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New Restaurant Coming to Petworth, from Owners of the Blaguard, to be Called Homestead. Opening Fall 2013

by Prince Of Petworth — March 22, 2013 at 10:30 am 39 Comments

3911 Georgia Ave, NW

In Dec. 2012 we learned that the new restaurant, from Owners of the Blaguard, coming to Petworth next to Qualia Coffee would be applying for a liquor license. At that time we learned they’d be “serving Mediterranean and American cuisine”. Now we’ve got a name – Homestead – and some more details on the restaurant. From the owners:

Our food concept is going to focus on local, fresh, artisanal products. We will have an 1,100 sq/ft kitchen and another 1,100 sq/ft 75 seat dining room with a long communal/banquet style table as a centerpiece. We are planning an incorporation of global ingredients into traditional American dishes like Mac-n cheese, butternut squash soup, and short ribs. Nearly everything will be made in-house or by local producers of breads, desserts and coffee to showcase the local DC food scene. Classic favorites like beef stew, venison chili, cured meats, steak frites, mussels, and bison burgers are just a few examples of some items that will be found on our menu. Rotational and seasonal items will be common.

We are very excited to open our doors to the community and contribute positively to the changing landscape of Petworth.

Construction should start mid-end of April with an anticipated opening of Fall 2013.

  • Anonymous

    I was very exited about Mediterranean cuisine. This sounds to me like every other new restaurant opening in DC.

    • Rhody

      Seriously. I was looking forward to a good Med option. We need a kabob shop up here!

      • Anonymous

        Agreed. There is nothing Mediterranean about this place.

        • Oh, c’mon, haven’t you ever sampled the wild bison of Sicily?

  • Huzzah! Bring it on.

  • Mike

    I’m just happy to see anything moving in on that block.

    Any more news on what exactly is going in across the street at the former Goin’s lunch counter? I noticed that they’ve started working there.

  • Pworth

    Sounds great! Does anyone know what happened to the beer garden that was (I think) supposed to open on the other side of Qualia?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      It’s the same place.

  • Colhi

    I am considering opening a restaurant that focuses on processed, frozen foods brought in from far away lands. All foods will be made by robots.

    • Anonymous

      Artisanal robots, or just regular ones?

      • Colhi

        Regular robots, after they have killed the artisanal robots in a ring of combat.

    • You can call it “Concept.”

    • Anonymous

      Free range robots?

      • Thor

        humanely built

        • Will the robots be cruelty-free? Because if they’re Cruelty-Plus, I’m all in.

          • Colhi

            Pro-Cruelty robots that are run exclusively on batteries fueled by kitten blood.

    • And you should include Rock Em Sock Em Robot games on every table

  • Anonymous

    I wish them great success but I can’t say I’m very interested based on their description. I’m sure I will try it when it opens but I can’t get excited about this yet.

  • Fantastic. May I recommend following DC Reynolds and Mad Momo’s lead by starting a Facebook page and posting about the renovation/menu development/etc.? Awesome way to build anticipation. Can’t wait for this place.

  • I can’t wait!! This, plus the new places on Upshur… yay for local dining options so we can mix it up!

  • I’m usually excited for anything coming to Petworth, but the proposed menu offerings sounds boring as all get out.

  • caballero

    Lots of meat on the menu. I live nearby, and I’d like to see more spice, creative sandwiches, fish and chicken, veggies, etc. I’ m sure they will develop the menu when the time comes.

    • Agreed, says this meat-eater with a vegetarian partner, who lives a block away from this place…

  • fz

    I’m actually excited with this menu because there may be a lot of restaurants that serve these dishes, but they are not in Petworth. I think it’s smart to have some popular common dishes which to me is exactly what’s missing from Chez Billy.

    • Hmmm

      Don’t understand this comment. Some of these things are on the Chez Billy menu as well….steak frites, mussels. By classic you must mean a burger and mac and cheese, but those are also already get on Petworth menus.

    • kay

      How strange–I thought the menu had too many similarities with Chez Billy–mussels, streak frites, burger–and they do these really well so new place has a high bar to meet–IMO. I’d personally like some variety–more salads, chili and soups.

      • fz

        You guys are right, it does have many similarities with Chez Billy. What I was trying to point out is that it also has a few more common dishes like mac-n-cheese, short ribs, beef stew, chilli and burgers. I like Chez Billy but I wish they had some items like that in their menu to even out with the upscale dishes. For example Marvin has a burger.

  • “Local?” Check.
    “Artisanal?” Check.
    “Communal?” Check.
    “In house?” (I would have preferred the snazzier “house-made,” but I’ll accept it. Check.

    Missing “curated,” “farm-to-table” and “made-to-share,” but all in all, a pretty good buzzword effort.

    • At least it’s not a “small plates” place. Hoping it stays that way.

  • Anonymous

    Hey I’m excited for new stuff up our way. Eat your hearts out Columbia Heights!!! (No, literally eat your hearts out because you already have a gazillion restaurants and we are still waiting for the server at Domku to bring us our currant-water, smoked fish, artisanal borscht and pickled goat cheese.)

    Oddly, the menu details don’t seem to suggest “Mediterranean” cuisine.

  • JT

    Great to see the restaurant scene in Petworth on the rise!

  • Marrcus Aurelius

    Funny. I looked back at the posts that greeted the original announcement that this place was coming and one was “Thank god! I was worried this might end up being “a concept.””

    Agreed that while a bunch of restaurants in DC may be serving this menu, none are in Petworth. So that is something.
    But I wonder what it is about the “local, fresh, artisinal” thing that makes it attractive to restaurant owners. Is there really that much of a demand for it? Or is it just easier for a chef to pull off than ethnic food?

  • Quincy dude

    While I’m super pumped to have another restaurant open in the hood, I need another option for Mac n cheese like I need a hole in my head. I realize it’s cheap, high-margin attractiveness to the restaurant owner, but it’s way overdone in the area.

    A place with good burgers, soups, salads (think BGR meets Jetties meets Matchbox) would be awesome.

  • Anonymous

    Please have weekend early bird specials and a decent kid’s menu, milk, apple juice, chicken, shoe string fires and steamed veggies please. My kids won’t eat bison burgers, mussels or artisanal mac n’cheese with weird stuff on top. And guess what? Petworth is chock full of families who would go out more if there were more options.

    • Farnsworth

      They sell all that stuff at Yes!

  • muttmutt

    Well as a long time resident here in this area, my biggest concern is PARKING. I was born and raised in DC, brought my home in 1994 and DC has really gone thru some changes. With this new place opening did you also know that the Safeway will be having 218 units, with only 135 parking spaces provided for the residents, where will the rest be parking?? Safeway will be open from 7am-10pm, how long will the restaurant be open and now liquor too! It is such thing as over development!

    • anon

      I hear ya, but the alternative is…..let the abandoned buildings just stay abandoned? Never build anything people would want to come to so there aren’t parking issues? If you live in the neighborhood, then you can petition for stricter parking hours for out of zone parkers like they did in CH. Or just walk.

      • Well actually I am in constant communication with the Council Member office and I plan on have a meeting with them and DDOT. I also have petitions currently in circulation concerning parking and the RPP hours. Oh, I agree with you concerning abandoned buildings, but you also have to look at the “details and impact” and not just the surface, meaning gee there is a new establishment wanting to open lets move forward. There are a lot of details that are not addressed concerning the surrounding neighborhood, check out the folks that live in Adams Morgan (restaurants/clubs/bars). So I am doing my homework and I am quite active.


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