Outdoor Movie Calendar by Emma Sandoe

by Prince Of Petworth June 3, 2014 at 12:25 pm 11 Comments

This is awesome. Yesterday we learned about Screen on the Green’s 2014 schedule and it can be tough to keep track of all the options around town. Fortunately Emma Sandoe was bored and made this great calendar! If anyone has edits or additions you can let her know via twitter. For those who like outdoor screenings – where is your favorite place to catch one?

  • Anonymous

    Someone should turn one of the many parking lots in this city into a drive-in movie theater at night.

  • Anonymous

    How do I add this calendar to my Google calendar?!?!

    • Anonymous

      click the add to google calendar on the lower, right hand corner.

    • Anonther

      Click on the “+ Google Calendar” button at the bottom right of the image above (it’s interactive, not just a still photo). If you’re logged in, google will ask if you want to add the calendar.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for doing this! It’s awesome!
    dcoutdoorfilms.com also has a link to their google calendar of the schedule.
    I don’t mean to take away from your effort by pointing out the other google calendar — yours is better b/c it gives the films times instead of listing them as all day events. But DC OUtdoor Films might be more likely to be on the radar of the agencies showing films and therefore to get updates and additions.

    • Shawly

      It also has more listings

  • dcgator

    Thank you for this, Emma!

    • YaYa

      Florida or Allegheny College?

  • YaYa

    Emma. you ROCKKKKKK

  • Corey

    This is awesome! Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    This is awesome!!!


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