Washington, DC

3222 M Street, NW

The following was written by PoP contributor Jessica Bonness. Jessica runs JGB Interiors and writes at Paint It What I Tell You.

It’s a pretty average Home Goods, which means it has a ton of extremely reasonably priced furniture, lamps, bedding, accessories, and aisles upon aisles of kitchen gadgets and random food-finds. I think it’s a great resource for people who live in a city, because they stock a lot of small pieces of furniture that fit little apartments nicely.


A few of my favorite finds are a “soda crate” that inexplicably says “cream cheese,” a huge planter that looks bronzed and antiqued but is actually pretty lightweight, some cute canisters, great colorful barstools, and a truly neat wooden sofa that is not cheap at $599, but it is surprisingly pretty comfortable. In the toy section, I found a few Bruder brand toy trucks that my son loves; they usually retail for close to $80 but at Home Goods they were only $29.99.


I encourage clients to go here a lot if they are on a budget or running out of their budgeted funds; now they don’t have to go as far. I will definitely be back for myself.

The one thing that’s really different about this Home Goods location is that it shares a space and registers with TJ Maxx, which seems to have a lot of designer clothing. I didn’t peruse that part of the store, but it looks like it would be fun to explore another day.


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