• Vernoner

    Well there goes my circulator stop…

    Don’t even understand how a driver could do this unless alcohol was involved. Not easy to jump this curb.

    • sproc

      A 15 passenger full size van has more than enough ground clearance and mass to do this easily, even at pretty low speeds. Given the time of day and the fact that it’s a limo service that should have professional drivers, it was probably either distracted driving or they were cut off and had to swerve.

  • seRoMdA

    Yikes! Thank goodness it wasn’t during rush hour.

  • anon

    That bus shelter is less than a year old, too. Whoops.

  • Anon2

    Jeez, these Maryland drivers…

    • Fairmont

      Reston Limo would suggest Virginia more than anything

  • DC1

    Reston Limo… enough said?

    • annonny

      Between Reston Limos, Dillon’s Buses, any Blue Van, and the jerks who drive Chariots for Hire, DC is full of a-hole suburbanites plowing through the city as if they’re still on Route 7 or Route 50. I really wish MPD would enforce traffic laws.

      • JoDa

        Truth. There’s one that parks in the bus stop near my house every. single. day. to go “play his numbers” at the nearby gas station. If I come home late, I often have to get off the bus in the middle of the street. I’m fairly capable of it (unless the bus driver is being really special that day and doesn’t kneel the bus somewhat…I may be fairly young and healthy, but tall I am not), but there are many more people who aren’t. I know several neighborhood wheelchair users who *specifically* use that bus stop because it is spacious and the bus can get close to the curb so the ramp is in a really good position for them.

        The last time I got off the bus and he was parked there (sitting inside filling out his cards while idling, probably for more than 3 minutes), I gave him the stink eye, and he ROLLED HIS EYES at me and gave me a “bug off” wave.

  • Warren

    I can’t read How’s my driving number :D Boo!!! But I hope no one was injured!

  • Thanks

    Thanks for the info! I asked the guy who was sweeping up the glass, but he looked at one of the MPD officers who was there to answer the question, and the MPD officer was a dick. Started telling me some lie about a gyrocopter, wouldn’t tell me what the heck had happened, even though I didn’t even ask him in the first place.


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