Dear PoPville – Any Idea What Happened to the Public Trash Cans in Columbia Heights?

by Prince Of Petworth May 28, 2013 at 2:30 pm 8 Comments

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Dear PoPville,

A few weeks ago I noticed the public trash can at the bus stop on the SW corner of Irving & Sherman had been removed. I hadn’t heard anything about trash can removals in the area, but at first I thought maybe it was getting replaced as some belated element of the Sherman Ave. reconstruction project. But there’s no sign of anything happening, so I was wondering if you had any idea what was going on. Is this a neighborhood-wide trash can removal, or more targeted than that?

I’m hoping the change isn’t permanent, because we already have enough public littering and illegal alley dumping in the vicinity.

Anyone else notice trash cans being removed?

  • mrbarryw

    I saw them putting in trash cans on Sherman north of Lamont this morning as I left for work.

  • Anonymous

    Good timing – many of the trash cans along Sherman got placed or replaced this morning.

  • Anonymous

    As someone who lives by one of those now removed Sherman bus stop trash cans, I am happy it’s gone. It was used more as a community dumping ground than it was for small bus passenger trash. I was on the phone with 311 several times a week reporting dumped furniture, matresses, bags of household trash, yard waste, etc. that people thought was ok to pile around and on top of the can. The can would be so full of this bulky trash that there was no room for the little stuff and it just ended up being piled on top and falling to the ground. I also found that the people who dont give a crap throw trash on the ground even when there is a can within arms reach.

    • anon

      thats just DC my friend…

      • Anonymous

        Oh I know, but I’ve lived by that trash can for about 15 years now and the past three have been the worst. Maybe the bed bug epidemic has motivated the dumpers to throw their nasty furniture farther away, who knows.

    • dudders

      They are a mixed bag and definitely used as a community dumping ground, I admit, but I just presume the community trash that is dumped in them would otherwise be dumped 1) in my yard, or 2) in my trash cans. So I want them back!

  • Anonymous

    They were probably temporarily removed over some sort of holiday weekend-related paranoia.

  • They were removed during the streetscape project. I’m happy to hear they were replaced today!


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