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  • Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    • TaylorResident

      +1 Or is it -1? Either way, this news is very disappointing.

      • dat


  • TJ0011


  • Mikey Jackson

    I hate to sound like a food bigot, but I’ve never had a good experience with Ethiopian food despite eating lots of Indian and West Indian food. I’m kind of like Ben Stiller in “Along Came Polly” whenever I eat it… I guess I’ve been going to the wrong places?

    • anon

      And in another tribute to PSH, thank you for reminding me of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbDcnUH6rOc

    • kook47797

      Ethiopic, Etete and Queen of Sheeba are my favorite Ethiopian places in DC currently. A basic veggie combo or fish or beef or lamb tibs are my usual goto items. Love the greens, lentils and tomato salads.

    • Anonymous

      Not sure I’m getting what eating Indian food and/or West Indian food has to do with liking Ethiopian food?

      I don’t think they are particularly similar, though I do enjoy all three.

      Zenebech and Etete are my faves, but would love to have a place in walking distance. Fasika on Georgia is a) a little far and b) probably a 6/10 in terms of food. Many of their veg items are spot on, but I don’t love some of their meat offerings, they seem under-seasoned. And service there is terrible. I still go, because it’s the closest for now.

    • jcm

      Kokeb on Georgia near Columbia is delicious.

      • AE

        I love Kokeb!

    • Truxton Thomas

      I’ve never had a bad experience, particularly if a hard-boiled egg is involved!

    • CityKitty

      +1 for Ethiopic and my regular spot is Dukem on U Street.

  • Hmmm. Like Domku’s pirogi night, they should do like an injera night.

  • Stavros

    Great news. Welcome.

  • dat

    Wow – I am shocked by most of the initial responses to this post.

    We are THRILLED to have an Ethiopian restaurant on Upshur if it brings similar quality food to Dukem or Etete — yum!! If they make this place nice and serve quality food they’ll get lots of our business!

    • Anonymous

      Thats a big IF… There are some ethiopian places up Georgia that aren’t even close to Dukem or Etete – let along Ethiopic. Im assuming it will be more of the same. I mean, I’m happy its coming, but totally not the type of place that I hear people demanding…

  • madmonk28

    Yeah, I don’t get the hate for Ethiopian food of for Moroni Bros. for that matter (or the love for Domku). I’ve been waiting for ten years for Petworth to open up with more dining options, and when I imagined that day, I wasn’t hoping for Ruby Tuesday’s.

    • Anonymous

      I think many people would welcome Moroni Bros back to the neighborhood. They had some of the best pizza in DC. It would be great if they would open up on Upshur or near the new Safeway.

      • madmonk28

        I agree, there is no where that comes close to Moroni Bros. that delivers to Petworth. La Villa DC is good “bad” pizza if you know what I mean, but Moroni’s was the real deal.

      • fz

        I miss Moroni so much. I wish someone could find out if the owners have plans to open another place. Upshur would be great for them.

        • Anonymous

          + one million. PoP: Do you happen to know the owners of Moronis? Maybe we can get together to help them make a comeback!

  • Simone

    Not super excited for an Ethiopian restaurant since there are so many good options around town, but its nice to have another neighborhood restaurant.

  • Anonymous

    Psyched! I’ve been driving down to Kokeb every week and it is delicious, but would definitely frequent this closer option if the food is quality and if they make an attempt at a half-decent atmosphere.

  • neighborly

    I’m thrilled!! Here’s hoping it’s a nice atmosphere with at least a couple tables for sit-down, and that they deliver. Speaking of which, has anyone had any luck ordering delivery from the new House of Falafel? No one answered when I called :/

    • madmonk28

      The owner told me that they’re not delivering yet, and are still in the process of finalizing the arrangements for delivery.

  • dctreasure

    This is the best news I’ve heard all day–Does anyone know who’s opening it ?


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