to me that politicians who are protected by armed personnel are the ones stripping us of our 2nd Amendment rights. On a national scale, Obama says that gun laws are one of this biggest frustrations, yet he walks around protected by hundreds of USSS agents.

    How do you all expect to protect yourself when a bunch of “dindus” kick in your door and hold your wife and kids hostage? FYI – Police do not prevent these types of things (which everyone seems to be agreeance on), they are just there to clean up the mess after the fact.

    Statistics confirm the obvious truth that the police in America cannot prevent violent crime. In 1997 for example, nationwide there were 18,209 murders, 497,950 robberies, and 96,122 rapes. All those crimes were unprevented and undeterred by the police and the criminal justice system.

    Many criminals use firearms to commit their crimes. For example, in 1997 criminals did so in 68 percent of murders and 40 percent of robberies. Thus criminals either have or can obtain firearms. The existing “gun control” laws do not stop serious criminals from getting guns and using them in crimes.

    Practically speaking, it makes little sense to disarm the innocent victims while the criminals are armed. It is especially silly to disarm the victims when too often the police are simply unable to protect them.

    Also, look up Warren v DC.

    Enjoy your “no guns”, while I enjoy being responsible for my own protection :)

    • No You’re Wrong

      You are just straight up lying, or obvious to facts. Look at the homicide statistics in countries like England where guns are banned. It’s not even comparable. Australia hasn’t had a single mass shooting since they outlawed assault rifles- look at how many have happened in the US so far this year. It’s staggering. PEOPLE with guns kill people, sure. But people who don’t have guns can’t kill people with guns, and the amount of homicides without thew use of guns is soooooooooo much lower.

      • textdoc


    • Kingman Park

      The same politicians that use armed guards for protection are the same who live in gated communities and send their children to expensive private high schools, but tell us to be more accepting of housing projects into our neighborhoods.

    • anonymous

      +1. “When guns are outlawed, only the criminals will have guns,” and “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.” It’s not guns that do the killing- it’s the people with the guns that do the killing. Let’s focus on that important factor first before we deny innocent people the right to defend themselves and their families. Our time would be much better spent on focusing on (a) the subculture that seems to be particularly violent and (b) our failing system for addressing mental health issues. Take away guns from the law-abiding among us, and rest assured that the violent will always have access to them. This is reality.

      • 2nd Amendment


      • Simply untrue. The UK has violent crime rates (and racial tensions) to the same degree we do. They do not have the same murder rate, because they do not have guns. And the myth that there are all these law-abiding citizens out there making us all safe by drawing down on the bad guys is belied by our homicide statistics. There’s a reason people don’t go to Somalia – where EVERYONE is armed – to feel safe.

        • Anony


          • Kingman Park

            Comparing the UK to Somalia is reasonable argument.

        • Kingman Park

          Perhaps instead of Somalia you could compare the UK to Switzerland, which has one of the highest rates of civilian gun ownership in the world.

          • John

            Switzerland also has compulsory military service for all men (with women able to volunteer), so the gun ownership rate is high because the government essentially gives away guns. However, army-issued ammunition cannot be kept at home.

          • Perhaps you could read more carefully and see that I was comparing the UK to the US, which shows that you can have equally high violent crime rates but much lower murder rates (i.e., it’s not true that “without a gun they’d all just garrotte each other), and using Somalia to prove the obvious point that universal gun ownership hardly equals safety.

            Switzerland has a lower violent crime rate, but there’s no evidence that it’s because they have universal military service (and many of the guns are long guns, not pistols).

      • Smilla

        “the violent will always have access to them”

        The problem with so-called “law-abiding” gunowners is that they’re law-abiding until they aren’t. Plenty of people who kill with guns were law-abiding until they pulled the trigger in a fit of anger, stupidity, or clumsiness. Gun nuts only want to punish a shooter AFTER the shooter has killed/injured someone. By then, it’s too late for the victim.

        As for the argument that gun laws only penalize “law-abiding” citizens, the black market for guns is not some kind of magic street corner where criminals get guns. We know how guns get into the hands of criminals — through straw purchases, secondary sales (no background check required), theft, and a background check system that defaults to “okay to sell.” But the NRA and its ilk do everything possible to oppose laws that would close those avenues, thereby making sure that flow of guns to criminals is unimpeded.

        Lastly, the most pernicious influence that the gun lobby has had on our society (and perhaps the hardest to combat) is not its weakening of our gun laws. It’s its cultural influence: duping too many Americans into thinking they need a gun for protection and that they’re safer with a gun. If guns made us safer, we would be the safest country in the world. As others have pointed out already , we’re not. Instead we lead the developed world in civilian gun violence.


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