• Wobble

    Yikes! Somebody protesting ugly pop-ups/pop-outs?

  • Anonymous

    At least it looks like the place was uninhabited… I’m guessing the cause was careless contractors. Hope their insurance was up to date.

  • SL

    No, the contractors were using flammable gas, they were welding, and the insulation caught fire. Someone on the top floor of the neighboring building called 911, luckily, and the workmen got the gas out of there.

  • Vered

    OMG look at those tall flames.

  • Anonymous

    Was driving up S and Phelps and saw flames all around but couldn’t determine where exactly the fire was. Think the fire trucks and police were also have some difficulty getting to the site. This is so similar to the fire some years back at the Phillips Collection when they were welding on the roof and up in flames it went! A little scary! Thank goodness in both instances, no one was injured. Some valuable paintings were destroyed.

  • dno

    The Calistoga, I think. Supposed to be high-end condos. Unfortunately, this will set the timeline back a bit.


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