Dacha Beer Garden Hoping to Come to 7th and Q Street, NW

by Prince Of Petworth June 5, 2013 at 11:30 am 59 Comments

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Last week we learned of plans for a German beer garden for 919 U Street, NW. Turns out another one could be on the way to Shaw as well. Thanks to a reader for sending word and details distributed to neighbors in advance of an ANC 6E meeting tonight [Wednesday, June 5, 2013, at 6:30 PM at the Watha T.Daniel/Shaw Library, 1630 7th Street, NW, in the lower level meeting room]. The ANC commissioner writes:

“Dacha Beer Garden proposes to transform the long-vacant parking lot at the northwest corner of 7th and Q Streets, NW, into an outdoor eating and drinking establishment, similar to The Standard, at the northeast corner of 14th and S Streets, NW.”

Following are details for the proposed Dacha Beer Garden:

Our goal is to create a pleasant, green and beautiful neighborhood beer garden serving world-class brews and tasty, organic food to our community. We will strive to be an exemplary small business, an active participant in the life of the community, and a good neighbor.

DACHA in Russian and German means a small summerhouse with a garden.

We will serve carefully selected, premium German and Belgium brews along with organic, antibiotics- free sausages and delicious home fries – all at affordable prices. Our beer selection will greatly determine the character of DACHA. For example, many of our beers will come from Weihenstephan Brewery– the oldest brewery in the world. Unlike commonly known pub selections that invite a certain type of customers and behavior, our beers will set the mood for a pleasant conversation among friends and families. It is important to mention that we will be serving beer, not liquor.

We have planned DACHA with neighbors and community in mind. We will go to great lengths to minimize noise and inconveniences for our immediate neighbors.

• All our beers will be served on draft. This means there will not be any noisy bottle disposal. Beer will be served in glassware, while food will be served on disposable paper plates along with disposable, biodegradable plastic utensils.

• All food will be pre-cooked off-site and reheated on-site. This practice will ensure minimal levels of kitchen smells.

• Thoughtfully selected and abundant plants, such as lilacs, wisterias, hydrangeas and many others will further create an atmosphere of a pleasant retreat from the bustle of the city and from heat. Furthermore, plants are great noise barriers. That is another reasons why we would like to have as many plants on site as possible.

• There will be no music after 10pm. And the music before 10pm (if any) will be pleasant, low- volume, ambient tunes that will not make customers raise their voices.

• There will be no dancing, no DJs and no live performances.

• We are going to share trash removal service with the adjacent restaurant; thus, no additional trash pick up in the neighborhood.

• The staff will consist of trained waiters, bartenders, a manager on duty and a guard. The list of their duties will include among other items:
– No tolerance for lack of ID or fraudulent IDs
– Swift and discreet handling of customers who may have had a bit too much
– No tolerance for leaving premises with beverages in hand

• We aim to provide more than enough bathroom facilities for our customers. The site will have an ADA compliant bathroom along with 2 additional non-ADA bathrooms.

• We will provide a free Wi-Fi access point.
Seating Capacity – 112 (subject to change per final permits)
Hours of Operation:
Monday – Thursday— 4pm to 11pm
Friday— 4pm to 12am
Saturday-Sunday— 12pm to 12am

Take a look at some of the proposed beers and food after the jump.


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  • Anonymous

    When I first saw this post I misread it as Dachau Beer Garden. Not a good name for a German (or any) restaurant!

    • Anonymous

      I’m guessing that most in DC who know about Dachau also know about dachas, and are able to easily differentiate the two. While I see the similarity on paper, the two words sound nothing alike.

      • Anonymous

        You are so pretentious. and, contrary to your assumption, Dachau… I know, Dachas, I don’t. Given that the commentator. Given that he was reading it the way the words sound doesn’t matter at first blush.

        • me

          and I thought dacha meant those summer houses Soviets gave to retired generals. Maybe that’s what they’re trying to attract.

      • Anonymous

        the connotation of words is pretty important if you want to attract customers. if you have to assert that two words sound nothing alike but look alike written, maybe it should be rethought.

  • Anonymous

    Very cool.

    My only concern: where are people going to piss? They didn’t address the bathroom situation at all.

    • Chris

      “We aim to provide more than enough bathroom facilities for our customers. The site will have an ADA compliant bathroom along with 2 additional non-ADA bathrooms.”

      • Q-Street

        They are putting a trailer on site with bathrooms. Not great.

  • Anonymous

    What a tremendous addition to that area.

  • Anonymous

    OMG. Yes please. Please.

  • monkeyrotica

    So what happened to the O Street Crew? Did they get gentrified out or are they all dead or in prison?

