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  • grr

    single tear

  • Anon

    Cheers to the first car (finally), but not a fan of the design. Making it look like a bus takes always some of the charm. It probably had to do with capacity though.

    • Fz

      It matches the ugly design of the new taxis.

    • Anon

      Pretty sure this is what all modern streetcars look like.

    • Anonymous

      Having to wait through the 15 minute headends, not to mention the traffic-induced delays, is going to take far more charm out of the streetcars, believe it.

    • Anonymous

      I agree. I love how San Fran bought antique streetcars from other cities who abandoned them (including DC). They do have modern ones too, but I love the antique ones!

      • dno

        DC looked into doing the same for a small number of streetcars. Not sure what came of it.

    • Paul Tagliabue

      This looks like a Circulator with a jesus fish on it

      • jeebus

        cannot unsee

  • Anonymous

    Don’t see the point in having a street car unless it has it’s own dedicated travel lane.

    • Anonymous

      Instead of 4 gas guzzling cars there will be 50 people taking up the same space.

      • Meg

        Isn’t that currently called a bus?

        • Anonymous


          • Anonymous

            it’s like people actively choose to be misinformed about the advantages of streetcars over busses.

          • Frances

            I’ve looked into the arguments for why streetcars are better than buses, but I’m just never convinced. In the end, it seems like a bus for white people who are just tooooo afraid of the “scary” X2

  • Anonymous

    …We’re on a road to nowhere…

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait until they are running! Easy and temporarily free access up and down H Street!

  • Anonymous

    So are the cars actually electrified and running up and down H Street?

  • SF

    Please for god’s sake give this thing light priority. I am very excited but I am very worried about the actual operation being a disaster if they don’t get this right early on.

    • Anonymous

      There will be no light priority, at least not when service begins. It’s going to be pretty disappointing to a lot of people, especially those who are expecting it’ll be like an above-ground Metrorail line.

      • Anonymous

        does anyone expect that?
        i’m expecting a tourist and restaurant goer slow transit system.
        which i still think is awesome.

    • Anonymous

      streetcars without dedicated lanes and light priority are useless. These things are constantly going to be brought to a standstill by double-parked cars.

      • ET

        I do think this will be an issue – particularly early because it is new – which is why they were aggressively ticketing (and are likely going to continue for a while). Once people get used to it I think it will lessen.

        I do agree that it is too bad there aren’t dedicated places for them but I don’t know that DC ever had that for the whole system – though there may have been dedicated lines for Penn.

  • Jason

    Oh, it’s a big pretty white plane with red stripes, curtains in the windows and wheels and it looks like a big Tylenol.


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