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McFadden’s on Seventh “Comming Soon” or an Early April Fools?

by Prince Of Petworth March 31, 2015 at 9:50 am 44 Comments

mcfaddens on 7th
1537 7th Street, NW

Thanks to all who emailed and tweeted us:

“Terrible news for Shaw. Note that they spelled “coming” wrong.”

“Hey @PoPville any scuttlebutt on this? “Comming soon” to the space below coney & ivy. #shaw”

Now, I have to admit that I’m friendly with the owners of Ivy & Coney and while they’ve told me nothing I do know that they are fond of the occasional practical joke. Now I could be completely wrong on this – but I’m guessing this is an early April Fools joke. Especially given the typo and all.

On the other hand it’s quite possible I’ve just become paranoid. That would be quite the juxtaposition – Ivy & Coney and McFadden’s in the same building… Stay tuned.

Comments (44)

  1. Okay – let’s be real folks, having McFadden’s in the area is the real issue that needs addressing… not pop-ups! I want the zoning commission to stop this ASAP.

  2. This MUST (dear god please) be a joke. If so, I think it’s quite funny. Can you imagine?

  3. April Fool’s!

  4. +1. Definitely a joke.

  5. What’s up with the numbers in the “LEASE” sign above the McFadden’s sign? Are those things that look like a sideways U supposed to be a 3??

  6. It’s part of Ivy & Coney’s decor.

    Also, there is zero chance that this is not a joke. I enjoyed it. It’s fairly obvious – the McFadden’s folks would never go for a space like this, it just doesn’t fit their brand.

  7. “It’s part of Ivy & Coney’s decor.” Please say this isn’t true. Does ironic hipsterism (annoying enough in and of itself) now include ironic lease signs with ironically illegible numbers??

  8. HAHA!

  9. Yes, Textdoc. Yes it does :p

  10. Actually, that “lease” sign has been on that building for years, since before Coney and Ivy moved in. They might be ironically leaving it up, but they didn’t put it there themselves!

  11. josh, ivy and coney

    For the record, it is our landlord’s sign for the downstairs space. Also for the record, you folks spend way too much time and energy thinking about a freaking for lease sign.

  12. I think it’s hilarious that all the people belittling Ivy and Coney for “trying too hard” while singing Lost and Found praise seem to completely overlook the whole objet trouvé trope. Because they just, like, found it, you know?

  13. All the new residents across the street just let up a cheer.

  14. no no no this CAN’T be real!

  15. What exactly is the joke here?

  16. It’s that one of the least douchey bars in the city is trolling one of the all-time douchiest bars in the city.

  17. but… if you are self aware as the “least douchey” doesnt that make you actually kind of douchey??

  18. I actually completely agree with this. I find Ivy & Coney to be douchy and pretentious. I am from Chicago, and it is not like a “Chicago” bar that they claim. I strongly prefer Lost & Found. The vibe there is simple and laid back without trying too hard. A perfect corner bar.

  19. I don’t get it, why are people so averse to dudes with beards and flannel? I’ve always felt quite relaxed at Ivy and Coney and haven’t noticed anyone trying too hard at anything. They simply haven’t spent a boatload of money on exposing the brick. I’ve also felt quite comfortable at Lost and Found, fancy build-out and all.

  20. If that lease sign is in fact ironic and part of Ivy & Coney’s decor, then that makes them douchey and pretentious in my book — just a different _kind_ of douchey than McFadden’s. (Sort of like when the extreme right and the extreme left each curve around and come together in an overlap of crazy.)

  21. josh, ivy and coney

    It’s so pretentious when a couple of friends get together to open a neighborhood watering hole that reminds them of home. What douches! And that for lease sign? I bet they rented the property from the landlord just so they could get that lease sign to give them street cred. or they probably paid some starving artist wannabe on h st to make it for them. I doubt it’s an actual sign put up by the landlord to rent the downstairs space, that’d be too obvious. Actually, it’s probably a secret code that only hipsters can break that says the bar is a safe place from all of the squares. Ya, that’s gotta be it.

  22. Never change, Josh. Some people really do go out of their way to belittle anything they don’t like. I, for one, will be swinging by sometime this week for an ish.

  23. I’m an Ivy and Cony neighbor, and it’s one of the only places I feel comfortable rolling out of my house and going to in sweatpants to watch a game or just grabbing a beer. I’m a Philly guy, no idea what chicago or detroit bars are like, but it feels a lot like the corner bars in Philly that you could just go to any time of the day and just hang.

    Yeah, of course you get the occasional bro-crowd, because it’s DC. Yeah, it gets crowded at night because the 7th/9th street corridor is becoming a destination. But I&C takes all comers and I like that about it. You’ll have a group of suits next to a group of hipsters next to a group of neighbors and it’s all good. That’s not douchey, even if there is the occasional douche.

