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“Dear PoPville,

This morning my friend woke up to a pushed in window and both of her cats missing. One cat was quickly found, but Penelope is still out there. 10 pound female tabby might be a bit skittish. Is also microchipped. Penelope lives at 9th and T Sts NW and her humans are putting up flyers, leaving out food, etc. If anyone in the Shaw/ U St area sees Penelope or a cat that looks at all similar, please call 410-236-8186.”

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  1. What a sweet face! Come home soon, Penelope!

  2. Heather (Penelope's Mom)

    Thank you so much!

  3. At the risk of sending the humans on a wild goose chase, I’ll say that on my morning walk to work through Shaw/Logan, I saw a large, grey tabby outside and wondered why a cat like that wouldn’t be indoors. It was around P and 12th streets and the cat was just sitting in a yard near a corner. A guy with a dog came by, and the cat very, very calmly jumped into a bush to get away from the dog. Normally I wouldn’t notice something like this, but the cat was really big, and cute and mellow.

  4. Yeah, big does not seem to describe this cat.

  5. 10 pounds seems pretty big to me :) But I don’t have a cat.

  6. 10 is just about average, maybe a smidge over. I’ve got a 19-pounder. My previous one was 22.

  7. Heather (Penelope's Mom)

    It’s funny that you say that, because our other cat, who is a large tabby, ALSO got out this morning- we found him a few houses down hiding in the bushes, but that definitely seems like something he would do. :)

  8. :) Good like finding Penelope! If it your cat was the one I saw this morning, he was absolutely adorable!

  9. Heather (Penelope's Mom)

    Also, as of her vet appointment a few months ago she was 10 pounds! It’s all in her booty/belly.

  10. Would you happen to have adopted Penelope from the Humane Society within the past year or so? I remember seeing a cat just like her when we were cat shopping last summer.

  11. Heather (Penelope's Mom)

    Yes! We adopted her last June! She’s microchipped to the humane society, too, thank god.

  12. Awww, pretty kitty! Hope you find her soon.

  13. Heather (Penelope's Mom)

    :) Thanks for all the well wishes, PoPville. I called the Humane Society and the woman on the phone told me that she’s actually called a Torby- a tabby with tortoise colors mixed in. Adorable, right?

  14. I have had mine escape before–flyers seemed to work best. Lots of people got back to me about spotting a cat while walking their dogs. Ultimately he was very nearby–luckily scaredy-cats don’t tend to stray too far. I hope Penelope makes her way home quickly!

  15. 10 pounds is the typical cut-off for full-figured felines.

  16. FWIW, the cat I saw was not fat or even “plump.” It was just tall and long.

  17. Yep. There are definitely obese pets out there, but cats seem to come in a wide range of frame sizes. So a heavier cat isn’t necessarily fat (though many heavier cats are indeed overweight).

  18. are we fat shaming cats now?

  19. Aw, Penelope is a cutie pie. Crossing my fingers for you that she’s found quickly and safely!

  20. From the mom of one tabby named Penelope to another, I hope you find your furbaby soon!

  21. What is a “a pushed in window”? Had someone broken into the apt.?

  22. Heather (Penelope's Mom)

    We have screen doors on our bay windows that were possibly shoddily out on – since nothing was stolen from our home, it’s our hypothesis that she was clawing at the screen last night and pulled it open (which has never happened before in the entire year we’ve lived here).

  23. Heather (Penelope's Mom)

    UPDATE: PENELOPE IS HOME!! A kind group of strangers saw our signs,noticed her a couple blocks away and picked her up. She is happily eating Fancy Feast and staring out the (closed) window. :)

  24. Yay!! Thanks for letting us know! Hurray ‘kind group of strangers’!

  25. +1 Happy to hear she made it home!

  26. I’m so happy she’s home!

  27. Woohooo!!!


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