Continued Frustration Over the Situation at Georgia and Lamont St, NW

by Prince Of Petworth July 23, 2015 at 1:15 pm 61 Comments

Georgia and Lamont St, NW

“Dear PoPville,

I wanted to make sure that you post about the robbery at gunpoint that occurred a little after 11 in the 700 block of Lamont street, It is on MPD Twitter. Anyway this is the same block that we have been hearing complaints about for the past few weeks, hell on Monday there was a crime walk, last night a meeting with ANC rep Bobby Holmes and reps from the 3rd and 4th district that was to a degree a little disappointing. While patrols, or really a cop just stationed at that corner and the shutting down of the drug house across the street on Lamont, have at least given the corner the appearance of not being so shitty, I guess that is pretty much all for nothing, because Robbery Gun point is about the worst thing I can recall in a while happening here in a while.

Anyway, while I don’t speak for everyone, I think many felt that the fact that these three blocks south of the park road substation are so crappy is really pretty embarrassing, and I think many of us at least get the sense that it has to do with the border being drawn where it is and the way that effects policing. Anyway at this point I am just pissed.

The sheer amount of criminal activity at this corner and in the alleys immediately east and west of it is staggering and yet even when we raise a pretty good stink they can’t keep it safe one night after the stink? It sucks for the neighborhood, I would particularly hate to be in the lofts at this point and it is a total embarrassment for MPD. I could vent forever but I am sure you get my point, please, please, please post something about this, it is ridiculous.”


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