From the Forum – Replacing galvanized pipes and a Basement Dig Out

by Prince Of Petworth January 27, 2014 at 2:15 pm 17 Comments

Replacing galvanized pipes:

“It seems that one of the galvanized pipe in my house has rust buildup or some other issue. There is hardly any water pressure. The rest of the pipes seem fine and the water pressure is okay. Has this happened in your home? Did you have the pipes replaced with copper or pex pipes? How much did it cost? Would you recommend this company?”

Looking for basement digout contractor:

“I just bought property in DC and want to digout the basement to make a nice (permitted and legit) rental unit. I’d be happy for any contractor recommendations to get the work bid out.

I’m also 100% interested in any success, failure, hilarious, or horror stories on the subject of basement work, rental permits, etc.”

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