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STIX Food Truck Opening Brick and Mortar Spot in Petworth

by Prince Of Petworth April 9, 2014 at 10:25 am 15 Comments


Thanks to a reader for passing on word about STIX food truck coming to Petworth:


Congrats @eatstix on your new digs in Petworth #DC. So sad you’re leaving us at #Vocus. BTW your NY Strip today was super #yummy! #foodtruck”

“@eatstix – we will make an announcement soon!”

Their website says:

“Top quality chicken breast, NY strip and colossal shrimp meet the grill on this truck!

We’ve created amazing flavors by handcrafting marinades from the freshest ingredients. Natural flavors inspire us, so we use clean oils, citrus zest and juice, fresh herbs and spices bringing bursts of mouth-watering flavor to our recipes.

Fruit and vegetable STIX are selected on a seasonal basis always ensuring quality, full flavor and freshness.

It is our desire to offer stacked deliciousness to everyone.

A variety of vegetarian and vegan options available daily.”

Check out the menu here.

Updates when they make their announcement.

  • Good for them! I found them to be middle of the pack in terms of truck offerings, but I did appreciate that their food does indeed taste “fresh” and non-fatty, and liked that they had the veggie and fruit offerings.

  • Anonymous

    Excellent news! Petworth needs some more healthy-ish options. We will definitely be visiting them once they are open. Lots of good things happening! Thanks for choosing our neighborhood!

    Has anyone heard any updates on the place coming in next to Qualia? Great location, but haven’t seen much activity lately.

  • dat

    Where oh where will they be??

  • Anonymous

    I hope it is the Southern end of Petworth. There are actually lots of folks that work in the area and another day time lunch option would be great!

  • Anonymous

    I hope it’s on Upshur! That street has so much potential and with a little work could actually have some charm.

    • Anonymous

      Same here (selfishly, I admit), Upshur would be great! I’m excited to visit them wherever they end up in the neighborhood though. Can’t wait to hear more about where and when they’ll be here.

      • anon

        Another vote for Upshur!

        • fz

          Talking about Upshur, does anyone know what’s coming to the former Corehaus space? The sign for lease is no longer there.

          • Anonymous

            I heard that a kebab serving food truck is opening up a store in Petworth. Maybe they leased this space?

          • Anonymous

            I heard a beauty supply/wig place was going in there….

      • timmyp

        I heard is was going to be and Icelandic/Guatemalan place that seats 9 1/2 people and has no tvs just books on tape.

        • Anonymous


  • JD

    Haven’t been to this food truck, but this seems like a perfect place for Petworth. Healthy, inexpensive, tasty food options. Seems like this could be another great casual dinner spot for families in the neighborhood. I hope this opens on Upshur Street.

  • Anonymous

    Upshur is great, but I really would like to see some places along Georgia Avenue next to Chez Billy or around the new Safeway. Any place within a block, would go over like gangbusters. Heck, the metro is right there too. Chez Billy is always packed.

  • Anonymous

    Sweet, welcome! I have money yet not enough takeaway options near Grant Circle. Take my money!


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