Washington, DC

antique oak bar
Photo courteys of rasmus.com

From an email:

“With the closing of Georgetown’s Mr Smith’s, the piano man sang his last song. Now, everything from the bar and restaurant is being sold at online auction, and patrons have one last chance to get a piece of this Georgetown staple.

Items up for sale include most everything from the solid oak antique bars to the stained glass windows, restaurant and bar equipment, barstools and more. If you’ve never seen this place in the daylight you might be surprised at how much cool stuff they have!

There are flat screen LCD TV’s, statues and stained glass windows from the “garden” patio, glasses with the Mr. Smith’s logo, antique lamps, neons, beer signs and more. Take home a memento from the best days at the friendliest saloon in town before it’s gone!

Potential bidders have a chance to go check out the items tomorrow Tuesday, September 9th from 12-4 p.m. at Mr. Smith’s. The online auction begins to close Wednesday, September 10th at 1:37 p.m.  Here is a direct link to the auction.”


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