Bardo Riverfront Moving Forward Near Nats Park

by Prince Of Petworth August 17, 2015 at 10:22 pm 39 Comments

25 Potomac Ave, SE plans from Bardo

A brief update on Bardo Riverfront – they’ve applied for a liquor license:

“New outdoor tavern with Summer Garden seating 750 patrons and brewpub. Total occupancy load of 750.”

For those not familiar with the plans:

“Initial plans call for riverfront seating, a sculpture garden, outdoor films over the water, DC’s largest dog park, an on site bicycle shop designed to interface with the location on the metropolitan branch trail, and a large outdoor space designated for activation by the local community in the form of farmers markets, swap meets and assorted community events.”

More info here.

Updates as milestones are reached.

  • JohnH

    Somehow I missed this initial post? The only thing this doesn’t have going for it is the location – the Fairgrounds couldn’t have a better location. Not sure how many people will flock here before/after a game. Hope it’s successful though. Will it be non-smoking? That’s one thing I am not a fan of at the Fairgrounds. Can’t get away from smoke when it’s busy.

    • Anon

      This could be the last baseball season for the Fairgrounds before JBG begins development of that property (they bought it in February), so people interested in that kind of venue may have to move somewhere else next year. Might be why this is moving forward, though the amenities here (dog park, playground, farmers market, food trucks) seem a bit more community focused rather than game-day focused.

    • Ben

      The Fairgrounds were purchased by JBG Company and will eventually be apartments. I don’t know how much longer it will last.

      • JohnH

        I fully expect the Fairgrounds to be gone by next season – just pointing out that it will be harder to replicate the mass crowds at this location just because almost everyone enters and exits through the outfield gate right at the entrance of the Fairgrounds. Getting to this spot will take effort. Question is also what are their non-Nats game hours going to look like.

        • Zed

          The upside of the location is that it might make the center field gate less congested. The right field, third base, and home plate gates will probably get more foot traffic as a result of this project.

        • Ben

          Eh I stopped going to the fairgrounds when their prices began replicating the cost of a beer in Nats park. At least before first pitch nats beers are cheaper.

      • SomePeopleOnThisSiteSheesh

        Finally! At long last! Some condos/apartments near the stadium! I was getting worried.

        Meanwhile, 7 seasons into the existence of Nats Park and you can still count the number of restaurants/bars within a half mile radius on one hand. It’s so dumb.

        • You must have a really odd shaped hand.

        • jes

          I don’t think you know how far a half mile really is….

    • sproc

      Actual enforced smoke-free would be awesome, as in one warning then you’re out on the street. Hoping it’s a condition of being kid-friendly.

      • Lee

        Ugh…enough. I am a non-smoker but, seriously, you want an f’ing outdoor bar (an enormous one, at that, that’s always been a haven for smokers) to be kid friendly and smoke-free? Come on, people.

    • ebruce

      Well, there are people who do actually live around there too you know. The only traffic isn’t just from the ballpark

  • anonymous

    I wish they would invest money in the current dump of a what is called Bardo on Bladensburg before attempting this.

    • Kingman Park

      +1. Not sure how they got the greenlight for this when their current location is such a mess. Not to mention subpar overpriced beer.

    • KingmanParkRes

      I personally really like the charm of their current location on Bladensburg. It is what it is, and offers something that you can’t find anywhere else in the city – a very low-key place to drink a local beer outside. Nothing more.

      • kbloomingdale

        The problem I have though, is that sort of atmosphere – in that location – doesn’t warrant the beer prices they charge. I’m all for a low-key place to drink a local beer outside, but not when I’m paying a premium.

      • AG

        I’ve never been but am curious, what exactly is wrong with that location? I don’t really get how a beer garden can be so bad. I mean, all you need is some picnic tables and beer, maybe a few drinking snacks. You don’t even need waiters if you just make everyone order at the bar. But then again, I never understand why people wait in line to get into Dacha.

        • CHGal

          There are no waiters, there are no snacks. Expensive beer, terrible lighting, and some tables someone found in the trash. It’s more bare bones than you can imagine if you haven’t been.

