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BakeHouse taking their coffee program “onto the next level” with Ceremony Coffee

by Prince Of Petworth August 12, 2014 at 11:45 am 18 Comments

1407 T Street, NW

From a press release:

“BakeHouse, the bakery and coffee shop at 1407 T St NW, is now working with Ceremony Coffee Roasters of Annapolis. Niall Cooper, owner of BakeHouse, says that the partnership with Ceremony is part of an effort to expand their coffee program and take it onto the next level. “Ceremony is locally roasting some the most beautiful coffee beans on the planet,” according to Niall. “Their dedication to delicious coffee is a great match for the goods that we’re delighted to bake for our neighborhood.”

As well as using Ceremony beans for espresso, drip and immersion coffees, BakeHouse will have a variety of blended and single-origin roasts for retail.”

  • E

    That’s good, their iced coffee in the past has been awful. With Wydown just around the corner, I don’t know who would be getting coffee from Bakehouse. Hopefully it will improve with Ceremony.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, their excellent iced coffee has been my main draw to the place in the past. Even during the winter. The cold brew (from Zeke’s) was strong and needed no milk or sugar. Neither bitter nor watery like many can be.

      That said, the best iced coffee I’ve ever had is the La Columbe iced coffee “concentrate”.

      • Anonymous

        +1 on colombe. also not as overpriced as most ‘specialty’ shops

  • DP

    Looks like competition has forced Bakehouse to change from Zeke’s.

    I’m all for supporting local but Zeke’s is just not very good – Ceremony is a big step up.

  • sproc

    That’s great, but I really wish they’d focus on taking their baking to the next level first.

    • Anonymous


  • oh2dc

    Nice to see a business recognize a weak spot and make a positive change. Wydown has likely created a challenge. I hope they both do well.

  • textdoc

    Given their name, Ceremony Coffee really should have teamed up with Milk Cult Sanctuary. ;)

  • Anonymous

    Ceremony coffee is excellent, but you can get it at the Coffee Bar at 12th and S, which is just 3 blocks away from Bakehouse. And there’s also Wyddown and Peregrine, which serve delicious artisanal stuff as well. Given the plethora of options in the area, I will continue to go to one of the other places where the vibe is less twee for coffee, and for baked goods…well, most of the other options in the area are better.

    I feel like Bakehouse needs a strategy to differentiate themselves from all the coffee and baked goods places in the area, not just to mimic a bit better.

    • bardc

      I believe they’re the only one of those that you mentioned that has sandwiches. Sounds silly, but if I’m going for coffee on a weekend morning and want to get something to eat, it’s nice to have more substantial food options. Coffee Bar does have bagels and cream cheese.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, that makes sense. I’ve never tried the sandwiches, mostly because I think I’ve never had much of an urge to stay in there, and if I want something quick to go am more likely to gravitate to Taylor gourmet, Amsterdam, etc. They seem to give off a very buy your stuff and leave vibe–the all-white decorations, the relative lack of table space….maybe this is just a personal thing, but I’ve never felt an urge to sit with a book the way I would in many other café type spaces.

  • A. Nonnie Mouse

    The problem with Bakehouse is their service. I think their scones are the best in town, and true, the coffee may leave something to be desired, but the reason I skip it is the staff’s total inability to take an order, accept payment for it, and deliver it. Customers get the wrong drinks or wrong baked goods. Or customers just don’t get part of their order at all.

    It’s not quite Big Bear Cafe-levels of absurdity, but it’s close.

  • Anonymous

    I live within a couple of blocks of Bakehouse and was really looking forward to a full-service bakery opening nearby, but was really disappointed when I visited the first time and they informed me that, despite their name, they don’t actually bake bread. It’s basically another muffin, cupcake, and scone joint with mediocre (but apparently improving) coffee. Can’t say I’ve found a reason to visit since, despite walking past it daily. I certainly can get far better sandwiches and coffee elsewhere. Now if they invested in some bread ovens . . .

    • Anonymous

      Yes! It would be wonderful to have a place that did fresh bread in that neighborhood. Or even really good sandwiches/salads–Taylor’s got the the meaty niche pretty well covered, but seriously good paninis, wraps etc. with a more vegetable focus would I think find a lot of demand.

  • OTBerbur

    I patronize BakeHouse frequently — I’m a big fan of their scones and cookies, particularly after dinners next door at National Taco. Having said that, I’ve never ordered coffee there, or been tempted to. (If I were picking up something for breakfast at homet, until recently I would purchase a scone there and then go to Peregrine to purchase coffee or espresso.) Hard to imagine even an “upgraded” coffee program there will outshine the one at Wydown now around the corner, which also offers some mighty fine baked goods.

  • Anonymous

    Oh yay. Yet another place to get Ceremony around town? *bleats party favor*

  • Anonymous

    If their breakfast sandwiches were actually good and flavorful (rather than the bland, disappointing flaps I got last time), I would come here *way* more often.

  • D

    Bakehouse had good coffee, but it wasn’t great. I swear it has something to do with how they’re brewing it.

    Ceremony is definitely not a step up. “Local”, sure, but Ceremony coffee tends to be bitter and unpleasant.


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