Washington, DC

OP writes: “I didnt get a picture of him before he took off but this is kind of what he/she looked like”

“Dear PoPville,

This morning at about 8:35 i was walking to the bus stop and saw a little white dog eating some garbage in my block, and I didnt recognize him as any of my neighbors dogs so I assume he is lost. “He” (couldve been a she) had a collar on but I couldnt tell if it had tags. I tried to coax him over but he spooked and ran away. I saw him on the 1400 block of Parkwood place running towards 14th street (by the Exxon station). He was small to medium, white, shaggy, about 20 pounds I’d guess. Looked like his collar was blue or purple. Very timid- took off running when i took one step towards him.”


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