Brunch Returning to Chez Billy after Labor Day – Help Pick the Menu

by Prince Of Petworth June 17, 2014 at 11:25 am 35 Comments

3815 Georgia Ave, NW

From the folks at Chez Billy:

“Chez Billy, Petworth’s neighborhood French bistro, is bringing back Sunday brunch the weekend after Labor Day and wants to know what you’d like to see on the menu. I love the authentic French dishes like Vichysoisse and Moules-Frites, but what do you think is missing from brunch in Petworth? Bottomless drinks? Classic American breakfast dishes with a French twist? More wine and cheese? Speak up!”

  • I have been to Chez Billy twice now and I love it.

    Now you tell me there is a weekend brunch coming… OMG!

    I love the idea of a Big American Breakfast with a French Twist – and I really love the bottomless drink idea.

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to see a giant bacon egg and cheese croissant sandwich on there. Smothered with gravy.

    • Anonymous


    • Yes, croissant egg sandwiches would be wonderful.

  • Charlie

    Some sort of hash — perhaps corned beef hash — with poached eggs!

    • laurelo14

      +1. I’m almost guaranteed to order this at any brunch.

  • CarFreeDC

    A few thoughtfully prepared vegetarian dishes would be great, especially since Petworth Citizen, as commenters on your earlier post noted, totally neglects vegetarians with their bizarre brunch menu. Brunch would also be the only chance vegetarians would get to have a decent meal at Chez Billy.

    • neighborly


    • LL


    • hmccaslin


      • Beth

        +1 — and vegan options too! Somehow Le Pain Quotidien manages to have a half dozen delicious veg options for brunch and variations on those themes (tartine, lentil salad, vegan pastries) could be endless.

        And yes, I know LPQ is a Belgian chain, but their Paris restaurants also have lovely veg fare.

        • Anonymous

          While I can empathize with your plight, perhaps French is not the cuisine for you.

          • Beth

            Way to be anonymous!

            With this many +1s, am I the one who is wrong here?

            And also — I don’t have any “plight” whatsoever. Good restaurants are just missing out on vegetarians’ business if they don’t have options for us. Their loss, not mine.

          • Anonymous

            your loss, actually. eggs are delish.

  • +1 for hash. Bottomless Bloodys or Mimosas are a must. Also, I’d recommend steak tartar and poached eggs in various positions relative to hash or a brioche. Overall, keep the menu simple and do a few things very well instead of offering 1000 mediocre options.

  • Anonymous

    semi off topic but where is maple never open for brunch on 11th st?

  • croque madame & croque monsieur please!

  • JoeOn3rd

    Bottomless mimosas and bloody mary’s – PLEASE! I would be there every Sunday.

  • Anonymous

    I love their burger, the Royale with Cheese. I wish it was on the dinner menu and not only at the bar, but how about the brunch menu? Petworth is an untapped gold mine. Glad to see Chez Billy expanding to meet the needs of the neighborhood. Love this place! Wish there were more like it!

    • burger

      +1 on adding their burger for brunch!

  • Anonymous1234

    Frisee salad with poached eggs and lardons.

    • Anonymous

      +1 Frisee aux Lardons! I wish I could find on the net the Bretecher cartoon titled “La Frisee aux Lardons” to post here.

      Chez Billy’s brunch is such a mind f***k, because I always thought it existed, and it never did. Then I’d think it existed again, because I’d think PoPville said so, and again not. Fortunately, Petworth Citizen is there.

  • Anonymous

    So happy they decided to bring back brunch. I went when they had just opened and it was fantastic. Brunch can only survive with a lot of patronage from the neighborhood. Chez Billy is a dinner destination. I recall that it was very reasonably priced. I hope that it will be as reasonable when they bring this back in September.

    FWIW, I think the food at Chez Billy is much better than Le Dip…

  • Anon

    Eggs Bennedict! Or an innovation thereon …

  • Steve

    I ate my weight in chouquettes when I was in Paris last. It’d be rad if Chez could bring those in alone or as part of an assorted baked goodies basket (chouquettes, pain au chocolat, brioche, almond croissant?) to share with the table. Add some velvety French press coffee and that would be amazing. On the savory side I would dig a ratatouille and gruyere omelette.

  • anonymous

    Really good baked goods/quiche would be in keeping with the French theme. Also throwing pancakes in (not French, but delicious)…

    • Anonymous

      Yes, quiche please!

  • Anonymous

    Some light-ish brunch fare would be nice. Poached eggs, smoked salmon, arugula. That kind of thing.

  • KT

    vegan options please I will be there all the time … nice sit down not served in plastic vegan options… would be great to have a place I can go to that does vegan stuff but I can bring my non-vegan friends with me.. thank you

  • Anonymous

    This may be terrible, but something for my toddler to eat. I know that chez billy was trying to appeal to families, but when we’ve taken our son there, most of the dishes were not really kid appropriate. I’m not talking about a kiddie menu, per se, but I’m also not going to give my 2 year old who isn’t great at chewing a steak. Brunch seems to be a good place to try out some quiche, pastries, etc, while I can still get a mimosa or two…

  • Petworth’s Finest

    Yes yes yes. Definitely bottomless, and hopefully a menu that rotates. We all get tired of the same stuff every weekend from DCR. A super fancy french bloody wouldn’t be the worst thing ever either. Maybe a brunch cheese platter?

  • petworthian

    Chez Billy has FANTASTIC food and I’d love to see a classic croque madame on the menu. Also, if they’ve got bottomless drinks (of any variety) at a reasonable price, and can guarantee it would be a hit with everyone i know in the area

  • Meat Please

    Don’t get caught up in all the vegetarian requests (supposedly from different people). 1 or 2 dishes is fine, but no need to go crazy with it. Not if you want this thing to be successful.
    Vegetarian posts making it seem like most Americans are vegetarian, when they actually aren’t in 3….2….1….


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