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  • bb

    Inevitable, perhaps, given the near-completion of Progression Place. I have to wonder if this whole block isn’t destined for some sort of raze-and-redevelop type thing.

    Oh, and can we please get rid of the terrible phone store next door – the one that blasts music over the entire intersection?

    • Roz

      No way, that place is rad. Lets people dance at all hours. Plus, you get your daily dosage of Go-Go.

    • Anonymous

      This entire corner needs a do over. Nothing enormous, just something that (1) has retail space, (2) isn’t enormous, (3) looks nice, (4) keeps the layabouts away, and (5) has no outdoor amplifiers.

      • If you can’t hang with the outdoor amp, you can’t hang in this neighborhood. Maybe you haven’t noticed sirens going by every 3 mins due to Howard Hospital?

        • don’t worry, the dreaded phone store u guys are scared of im sure will be gone soon, along with the scary natives and the go-go music. maybe it should be replaced with an expensive brunch place or a wine bar. that’s what “revitalization” means in this town anyway..

      • Shaw-Eric

        That outdoor speaker blasting go-go is seriously my favorite part of the neighborhood. I’m sure it will go one day with all the changes, but it’s going to be the end of a rockin’ era.

    • anon

      lets hope…

      • Anonymous

        That store is one of the few remaining bits of flavor in the area. You have to embrace a little of DC’s insanity to love this City.

    • Anonymous

      I wonder how they’ll try to snatch out Howard University’s land from beneath the school. This used to be the hood. Keep your property Howard! Don’t give in.

      We like GoGo… that place rocks

      • anon

        In case you haven’t noticed, Howard is willingly selling it away. They are sitting on a gold mine and know it. What’s so bad about Howard making a profit off of unused land that will be redeveloped for something beneficial? They can turn around and use that money to make actual improvements to the school, like the massive dorm/lab complex rising at 4th and W that will alleviate a pretty serious on campus housing shortage.

  • AB

    They are moving to a new and improved studio off Rhode Island NE in May for those that are interested. I’m sure the website will be updated.

    • That’s good news – I was bummed cause I thought they were closing.

  • AC

    Sad to see this go. I heard this intersection is up for a new hotel construction? Any news on this? Hope traffic congestion won’t completely blow the strip.

    • anon

      The hotel is supposedly destined for the lot west of here, the other side of the CVS. It’s still city owned land from digging the Metro tunnel

      • Anna Cooper

        I think JBG bought that land from the city…

  • Anonymous

    The NEW Capoeira Spot is moving to Brookland. Follow the move on Facebook – Capoeira Males DC

  • Neal – Som Records

    Glad they’re getting a new spot. They’re good folks . I actually ran into one of the owners the last time I was in Brazil. Small planet.


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