Logan Circle Caribou Coffee Closes, Will Reopen as Peet’s Coffee & Tea in about 3 Months

by Prince Of Petworth December 29, 2013 at 10:22 pm 15 Comments

14th and Rhode Island Avenue, NW

Thanks to all who sent word. Back in October we learned that most DC Caribou Coffee locations would reopen as Peet’s Coffee & Tea. Looks like this is the first one. I spoke with an employee inside this location who said he thought this location would become a training spot for all the Peet’s DC employees. He believes after training and renovations the new Peet’s should open here in about three months. I’ll be sure to update when renovations are complete and an exact date is known.


14th Street looking north

14th Street looking south

  • Interesting

    Aren’t they supposed to be tearing down that building and the one next to it and building a mixed used condo/retail high rise? Is that project not going forward or do they just think it’s still worth it to build out the new space in the interim?

    • Anonymous

      I went to the hearing on this and I thought it was approved. That was a year ago… shouldn’t they be under construction by now??

      • gladys cravitz

        money must have dried up…..

        • frickorfrack

          All speculation on what’s going to be there. I know one resident of Logan Circle was hoping that the Crew Club would expand to that spot

          • Anonymous

            LULZ. Wut?

        • Anonymous

          Doubtful. The guy who owns Abdo has more money than he can ever spend. They are not at a loss for capital.

          • Loganite

            His name is Abdo, FYI. Abdo is a person. And the company. He owns most of the city.

  • That’s too bad – I really like that Caribou, and not just because it’s close to where I live. Being on the corner, they get lots of light and the staff was always friendly. Hopefully, Peet’s will be just as good.

    There are several other Caribous within a short walk – 15th and M, 17th and L and the recently expanded 19th and M location. Plus, lots of Starbucks and indie shops like Peregrine. It has to be the most caffeinated neighborhood in the city.

  • pru

    One day a couple of years ago, I had parked in front of their store, and had just purchased a huge box from the Ace hardware around the block. In the chaos of putting the baby in the car and the stroller in the trunk, I left the big box (a porch swing) on the sidewalk and drove away. Once I figured my mistake I was already 20 minutes away. I called Caribou and explained the situation to them. They were absolutely wonderful and brought the box into the store for me to come pick up.

    That said, I am very excited to have Peet’s come to DC. Can’t wait to have regular access to their almond biscotti again.

  • JinDC

    Damnit there were no signs! Since having the baby, baby and I spent a lot of time there – comfy chairs, changing table in the bathroom, very friendly staff. If have liked to say goodbye and thanked them for the service. We will miss them!

  • Loganite

    Peet’s and Caribou are owned by the same German company.

    Peet’s is also opening in the old Citibank location on the Southeast corner of 11th and E Streets, NW.

  • h st ll

    Peet’s is awesome, by far the best of the larger chains.

    Now, if we could only get a Phil’z!

    • Graham

      The things I would do for an Iced Mint Mojito coffee right now.

  • Tim

    Hopefully Peet’s will have extended hours until 10pm like this Caribou location did. DC needs more coffee shops that stay open at night!!

  • Pete

    Any update on who is correct? The “Abdo Project” people or the “Conversion to Peet’s” people? Personally, I’d love it to be a Peet’s, but WTOP reported a little while back that the first conversion of Caribou to Peet’s in the area would be at 17th & Penn. Former late night Caribou devotee needs info, dammit!!


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