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  • Anon5

    It’s called a Piebald deer. Relatively common in this area.

  • Anonymous

    Sure it’s not deer vitiligo?

  • Brian Kraft

    Wiki say: “A piebald deer is a deer with a brown and white spotting pattern which is not caused by parasites or diseases. They can appear to be almost entirely white. In addition to the non-standard coloration, other differences have been observed: bowing or Roman nose, overly arched spine (scoliosis), long tails, short legs, and underbites.”

    I took the photo. It had a funny face and the back looks arched. It looks very much like a bovine calf. So thanks, Anon5, for the “piebald” tip. I grew up in the woods of PA, have seen hundreds of different deer in a quarter century of roaming RCP, and have never before seen a piebald. Because I am an agreeable fellow I can accept that they are “relatively common in this area.” But compared to what?

    • I love pie!


  • Lyle Boucher

    In Wisconsin, we call them Holsteins.


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