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  • Reality

    That’s great news – – love this place!

  • Abby

    Awesome! Seriously the best pizza I have had in a long time. The No. 81 is my favorite.

    • Anon

      #81 is seriously awesome. Don’t tell anyone! ;-)

  • kken

    Just had the take-out special from there last night! Totally under the radar and I love it… almost wish this news wasn’t reported here haha.

  • spookiness

    Not to nitpick, but trying to find DC sign regs. Most places don’t allow sings on the roof anymore. I’m just curious that DC would.

    • Anon

      Go away.

    • Anon2

      Just stop. Please.

    • lol

      99.99% chance this person is a lawyer.

  • Anon

    While I’m selfishly a little sad this won’t have the cozy feel, I’m really happy for the business. It’s great pizza and the owner is a pretty cool guy

  • molly


  • lmfb

    This place rocks!!!!

  • RKM

    I really wish these guys would deliver. I am too lazy to get up there when I want to relax and eat pizza instead of cooking. I end up getting delivery from other places instead, but I love Bacio.

  • DCWheelie

    BEST pizza in town.


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