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  • Nate

    Nice! Love that businesses keep opening up on that strip.

  • anon

    Fried salmon in the fish tacos? That’s, uh, interesting.

    • Anonymous

      Eaten them numerous times at the College Park location and they’re quite good.

  • bb

    Awesome. Can’t wait to try it out.

  • Rich

    No prices and burgers are the #2 item on the menu. It will either fail big time or be a wild success.

  • L2

    I’m excited about this place. I like that Shaw is getting a variety of businesses and something like this — a fast casual restaurant that has proven itself with great food in its other location in College Park — is a much welcome addition. While I like Eat the Rich, Mockingbird Hill and Southern Efficiency, I’m happy that something a little more mainstream is coming to this strip.

  • Loving Shaw

    Amazing new addition. Everything on this strip is turning out really well. Can’t wait to see what new places come into all of the new developments in the area.


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