7-Eleven Foes Look Away – Another’s Coming Soon

by Prince Of Petworth August 6, 2015 at 10:45 am 22 Comments


Thanks to Chris for sending word:

“Looks like old 5 Guys site in #dupontcircle will become 7-eleven based on window permits”

5 Guys permanently closed their Dupont location back in August of last year.

Ed. Note: Still no word on an opening date for the Bareburger opening next door in the former Cosi space.

5 guys dupont
1645 Connecticut Ave, NW

  • bluepeter

    when will 7-Elevens in the states look like 7-Elevens in Japan? Or even better, Lawsons…

    • sproc

      I was always more of a FamilyMart fan myself. But they were definitely all better!

      • GBinCH

        When is DC getting it’s first Dollar General?

    • textdoc

      Natsukashii!! Oh, how I miss convenience-store inari-zushi!

    • littlen

      Oh man, Lawsons were so great… I miss conbini.

  • The OP Anon

    This is actually a really good location for a 7-Eleven. Tons of foot traffic and no other convenience market in the immediate area.
    PS – this will be a HUGE footprint for a 7-Eleven. Bigger than many suburban outposts.

    • GBinCH

      Maybe it’ll carry more toiletries, household products, etc like a mini CVS? I know people gripe about 7-11, but they’re fantastically convenient for those night when you discover you’re out toilet paper at 11pm.

      • Duponter

        Excuse me but you can buy perfectly organic locally grown toilet paper at Glen’s Garden Market for the low, low price of $18/roll.

    • I agree that this location makes a lot of sense. There are a lot of hotels just up the hill from here, and right now you see a lot of tourists popping into the Rite Aid for snacks and drinks. And with the Secret Safeway once in that area now long gone, I suspect it will appeal to folks who might’ve once popped in there for sundries.

  • Anon

    Enough is enough. This is better than a more residential neighborhood, but still. They are taking over our city and are NOT good neighbors.

  • Susan

    Clearly they must have costumers, they keep on opening up. I just wish they were better neighbors and kept their stores a bit nicer

  • Fluffhead831

    I usually laugh at the anti-7-11’ers but it is getting a little harder. My dog snagged a 7-11 chicken bone last night. Luckily I grabbed it out of his mouth with the quickness before he could chomp it up and swallow the pieces.

    • Common Sense

      How is that 7-11’s fault?

      • phl2dc

        THANK YOU.

      • Fluffhead831

        It’s not, which is why I say I laugh at the anti-7-11’ers. Litter is annoying.

      • Eponymous

        It’s not. But if you live near a 7-11, you’re much more likely to have litter on your block. I live near a gas station convenience store, and there’s a steady stream of litter that is heaviest in the adjacent park and gradually tapers a few blocks away. You don’t have to be a crazy anti-development person to not want that.

        • CHGal

          But we all already live near convenience stores and gas stations, and probably 7-11’s. Why the 7-11 hate? It’s not like they’re proposing to put one in Rock Creek Park.

          • sproc

            SHHH!!!! Don’t give them any ideas!

          • anon

            And yet the larger part of the litter I see on my street is from 7-11, so you have to ask why that is. Almost invariably the things thrown on the sidewalk are big gulp cups, taquito and hot dog boxes, candy and gum wrappers – and I’m almost positive these things are not being left there by Rose’s Luxury patrons.

  • sproc

    I would be shocked if the Bareburger place ever opens. After a little bit of initial work (you can see the start of a new counter inside), I haven’t noticed anything at all happening in that space for many months. Such a depressing corner.

    • AA

      I’ve kind of been looking forward to Barebuger. BGR has not been managed well for some time now. Bareburger looks like it has some interesting menu items and nice atmosphere. The website shows about ten new locations in development so it may just be a slow start.

  • anon

    I admit to being a 7-11 hater but as mentioned in these threads before, that’s solely due to the proximity of the loathsome Barracks Row 7-11 to my house. I despise this place with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns. In addition to the crime, loitering, panhandling, litter and general filth this 7-11 generates, it also is not in any way a convenience for the neighborhood. It is small, cramped and dirty. It feels and smells like they mop the floor with stale beer. It has terrible stock when it’s on the shelf and usually is out of what little it purports to carry. I wouldn’t mind if they put a 7-11 on every corner in every other neighborhood in DC if they at least closed this one down.


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