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Dear PoPville – What’s Up with all the Construction on Connecticut Ave?

by Prince Of Petworth June 24, 2014 at 3:10 pm 5 Comments


Dear PoPville,

Does anyone know the full story on the construction around Connecticut Ave./Rhode Island Ave./M St. NW, a few blocks south of Dupont Circle? This has been going on for several months now, and while I’m sure it’s important work, it has really snarled the commute down Connecticut Ave. (see pic from this morning, facing south toward M), and has made many of the nearby sidewalks inaccessible.

Any idea about the purpose of the construction and when it will likely be finished?

This is part of the Connecticut Ave Streetscape:

“The new Connecticut Avenue N.W. project is the third phase of a DDOT-sponsored streetscape upgrade program. The project encompasses an approximate 1 mile 4-lane corridor between DuPont Circle and K Street. The street, streetscape, and associated infrastructure improvements are scheduled to be completed by February 2015.”

And you can see weekly updates here:

“SUMMARY: June 7- June 13, 2014
The contractor worked with four different crews this week: one crew for trenching and excavation on the southbound left lanes of Connecticut Avenue, one crew for sidewalk and paver installation on Connecticut Avenue going north in front of the Mayflower Hotel, one crew at N Street working on street light poles, and the last crew for sidewalk and pavers at 18th and M Street.”

  • WestEgg

    I don’t understand why this kind of work has to be completed during the day. I suppose we don’t need jackhammers in front of the Mayflower at all hours of the night, which is understandable.
    I work near Metro Center and 13th Street has been torn up for weeks; most of the work has been simple resurfacing. One day right in the middle of lunch hour they blocked off all of the sidewalks at 13th & I. The owner of my lunch spot said business was bad that day as a result. They’ve been working at 13th & G for two weeks with the crosswalk blocked all day long there, as well.
    You’d think they’d rather work overnight with fewer pedestrians & cars around–not to mention it’s a heck of a lot cooler. It defies logic. I wrote to DDOT a couple of weeks ago (CC:ing the Mayor’s office) inquiring about what was going on but of course I haven’t heard back. I hate to pile on but city services & department responsiveness has taken a really noticeable nosedive under Gray.

    • Anonymous

      I’d think that construction workers would rather work during the day, like everybody else, for the same reasons that everybody else does. That doesn’t defy logic.

    • annonny

      Since Mayflower probably pays for some of this (through the BID, which paid for the median tree boxes) I’d imagine they also have some say in the timing of the project. If it’s simply a matter of the city scheduling the work and paying entirely for it, I’d also imagine Mayflower gets a bigger voice because it’s a bigger business.
      I’m certainly not disagreeing at all with your points. I despise how construction is allowed to inconvenience everyone, and especially agree about the need to schedule this work at night. However, in DC at least, pedestrians are treated like scum and keeping rush hour traffic moving appears to be a low priority.

  • The signage for this work has been particularly poor for pedestrians. While walking to Shake Shack the other day, I noticed the sidewalk at the corner of Connecticut and M and 18th and M were both closed off, which was forcing people to cross between cars on 18th instead of at an intersection. There was no warning that both parts would be closed off, other than signs that said “cross here’ (but you couldn’t cross since the other corner was also closed off). It was quite dangerous, especially as there were a ton of cars in that area. I’m surprised there weren’t any accidents.

  • Anonymous

    Basically, it’s going to look exactly like it did before, with the exception of a few new concrete planters. That’s pretty much what we are accustomed to getting for 6 months of road construction.


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