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Reader Reports Violent Assault at 10:15pm – 12th and K St, NE

by Prince Of Petworth April 9, 2014 at 10:16 am 34 Comments

A reader writes:

“I got this email from a friend this morning:

My cousin was pretty seriously assaulted last night on her way home from work last night. It was around 10:15 and happened at 12th and K Sts NW NE. The guy stole her iPad and food and basically beat the crap out of her. She’s in the trauma unit at GW hospital and her face is pretty messed up – she will probably need reconstructive surgery. Please, PLEASE be on the lookout when you are out at night by yourself – even if you are in an area you feel is safe. It sounds like the attack was pretty aggressive, even for a mugging.”

Update: @DCPolicedept tweeted:

“1D-Rob F & V, 2205 hrs, 12th & K St NE, LOF B/M, 20’s. gray hoodie, jeans dreds to shoulders, medium skin, slim build, south 12th St NE/2237”

and another twitter follower confirms:

“That was last night, in front of my house. NE.”

More details from a reader:

“She was waiting for the bus and a guy, came up and punched her in the face and took her purse and phone. There was a car at the intersection that started honking and actually tried to chase the guy, but he cut through the alley behind my house, so they stopped and got out to come back and help the woman. The police arrived pretty quickly, and within a few minutes they were searching the area, and picked up a suspect on H St. Fortunately he tossed her phone nearby, so she got that back, and with the security camera footage they were able to positively ID a guy they picked up minutes after.”


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