Crepe Place Adds Ethiopian Dishes on U Street

by Prince Of Petworth January 13, 2014 at 11:30 am 12 Comments

1514 U Street, NW

DC Scoop opened up at 1514 U St, NW back in Jan. 2012. From their website:

“Enjoy and experience the Ethiopian flavors and spices at the new DC Scoop Café located in the heart of the U Street Neighborhood Corridor! This is a small and cozy neighborhood spot that serves traditional Ethiopian Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and a large selection of Specialty Coffees and Soups and Salads.

Ethiopian food is also an intimate experience. With each meal, a huge piece of fresh injera – soft doughy Ethiopian bread – is provided on a platter with stews, sauces and salads heaped on top for everyone to share. Spicy scrambled eggs also are available on the breakfast menu for a late night meal or early morning start. DC Scoop’s Ethiopian food is not only delicious but makes for a fun and distinctive cuisine experience.

Come stop by and try our Authentic Ethiopian Vegetarian Dishes for Lunch or Dinner and finish with one of our famous 24 varieties of Crepes!”


Menu after the jump.





  • hungeegirl

    what the heck? this place is always empty (I live a half block away) and now it’s pretty clear they’re getting desperate. Is it still a crepe place or what? Confusing.

  • dear god

    As if the area didn’t have enough Ethiopian options already.

  • anon

    Crepes and Ethiopian! But of course! Why hasn’t someone thought of this sooner?

  • Paul

    Spicy food and ice cream. Great combo. This place will end up like that u scream place that never opened.

  • snooze

    soooo can you put nutella and strawberries on injera?

    • Anonymous

      That actually sounds pretty good!

      • textdoc

        LOL! I was going to say that crepes and Ethiopian food seemed like strange bedfellow, esp. given the spiciness of Ethiopian food… but given that injera is vaguely crepe-like, maybe it’s not such a strange match after all. ;)

        • textdoc

          Oops… I meant “bedfellows,” plural.

  • bb

    Now that’s what I call fusion cuisine. They should just go the whole way and do a spicy lentil ice cream.

  • Anonymous

    where’s monkeyrotica to make a spike mendelsohn joke?

  • Linds

    I go to Parlour salon (above this, next door) and often stop in here for a crepe afterwards. The people who run the place are extremely nice and eager-to-please, and the crepes are delicious. I wish them well with the new food. I do think it would be in their interest to have a sign outside that is more attention-grabbing… I didn’t even notice the place for almost a year of going to Parlour every month.

    • KMB

      Yeah, I think their crepes are actually quite good and I enjoy the little salad that comes with the savory crepes. I always wonder why its not more crowded, but I think you may have hit the nail on the head with the lack of visibility. I don’t know how I feel about the addition of Ethiopian food, but I hope it works out well for them.


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