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  1. Too bad PBR is disgusting. How about some High Life or Tecate tall boys?

  2. You wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the three in a blind taste test.

  3. Absolutely I would. Believe it. I drink a lot of cheap American beers.

  4. like tecate?

  5. Yes, a lot of them are just like the Mexican beer Tecate, smart ass.

  6. also, mexico is part of America.
    just not the United States part.

  7. Mexico can keep its Tecate, thank you very much.

  8. I don’t even drink that much pisswasser anymore, but there’s absolutely a difference – even to the uninitiated.

  9. For the record though, I like PBR much more than High Life. Can’t stand that ish (PBR kinda just tastes like water now).

  10. Wait a second, you can get a beer in DC for less then three dollars. I feel like I’m in Richmond again.

  11. that’s what;s up!

  12. Anyone know the status of Veracruz? Last couple times I’ve walked by on a Friday/Saturday night it’s been closed.

  13. I thought they always did this?

  14. Piss water beer. They’d have to pay me much more than $1 to drink that. Thank God we have an abundance of quality micro brews popping up to educate people on what good beer tastes like.

  15. Thanks for the input, almighty beer snob. You may be surprised to hear this, but plenty of people like to take a break from micro brews to enjoy PBR, BL, etc.

  16. It’s true, some people do actually like the taste of this stuff. I certainly wouldn’t ever drink it, or serve it, but whenever I host football parties some of it inevitably appears.

  17. you can keep drinking it and not get all that drunk. microbreweries really should make more session beers.

  18. Agree 100% with this. I went to Right Proper last week and had their Scottish Mild (can’t remember the name) but it was pretty tasty and clocked in at 2.9%.

  19. Hey gotta have something to play beer pong with!

  20. Yep. From time to time I’m in the mood for beer water.

  21. the world is a diverse place. let people like what they like.

  22. Wow lol

    while i appreciate a great beer as much as the next man im not too good for a 1 buck tall boy

  23. this exactly. So many snobs here hating on a cheap beer for a cheap price

  24. cheap beer rebellion.

  25. When you’re ‘too awesome’ to pay $1 for a beer you gots issues. ‘ I would never eat a hamburger. … thank God there are places that serve rib eye….’

  26. I think for most it has less to do with being awesome and more to do with a complete distaste for the beer in question. For me personally I would rather pay $1 to drink water than drink a PBR, Bud Lite, MGD, etc for free.

  27. Exactly.
    Also the previous post comparing hamburger to rib eye is ridiculous. It’s more like comparing a hamburger from White Castle to one from good burger places like Good Stuff, etc. Sure a lot of people get that White Castle craving, but it’s still inferior in quality to other burgers, much like PBR is inferior to quality beers.

  28. It’s not that I’m too good for it. It just doesn’t taste good. And yes, I can afford better, so I buy what I like, not what’s cheap. I realize that this is my opinion and that the big beer companies sell an awful lot of piss water beer, so I guess my opinion is in the minority.

  29. ... y'all are crazy

    And while folks here bash on $1 PBR tallboys, next door Am. Ice charges (how much?) for a Steel Reserve?

  30. I don’t recall anyone here making the argument that that would be a more reasonable purchase.

  31. because it’s not a more reasonable purchase! duffy’s is offering a good deal. even if you don’t like PBR, you have lots of more expensive bar choices nearby that might soon have to compete with duffy’s price point.

  32. somehow I can’t really fathom that American Ice sells too many Steel Reserves. Not their kinda scene, knamean?

  33. justin must be so fun at parties

  34. And that perception probably depends on your idea of a “party”. I, for one, would likely enjoy bantering with Justin.

  35. Technically one doesn’t banter with him, one is bantered by him.

  36. hey look, my backup has arrived!

  37. Constantly being one upped and having other peoples idea and likes put down? But seriously, some people want a $1 pbr, so why not let them and you go one drinking other beer with neither side judging the other. Everyone wins.

  38. Dude has more money than common sense.
    Good for him, but he needs to lay off the humble brags. And stop bitching about attending overseas weddings. Just reply “no” and be done with it.

  39. I think Justin needs to get laid

  40. I liked his first picture better.

  41. I’m guessing none of you anonymous folks are any of the people I chatted with at the last Meridian Pint happy hour. Glad to see you’re having fun alone in your basements though.

  42. oooo shots fired. Maybe all of anonymouses were off chatting with each other in my basement instead. Because for me personally, i would rather pay $1 to hang out in a basement than go chat with you.

  43. Alright everyone back to your corners. It’s just a post about $1 beers. Let’s not think too deeply on it.


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