Reader Reports Violent Assault at 10:15pm – 12th and K St, NE

by Prince Of Petworth — April 9, 2014 at 10:16 am 34 Comments

A reader writes:

“I got this email from a friend this morning:

My cousin was pretty seriously assaulted last night on her way home from work last night. It was around 10:15 and happened at 12th and K Sts NW NE. The guy stole her iPad and food and basically beat the crap out of her. She’s in the trauma unit at GW hospital and her face is pretty messed up – she will probably need reconstructive surgery. Please, PLEASE be on the lookout when you are out at night by yourself – even if you are in an area you feel is safe. It sounds like the attack was pretty aggressive, even for a mugging.”

Update: @DCPolicedept tweeted:

“1D-Rob F & V, 2205 hrs, 12th & K St NE, LOF B/M, 20’s. gray hoodie, jeans dreds to shoulders, medium skin, slim build, south 12th St NE/2237”

and another twitter follower confirms:

“That was last night, in front of my house. NE.”

More details from a reader:

“She was waiting for the bus and a guy, came up and punched her in the face and took her purse and phone. There was a car at the intersection that started honking and actually tried to chase the guy, but he cut through the alley behind my house, so they stopped and got out to come back and help the woman. The police arrived pretty quickly, and within a few minutes they were searching the area, and picked up a suspect on H St. Fortunately he tossed her phone nearby, so she got that back, and with the security camera footage they were able to positively ID a guy they picked up minutes after.”

  • JinDC

    Oh my goodness – I am so sorry – I hope she heals quickly physically and emotionally.

    I used to work at 12&K and never found it exceptionally safe. The homeless shelter was there at the time, and now that it’s closed there are a lot of people who need mental health services who don’t get them hanging around there.

    I hope they catch who did this to her.

    • Anonymous

      well it was NE, not NW so no wonder… still, this is terrible nonetheless

  • So sorry to hear about this; hope she makes a full and speedy recovery!

  • Jon

    Ugh, it’s still such a shame that in our nation’s capital this kind of violence occurs. And if the person was just out to steal someone’s iPad, wallet, etc., why they take it to such an awful level through a violent attack like this one. I hope that the victim will make a recovery, though she’ll probably be scarred for life emotionally by this event.

    Not to be political here, as I know there are many issues affecting DC, but it seems like crime is a continuous one that never seems to be lowered to an acceptable level. People shouldn’t have to constantly be in fear when walking at night (or in the daytime for that matter). I’ve lived in DC for nine years and though some neighborhoods have improved, I feel like the threat of a mugging or violent attack like this hasn’t.

    • Anonymous

      “it’s still such a shame that in our nation’s capital this kind of violence occurs.”

      This type of violence happens in every major city across the globe. Can we strive to make things better? Of course, but no matter what the city officials or police do, you cannot eliminate this sort of thing completely.

      • Jon

        I agree violence happens like this around the globe, but I’ve lived outside of the United States in a large city and I can attest that the level of street violence, muggings, robberies, etc. is significantly lower than it is here.

        • Anonymous

          Was it really less or are you just more aware of what happens in DC because of blogs and MPD twitter posts?

          • littlen

            Tokyo was (of course) amazingly safe. Sigh… I do miss that about Japan!

            Of course, there’s still a fair amount of sexual harassment, but you didn’t really have to worry about getting mugged or robbed.

  • Gladys Cravitz

    I walk by that corner some nights after hockey at Verizon Center – it’s surprisingly quiet and dimly lit – I never see much foot traffic there at night

  • Anonymous

    Really sorry to hear this. Do the police have any leads?

    • saf

      “Fortunately he tossed her phone nearby, so she got that back, and with the security camera footage they were able to positively ID a guy they picked up minutes after.””

  • AP

    Hoping for a speedy recovery!
    This is actually terrifying seeing as I go to class here a couple nights a week until 10pm and often walk home or wait for the bus just around the corner.

  • John the Cat

    The DC police twitter account said this happened in NE.

    DC Police [email protected] hrs
    1D-Rob F & V, 2205 hrs, 12th & K St NE, LOF B/M, 20’s. gray hoodie, jeans dreds to shoulders, medium skin, slim build, south 12th St NE/2237

    • oh2dc

      Nice find.