    • Anonymous

      I am sure they’ll be back for summer! The Lincoln-Westmoreland crew seems to have returned after a 6 or so month hiatus. They’ll need each other to shoot at.

    • Anonymous

      They’ve been hired to provide security for the bar.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not all that engaged with the local civic process. Can anyone help me to understand the significance of the ANC meeting for making this thing a reality? Will it make an actual difference if neighbors show up in support?

    • Anonymous

      Yes, it will absolutely make a difference if neighbors show up and support. If you can’t be there, send an email to your ANC rep and include your contact info. If there is opposition, you can be sure that they’ll be doing this as well.

    • Q-Street

      There is plenty of opposition in the neighborhood. It’s not opposition to a beer garden, it’s opposition to a very very very low-investment approach to starting a beer garden by guys that have never run a bar or restaurant before.

      I was e-mailed some renederings, and they look okay, but basically they are putting some planters around some benches and a trailer for people to piss in. I love beer gardens, but damn, this is a half-assed approach.

      With a billion dollars of investment in the area, that lot could be filled with something better than a trailer park and some drunk dudes. I mean, that’s sort of my scene, so I’m going to drink there, but I feel sorry for my neighbors that are going to live right next to that thing. It’s a quiet block with a bunch of young families.

  • Anonymous

    $4 Bucks for a bottle of water, though? These krauts are insane.

    • Anonymous

      “These pretzels are making me thirsty.”

  • This sounds like heaven…

  • My oh my how that little slice of Shaw has changed. Lived a block away for five years (until 2010) and I have to say never saw this coming.

    That parking lot is next door to a Chinese food carryout joint with bulletproof glass. It always looked like the parking lot for their delivery driver. And, if I recall correctly, the second floor rear side of the takeout joint looked like a porch residence straight out of a slum barely held together with scraps of wood.

    All that said, awesome idea, awesome location, awesome progress and hopefully (my formerly) awesome neighbors will enjoy this place. Two thumbs up.

  • Truxton K

    I’m all for this, but I hope they also have a plan for dealing with the rancid trash odor from the dumpsters that currently occupy the space. I’m not sure where those dumpsters would be placed that they wouldn’t affect the beer garden since you can smell them from Q street as you walk by.

    • Q-Street

      They intend to share that overflowing smelly dumpster with the Chinese restaurant.

  • anon

    saaa wheat

  • Not sure what they mean when they say that certain beers “invite a certain type of customers and behavior,” but if I could think of a “certain type of customer” that I would like to uninvite, it would be the VA fratfest that occupies the Standard to whom Dacha directly compares themselves. Anywho, this sounds like a good enough idea and I hope they succeed.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t worry, the Standard bros are not likely to venture out towards the lower Green Line. Waaaaaaay out of their comfort zone.

      • Anonymous

        Shaw is “lower green line”? You may want to take another look at the Metro map.

      • Anonymous

        out of their comfort zone? you’ve got to be kidding me. that ship sailed from dc years ago.

        • Anonymous

          the bro ship is here to stay!

          • Anonymous

            for worse or for worser.

    • Anonymous

      Can’t wait for them to find out how much the VA frat-bros love guzzling hefewiezens.

      • I think they are talking about the Cobra and Steele Reeserve Crowd.

    • Anonymous

      What do you have against the Department of Veterans Affairs?

      I guess creepy-looking dudes like you need a place to hang out too, like when your mom is fumigating the basement where you live.

      • Anonymous

        Totally missed the joke there holmes: VA = Virginia.

  • Anony

    $4 for a bottle of water??

    “food will be served on disposable paper plates along with disposable, biodegradable plastic utensils.” well isn’t that convenient we get to throw everything in the trash while claiming to be doing a service to the neighborhood

    • Anonymous

      How are disposable plates that end up in a dump somewhere green? Aren’t reusable plates better for the environment.

      • anon

        just a guess… but they might go and compost them?

  • anon

    when is the Chinese place going away?… and for that matter ALL THE STORES ACROSS THE STREET.

  • bb

    It’ll be really interesting to see how this turns out. Is this area ready for prime time gentrification? I’m not sure. The O St Market is going to be the real game changer around those parts, but without that anchor I wonder how it’ll work out. That part of 7th St isn’t exactly a lively entertainment corridor after the sun goes down… I wish them all the best and think it would be a great contribution to the neighborhood, but they might be coming to the game a little early.

    • Anonymous

      Seems like they’re still in the very early stages of getting this idea approved. I’m guessing that they’ll go live around the same time as the O St. Market.

