Washington, DC

1922 3rd Street, NW

Last week we admired the awesome transformation of the long vacant old house at the corner of 3rd and U St, NW. The architect of the project sent me an email with some interesting details about the place:

“In the 1940’s it was fully gutted and turned into 13 efficiency units for WWII housing. I was so fortunate to have found the original floor plan and front and side elevations of James McGill’s original design. From those, we restored the exterior to the way it originally would have been, while only adding on the sunroom and porch off of the rear (making it look like other neighborhood additions done in the 1920’s. As you can see, it was a massive undertaking and is still a work in progress. The landscaping is the next big plan. There is a lot to landscape! So, hopefully soon it will be fully finished.

Bill Smith
StudioSmith, LLC


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