• Anonymous

    really sad to lose eola, which was incredibly good but cursed by its location. hope india gate makes it.

    • Anonymous

      what was wrong with the location? i assumed they closed because of profit margins (pig heart and such ain’t cheap)

      • Anonymous

        Location problems:
        – Upstairs location -famously difficult for any retail, but especially restaurants
        – Dupont – expensive as shit
        – Rowhouse – difficult space to work with as it is long/narrow
        – 2 stories – creates totally distinct zones and unless they are full, they feel (naturally) empty

  • That lunch buffet price is mighty tempting.

  • na

    I don’t want to give a bad review , while they are in their first week. But this is the worst Indian lunch buffet , I have eaten ever. I just had the lentils and rice, but the lentils were cold and the rice in thick lumps. It was also super bland. I ordered a coke and had a couple of bites and left. Maybe I’ll try it again in a a couple of months but for now – really bad.

    • Anonymous

      I went there the other day, and actually couldn’t disagree more. I went with a group of friends, and we tried a variety of dishes — everything was great. The spinach dishes and the chicken dishes, in particular, were among the best I’ve ever had. I haven’t tried their buffet yet, but can’t wait to do so.

      • Anonymous

        I haven’t tried the buffet, but went for dinner one night. I’m Indian (and a vegetarian) and I thought the food was well-prepared and they amped up the spice lever per our request. I think buffets usually tend to fall flat, although I am willing to give it a shot based off the dinner I had.

  • Anonymous

    I love Indian food, but buffet style? At lunch? Who wants to end up in a food coma at lunch?

    • Truxton Thomas

      This isn’t the first Indian lunch buffet in the world, you know.

    • DC_Chica

      me! I LOVE Indian buffets, and I wish DC had more of them. Sadly, the best one I’ve been to around here was out in VA. Also, it’s not like they force you to eat yourself into a comatose state – that is a personal choice as to how much you choose to eat.

  • Josh

    I haven’t been for the buffet, but I went for dinner a couple nights ago with a group of six and it was exceptionally good. The lamb curry, saag paneer, and palak chaat were standouts; the lentils and chickpeas were good, but not outstanding. The naan was excellent and the gulab jamun homemade and suprisingly light.

    They are still finding they’re footing — they, for example, didn’t have Kingfisher in stock, but later realized they could run next door to get one for us and did just that, but given the dearth of good, casual Indian food in the area, this was quite the find. I definitely recommend checking India Gate out for dinner, although, as I said, I can’t speak to the buffet.

  • Anon

    Do they deliver?


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