Washington, DC

Georgia Ave at Randolph St, NW

“Dear PoPville,

I got mugged yesterday [Saturday] at the Wendy’s on Georgia Ave at Randolph around 1:30 pm. I was with the police for two hours, who did virtually nothing but waste time and say things like “well he’s probably long gone by now.” They took everything. It was so frightening. They have my keys and my address from my license…so even if I could go home I’m too scared to return to CoHi/Petworth at all. Apparently the mugger ran down Georgia to the metro, got on the first train, and then tried to drain all of my credit cards in Capitol Heights, MD. I got this information from my bank, NOT the police.

I don’t know what telling you all this will do, but maybe it’ll encourage people to be more vigilant in that area.”


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