          • Slappy J

            By “bare bones”, you mean it’s the best outside drinking establishment in DC, correct?

          • hmm

            It’s locally produced beer, their prices are pretty in line with other DC beers.

          • baz

            blah blah blah…
            well, some magazine in NY said
            one of 22 best beer gardens in america
            so we don’t care what you losers whine about.
            go to Ruby Tuesdays with its shiny tables

    • LOL I kind of wondered the same thing.

    • petworther

      The dump is the charm of that place. It’s great. If you want thumping club music and nice surroundings go to Dacha.
      The prices are higher than I would like, but pitcher prices are well below most of DC. It’s an expensive city, they seem reasonable to me.

      • anonymous

        I didn’t say it needed to offer what Dacha offers(I’ve never been)- but how can one sit at or even place their beer on those warped benches? The place just looks junky. Trust me I’m all for supporting the business- but kick it up a notch.

      • There is something in between Bardo and “thumping club music”, I promise you. They could start by improving the quality of the beer. It tastes like it’s coming out of their original tap lines from the 90s.

        • Sprezzatura

          I have to agree with justinbc. I love outdoor beer establishments and dc does have a shortage of more low key reasonably priced options. That said, there is no reason to fill that niche with a bar where the furniture is literally garbage. I’m all for up cycling and salvaged goods, but having your bar top assembled out of assorted pieces of plastic duct taped together is a joke. With a few grand you could make an enormous difference to the place– clean up the garbage, a few real picnic tables, a new bar, clean tap lines– without compromising the vibe. Unfortunately improving the quality of the beer is a much more involved fix.

          • Lee

            If the owners are reading this, please ignore these people. DC has more than enough places like what they are describing. I want a place that isn’t perfect. Reminds me of bars in my hometown of Austin, Texas. We could use more of that in DC, honestly.

    • Lee

      Ugggh…what? If you want a squeeky clean bar with absolutely no grit, well, you’ve got plenty to chose from buddy. U Street? Georgetown? You name it. For some of us, we would like to prevent people like you from investing money into places like Bardo, Showtime Lounge and the Raven.

      Save the Dumps!

  • TeddyAnon

    I don’t think the location is really that out of the way, just being on the backside of the stadium. I run that bridge regularly and the only thing they’ll have to worry about is trash cleanup as their location has literally been a garbage spot for the past 5+ years.

    That being said, I’m all for it. Bluejacket is absolutely packed before games, so it’ll be good to have another option before/during/after games. Also, this is situated quite nicely for the new DC United stadium (3-4 blocks away).

  • Ali

    Any word on the projected completion date?

    • kgw

      Ditto this.

  • Anon

    This is really awesome and game day or not will be mobbed by the young families in the area who also like to drink beer.

  • Caroline

    Seems kind of silly to put in a dog park when there’s one right there in the Yards Park.

    • anonymous

      can you imagine- drunk person dog’s attacking another dog and or person, because said drunk person is not paying attention? seems like a huge liability.

      • p

        Can you imagine- a scenario that could potentially happen at any outdoor venue where people are drinking and dogs are allowed? seems like a huge liability…for the drunk dog owner.

      • Anon

        Or or, can you imagine a giant rat looming over DC shooting down National landmarks with its laser eyes? I can, but only because I’ve seen it in a mural at Right Proper. Crazy world we live in, eh?

        • ash

          This actually made me laugh out loud. I needed that right now. Thank you.

  • Not Me

    As a Navy Yard resident, I think this sounds great and I hope it opens sooner rather than later. As I understand it, that area is planned for apartments/office buildings, but construction can’t proceed until the bridge is replaced. So this is a nice way to use the land until that day comes. I thought they did a crowdfunding thing, I wonder how that worked out?

    • PCC

      Not very well — 2% funded. He got a bank loan instead, but in the meantime I’m awaiting any news about the T-shirt I’m owed. And you’re right about the new South Capitol Street bridge, which will take a few years.


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