  24. +1
    I’ll take I&C any day of the week over Lost and Found (or really any other bar in DC). Chiller crowd, friendliest bartenders ever, no pretensions in the least bit, and stupidly cheap. And yes, it definitely reminds me of a corner bar you’d find in Philly (or Cleveland, or any other place not deemed “cool” by Northeasterners….)

  25. Thank you OP Anon. I’m not sure what textdoc’s problem is. Slackerdom/chill-ness/laid-back-itude is not pretentious, even if you are aware of the fact that you are are a no-frills bar, and occasionally celebrate the fact that you are a no-frills bar.

    If they had spent tons of money decorating their bar to look like a warehouse, or bought a bunch of faux-rustic furniture, or done something, you know, pretentious – then it would be pretentious. But as it stands, it’s just a great place that happens to be chill. Just like KBC. Both are some of my favorite places in the city. Disclosure: I’m Midwestern.

  26. DCloafer, I haven’t actually been in the bar itself, so perhaps the interior and vibe are great despite how the bar chooses to present itself.
    Nonetheless, I think that if the “For Lease” sign is in fact ironic, that’s just dumb.

  27. Oops, didn’t mean to use “itself” twice in the same sentence.

  28. Strong agree on the bartenders; Joe is always upbeat and funny, and Amy plays some awesome music. The owners are bartending half the time, and they are all really chill.

    I like Lost and Found too. I’ve only been once, but had a good time. I probably wouldn’t go in sweatpants though. Fails the sweatpants test. Happy to have it in the neighborhood though.

  29. They’re so ironic they don’t wait for April 1st to do their tricks.

  30. Rolling in wearing sweats? Are you the guy that showed up on Sunday in the American flag onesie??? I’m dying to know where he got it!

  31. @textdoc wait a second. So you are leveling these criticisms against a bar you have never entered?

    Anyway, the “sideways U’s” are 2’s, not code. It’s the same number that has been used to advertise leasing that space since before I&C moved in. The bottom unit has remained empty as long as I have lived in the neighborhood, so I strongly suspect it is simply the landlord’s sign.

  32. Green Monster, if you re-read, you’ll I never levelled any criticisms other than that IF the “For Lease” sign was in fact ironic — which I was hoping was not the case, because that just sounded too silly for belief — it was dumb.

  33. Green Monster

    I don’t need to reread. You were willing to label a business, which you have never set foot in, douchey and pretentious based on a single sign on its exterior. The fact that you hinged such assessment on a superficial element of the exterior of the building, and otherwise grounded it in an abject lack of knowledge, is … you know… kind of douchey and pretentious.

    Refresher: “If that lease sign is in fact ironic and part of Ivy & Coney’s decor, then that makes them douchey and pretentious in my book.”

  34. slight correction: McFadden was one of the douchiest bars in the COUNTRY.

  35. I wish there was a live webcam setup at this to see people’s reactions.

  36. This is a really awesome April Fool’s joke. Like the Grinch, my cold black heart just increased in size by 3 times.

  37. At the end of the day, it’ s just making fun of other people, which doesn’t align well with the supposed laid back, Midwestern good-people vibe they’re supposedly after. It’s just mean spirited, snarky, exclusionary (getting the “inside” joke).. A Millennial thing it seems. Guess I’m just old fashioned or just old.

  38. You’re always too old when blaming things you don’t like on the younger generation. Yup, definitely their fault. People didn’t used to make jokes at others’ expense back in the day. No way, no how.

  39. I think I get what you are saying, but I actually read it as inclusionary–that we, as a community, are all in on this joke and all groaning at the thought together. Yes, all we think we are better than McFadden’s fans and deserve better. But the joke, in my view, is really playing on that superiority–that we love our small-plates-and-beards-and-handcrafted-[whatever] Shaw yuppiedom but are also self-aware about how ridiculous we are about certain things (like anti-McFadden-ness)? Anyone else getting that?

  40. I love that people’s first thought about “For Lease” sign on a vacant storefront is that it’s ironic. And not that the vacant storefront is, you know, For Lease.

  41. It certainly wasn’t my first thought. Blame Anon 10:15 — I asked “What’s up with the numbers in the ‘LEASE’ sign above the McFadden’s sign? Are those things that look like a sideways U supposed to be a 3??”, and Anon 10:15 replied, “It’s part of Ivy & Coney’s decor.”

  42. This reminds me of the annual WXRT April Fools jokes, particularly the one where they kept announcing that they had moved downtown. The address they gave was basically in the Chicago River. They put up a huge “April Fools” banner on the Michigan Ave. bridge where their “new address” would have been. I wonder if the Ivy and Cony people were inspired by them. Very funny, guys!


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