      • AtlasCesar

        not sure many people would consider 12th and K NE a “pretty safe area”. my guess is an MPD typo

        • oh2dc

          While it could easily be an error by MPD, it could also be misinformation by the OP. So, the characterization of a “pretty safe area” might be on the misinformation. It isn’t clear from the OP’s message if the cousin was near home or work (or where those places are), such that a we might deduce which was correct. Hopefully, we get some clarification.

        • Anonymous

          Ironically, most would consider the area a few blocks south of here “pretty safe” because it’s within the boundaries of Capitol Hill.

        • Liz

          As someone who lives at 12th and K NE, until last night I considered it to be a “pretty safe area.” I’ve been there for over a year, and on the Hill since 2006. And in DC my entire life.

    • Anonymous

      Two very different neighborhoods. I wonder if PoP can clarify with OP? MPD has been known to mess up NW and NE in their posts.

      • anon

        I echo this. I work right at 12/K NW… if this was actually NE, would make a difference to know.

    • Trying to stay optimistic

      why are people so shitty? If these animals don’t want to be contributing members of society they can at least have the decency to not be a plague on society.

  • anonymous

    Everyone, but especially women, need to trust their sense of fear when you’re out there. Read Gavin de Becker’s The Gift of Fear- a pretty good book on why we all should pay attention to our gut instincts and fear more than our minds. As de Becker writes, birds do not say, “Hey, maybe this cat will leave me alone. He’ll be a nice cat.” Only humans have an amazing capacity for rationalizing why their fear is misplaced, biased, etc… If you have that gut feeling, go with it! (Not saying this is related to the OP’s story, but it bears telling for general street awareness). If you see a sketchy guy on the street, don’t try to talk yourself into rationalizing why he is probably a nice fellow, etc. Avoid the situation if your gut tells you to.

    • anon


    • Anonymous

      it is really tough to reconcile the understandable frustration people have about people crossing the street, locking their car doors, speeding up their pace, etc, as indicative of racism, with the very real fact that people have the sh1t beat out of them routinely for nothing more than walking down the street. as someone who has been violently assaulted twice in the past three years you can be damn sure I will never walk past a young man after dark. I know that this reinforces the division between us, but the scars on my face and wrists are not subject to politically correct reconsideration. very sad.

      • Anonymous


        • anon

          +1, but I would add that I now live in fear of basically -everyone- after being held up by an OLDER man with a gun a few weeks ago. This was right near my house, which is across from a police station.

  • Wobble

    Another popville posting today showed a surveillance photo of a “POI” in the murder of Daniel Short recently just six blocks away. Shows somebody with the same description, including grey hoodie. It is sad we can’t get better surveillance photos with today’s increaslngly better and cheaper technology.

    Maybe the same guy. A few really bad apples can really create a lot of chaos. However, police and prosecutors find it hard to get convictions in this city because of the “no-snitching” code. It we were to remove just a few of these prolifically violent criminals from the community, it would be good for everybody (except, maybe, for the criminals).

    • snakes

      you can get better surveillance systems for about $2,000…

    • dcd

      Sure, it may be the same person, but that description isn’t exactly unique.

  • imike

    I’m so sorry to hear this. I live just around the corner on I Street from this intersection. This area is very safe, and has been for at least the last few years. This is a surprising location for such an assault given that it’s wide open and well trafficked, which is evident since there was a good Samaritan driver.

    It’d be nice if out-of-neighborhood folks refrain from making uninformed assumptions. Driving by doesn’t make you an expert. There was also a viscous attack by Eastern Market last year, and no one would argue that’s not a great neighborhood. These things can happen anywhere, and I’m sincerely sorry for the victim and wish her a full and speedy recovery. We should be aware of our surroundings wherever we are in the city, and prepared for anything. For anyone who’s concerned about personal safety there’s a great martial arts studio on H Street, and I know the instructor also teaches women’s defense classes at Old City Crossfit.

    • h st ll

      Word for word. Excellent post.

    • Anonymous

      I think those of us who live in the gentrified eastern quadrants are more at risk of being violently mugged. The gang-related violence is happening east of the river and in PG county, but then those people come over here to assault random people for their electronics. It’s easy to escape to Maryland from here, so our neighborhoods are logical targets.

  • anonymous

    Triangle of Doom


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