• i had one of the most disappointing dinners of my life here.

  • Anonymous

    Curious if any thing will take over that spot. It’s not the best for foot traffic. That area either needs a office-worker lunch sport or a “destination” type place.

    • Loganite

      Weird you think that since it is nestled between White Apron, which is doing quite well for lunch, and Central, which has no issues staying busy for both lunch and dinner. And directly across from Fogo. I don’t think foot traffic is an issue.

      I’d say the location isn’t the issue. I’m not sure they did a good job with marketing. The bar was often quite popular with people who work in that and adjacent buildings, but it never seemed busy for lunch or dinner. I have always heard good things about the food though.

      It’s a shame the space there and Tenh Penh around the corner in that same building are both empty now. A new restaurant is allegedly coming to replace Tenh Penh, but there seems to be little progress.

  • bcarter3

    I went there for lunch during Restaurant Week this month. It was incredibly good.


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