  • DCProgressive

    A trailer bar in an upcoming neighborhood? Not exactly what this area needs. The ANC can do better than that. The ANC SHOULD do better than this. All of the construction nearby will push better businesses into this space, no problem. Beer Garden? No thanks!

    • GJG

      Why don’t you open a business? Seems like you know what we be great there

    • Anonymous

      I think the beer trailer is the 1st phase with an actual building coming up a bit later…Also those trailer can be really cool!

      • Q-Street

        The trailer is nice on the inside. On the outside, it’s still a trailer. It basically looks like one of those construction site offices.

  • While I absolutely love Celebrator, that list overall is not really unique or inspiring.

    • Anonymous

      I like the fact that they are bring Kolsch. Though, I agree with you that they need to expand the list.

  • Anonymous

    omg please get a new name. dacha is 100% russian.

    • Russian

      and what’s wrong with that, comrade?

      • Nothing, except they’re going with a complete German theme, not a Russian one.

        • Anonymous

          There are couple of Belgian beers on the menu…not sure if the entire theme is German. Looks like they are just using the word for what it means.

  • Anon

    Let’s not forget about the Jefferson at Market project which recently broke ground a block from this location (with 281 luxury apartments and 13,000+ sq feet of retail). Together with CityMarket at O (and its 71,000 square foot Giant supermarket flagship store), there will be plenty of traffic in this location within the next two years. Methinks this will be a game changer along the lines of the P Street Wholefoods and the revitalized 14th St. corridor.


    • anon

      any word yet on what retail places will be going in here?

    • Shawingtontimes

      Parking at CityMarket at O won’t be available any time soon. Neighbors should be prepared and re target their hate about church parishioners.

  • Identified

    Precooked food that they are reheating in microwaves?

    Hell no.

  • shawingtontimes

    DachaBiergarten barely wins ANC6E support, several select neighbors informed about project details came out to meeting and raised a few concerns.

    The DachaBiergarten reps should be much more proactive in their outreach and inform all neighbors at least w/in two blocks in each direction about what’s coming. It’s basic marketing/pr 101. (Not following Comm Padro’s cheeky lead by informing only select residents) The neighbors ignorant of their open air bar will be some of their biggest antagonists when it comes to parking pressures, patron misbehavior leaving bar, public urination (for who don’t want to be the umpteenth patron to use the hot smelly upmarket porta-potties, attracting more panhandlers to the area. Rep claimed bar would put intoxicated and/or unruly patrons in cabs so they won’t impact neighbors; they should but that ÜberDC taxi contract in writing.

    ANC6E (@ANC6E)
    6/5/13, 7:56 PM
    Padro moves that the VA for Dacha Beer garden is approved. All commissioners vote ‘aye’.

    #ANC6E #DachaBiergarten 7th&QNW; vote barely passes; NAY/Nigro Maceda Wiggins; YEA/Padro Chapple Juddx2. All neighbors shld b bettr informed

    • Q-Street

      The ANC agenda is available to anyone. Commissioner Padro went out of his way to give additional information to the closest neighbors; those sharing an alley, the block or a line of site with the beer garden.

      If anyone’s top concern was a ‘bike rack’, then I would suggest that they are not in the category of most impacted constituents.

      Parking availability in Shaw is over. The clock started counting down several ground-breakings ago. Sell your car, find a private parking spot or roll the dice. A beer garden is a foot-traffic business to begin with.

      • Q Street Resident

        I am a direct line of sight neighbor, and more importantly, a line of sound neighbor, and I was given no notice this was coming. I don’t care what it is going to look like, I care what it is going to forever take away.

        If you have never walked down Q Street between 7 and 6 NW, and up and down Marion Street, you should try it on one of these nice nights. It is one of the beautiful, peaceful, quiet places south of U Street in the entire city. It’s going to be gone soon, now is your chance.

        • Q-Street

          I think you should probably take that up with your ANC rep; Kevin Chapple.

          I think it’s kind of funny that Alex is the only one that did any outreach, and people represented by other ANC commissioners got mad at HIM instead of the person that actually represents them.

    • Anonymous

      Our city needs fewer cars not more. And I doubt that beer garden customers will drive to this place to begin with. Have you seen many inebriated folks stumbling out of beer gardens? I have not and I live not far from the Standard. Are you sure their bathroom trailer will not have aiir conditioning? I’ve seen one at a wedding and it was better than my bathroom at home and air conditioned.

  • shawingtontimes

    They said something about Sunday hours also at the meeting. Despite a verbal promise to put in bike racks at their own expense (since the city has committed it’s allotment already for this year, Nellies and Bar9 still waiting for theirs), they will hopefully successfully attract patrons who will fill some of parking spaces vacated by church parishioners.


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