• Anonymous

    Orange also likes to park in bike lanes. He got caught blocking the 15th Street lane last year. The guy’s a tool. He’s this year’s Sulamon Brown. Look for him to spend his time attacking the white candidates in the race then dropping out to support Gray. He’s probably already on the 2014 shadow campaign payroll.

  • Anon

    Orange is the new Gray.

    • Anonymous

      Well done.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      I would vote for Crazy Eyes.

  • andy2

    Just cuz it’s legally doesn’t make it right or smart.

  • Anonymous

    I was shocked when I saw a “Vincent Orange for Mayor” sign yesterday on my way to work. Is the man delusional?? No way he’s going to win.

    • Sydney

      One of his staff told me that Orange isn’t seeking to win. He’s seeking to build support (and names, and cash) for races in the future.

    • WestEgg

      “I was shocked when I saw a “Vincent Orange for Mayor” sign yesterday on my way to work.”
      You must be new here. ;-)

  • That Man A

    are they really able park wherever?
    if so why get mad when they excercise it… hell i know if i could park anywhere and not have to worry about tickets or being towed id do it all the time as long as i wasnt blocking a driveway or fire hydrant or something along those lines

    • Kevin

      We should “get mad” because the Council writes the laws! They can give themselves perks that no one else gets.

      • That Man A

        ehh… i suppose

        i guess i would just rather spend my energy elsewhere
        like i said, im not mad as long as they arent being obnoxious with it by parking in fornt of alleys, driveways, etc.

        @ Joe Flood LMAO man. seriously? find me a place on earth where that actually happens
        yea it sounds great and i would love for that to be the case but we know it isnt
        how many police dont spped? or dont flash their lights just to run a red light?
        and sheesh…. evading parking tickets equated princelings?

        just isnt THAT serious imo.
        victimless crime

  • We’re a nation of laws. Our elected officials should be held to the same laws that the rest of us have to follow. Allowing CMs to live like minor princelings is offensive to anyone who believes in democracy.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you!

  • Thought

    The guy has at least 25 large signs up in a 2 block radius in Columbia Heights. Very obnoxious, regardless of how I feel about him as a candidate or person. Mr. Orange: We are trying to make Columbia Heights look BETTER… Until you learn the art of subtly, I think I’ll do my part and take down a few of your signs tonight. You are welcome.

    • Sydney

      Hmm, that’s funny, because DC regs say they’re allowed two per intersection.

  • Anonymous

    Optics…..orange …optics

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone get the logic of Council Member Orange’s mayoral candidacy? Does it seem to anyone like he could win? Is that even the point for him?

  • ledroittiger

    If council members are not obligated to follow parking regulations, this is a non-story. A movement to change the law might be.

    • Sydney

      Dog, I dunno. How about we start that movement by raising awareness, and posting the dirt on a reputable, well-loved and respected innernets site?

    • That Man A


      yet and still it really isnt that serious lol
      i mean civilians do the same thing and often time get away with it. fight this hard for a more worthy cause

  • Anon. no. 5

    Should they have an all-zones residential parking permit? Yes. Should they be allowed to park in places marked no parking for public safety (hydrant) and traffic flow (corner)? No.

    • k


  • Nathan

    He’ll never beat Mayoral Hopeful Jack Evans and Jack’s parking anywhere he so chooses. Wonder if ole Jackie will clean up his parking act now that he wants to be mayor? Perish the thought.


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