Milk Cult Sanctuary Looking to Raise Funds for their Pop Up Cafe Featuring “Bangin’ Brunch-ish tacos”

by Prince Of Petworth December 11, 2013 at 12:00 pm 11 Comments

3632 Georgia Avenue, NW

Word on the street is that these tacos are awesome. Anyone try one yet?

From their Clovest fundraising page:

“Milk Cult X Vigilante Coffee: Bangin’ Brunch-ish tacos + quality coffee + ice cream = Milk Cult Sanctuary

You probably already know Milk Cult as DC’s first motorcycle based mobile ice cream vendors (if you didn’t -you do now). Well, get excited, the duo is gearing up for their next project.

Enter: The Sanctuary.

Milk Cult’s pop-up style Cafe. They are creating a space for people to come and stay a while, where they can enjoy the highest quality of coffee, food, and soak up the Milk Cult experience. The Sanctuary will provide a full espresso bar, free wi-fi, and a full fledged savory program featuring their take on brunch-style tacos. Basing their operation out of Union Kitchen, the pop-up cafe is a springboard for Ed and Patrick’s passion for quality food in a welcoming atmosphere.”

You can read more background info here and make a loan here.

The Washington Post reported:

“The pop-up will be open from 7:30 a.m.-4 p.m. during the week and 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on weekends…does breakfast tacos ($3 apiece, or three for $9) with a twist: Scrambled eggs come atop flour tortillas with corned beef hash and arugula, or bacon and chives. Mine, with a tater-tot hash (yes!), tomatillo and a foam of lemony hollandaise, might have been the biggest departure from an actual taco, but it was tasty nonetheless.”

  • So is the actual pop-up at Union Kitchen, or is that just where they do prep work?

    • Anonymous

      The “pop-up” is at 3632 Georgia Ave. NW per the photo and caption (but yes, not stated in the body of the post). However, the Milk Cult is based out of Union Kitchen insofar as that is where they do their ice cream sandwich bidnezz.

      • textdoc

        3632 Georgia Ave. NW is Park View Patio, BTW.

  • Anonymous

    What’s up with these kick starts for commercial businesses. I’m going to do a kick start for sitting on my ass and playing video games business.

    • Anonymous

      good luck with that.

    • What’s up with them is that they are a simple economic way to start up a business and everyone wins. The startup wins because they don’t have to pay for build out. The landlord gets paid for unused space that they are in essence paying for regardless of how or when they use it. You alternative is ” sitting on my ass and playing video games ” Not to mention there are so many more things that go into starting business vs playing video games. But if that is what you are passionate about. Write about your experiences and submit it to a blog. Maybe you could get paid and not shit on other people who get off their ass. But, i digress.

  • Rukasu

    Restaurant press release jargon is so jargony

  • Guest

    How can there be word on the street about the tacos when they’ve never sold them before?

  • taco muncher

    I tried their tacos this past weekend. They have a deal that you can get three tacos and a coffee (Vigilante french press) for $10. I opted to try one of each kind of taco, and all three were AMAZING!!! Seriously, I am stoked about the Milk Cult being walking distance from my house and hope they continue to stay! They are also one of the few brunch options in this region that are open early on weekends – most other places don’t start brunch service until 11. That said, those tacos are so good, that I would go here over any other place in the area for brunch even if they were open at 11 like competitors.

    So, yes, they have been selling them and there is “word on the street” that these tacos are amazing!

  • jcm

    Well, seeing the words “Cult” and “Sanctuary” together has propelled me into an 80’s music spiral. “The fire in your eyes … Keeps me alive”. I’ll be working my way through 120 Minutes playlists on spotify if anyone needs me.

    • textdoc

      LOL! And “120 Minutes” FTW.


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