Washington, DC

3118 Georgia Ave, NW

I apologize in advance but this is one of the transformations that makes ramble because I’m so happy. First of all I had no idea it was gonna turn out so nice. I just thought Colony Club was gonna be a very bare bones ping pong hall. I was very very wrong. Their website says:

“Colony Club is a neighborhood coffee shop, bar, and ping pong club. We serve quality products in a friendly and approachable setting.

Located on historic Georgia Avenue in Park View, Washington, DC, Colony Club tries to capture an old-school vibe, and pay homage to the history of the street (including the family flower shop, pictured below).”

Photo via Colony Club

Check out their beer/wine/spirits menu here and breakfast and bar snacks here.

So a bit more info – which I totally didn’t realize. They’ll be a proper coffee shop during the day. They’ll open Monday-Friday from 7am-11pmish (hours likely to change a bit based on what folks want) and 8am-midnight(ish) on the weekends. Coffee is ceremony. Pastries will come from Bakehouse (14th and T St, NW.)

As for the evenings – while they have a small wine and cocktail list – the focus will be on good beer. Four draft lines, four cans, four bottles and a small cellar list. and Porkslap will only be $3!

As for the ping pong – it’s upstairs. One table. The space wasn’t photo ready when I stopped by but they are very very close. And you could definitely get a feel for it. It reminds me of when Temperance Hall (now Looking Glass) first opened on Georgia. It doesn’t remind me of the same style but in that what a huge deal it is. There is nothing like this around the 3100 block of Georgia (all due respect to Bravo Bar which is great for different reasons.) This place is a game changer for this section of Georgia Ave. You will see very, very soon.


I take this as a very good sign:


This is so much nicer than I was expecting, just a taste, but wait till you see proper photos:


There will be bike parking out front:


To properly gauge the amazing transformation – here’s how it looked in 2009 as Hadiya Cafe before it became Ma Ma’s Southern Cuisine:



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