Washington, DC

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Do you know Washington, D.C., like the back of your hand? Does the back of your hand have faded stamps from the last three clubs you were at? Well then, it’s about time someone rewarded you for your expertise.

Zagat is looking for local experts to fill out its Washington, D.C. Nightlife Survey. Simply share your recent nightlife experiences and receive $25 off your next qualifying Zagat Wine purchase. Your comments may also be quoted as part of the next Zagat review.

Plus, if you submit one of the wittiest reviews–think “margaritas so good you might wake up married”– you’ll win a FREE Samsung Chromebook, perfect for planning your next night out on the town.

Now when someone asks why you stay out so late every night, you can say, “I’M WORKING.”

Photo courtesy of vmiramontes via Flickr


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