Meridian Hill Park Fountains Won’t Get Filled Until Memorial Day Due to Sequestration Cuts

by Prince Of Petworth April 10, 2013 at 11:11 pm 22 Comments


Dear PoPville,

I found out that the fountains at Meridian Hill Park, due to sequestration-related budget cuts, will not be turned on until Memorial Day weekend, in an email from the permits specialist at Rock Creek Park.

I learned this because I applied for a wedding ceremony permit for April, and they notified me yesterday (they’ve never guaranteed that the fountains would be on earlier, but generally they were turned on in early April from past years) since so many people get married there because of the fountains.

In 2011 they were turned on as early as March 27. In some ways, I’m glad we know exactly when they’ll be turned on, but disappointed that we won’t get to enjoy them until the beginning of summer!


At least the fountain at the sculpture garden has been filled. Stay tuned for Jazz starting back up May 24th.


  • I just curious, when it comes to fountains, I assume they regularly add water from time to time, right? I wonder how often and how much water they add to these fountains especially during the summer months. A fountain of this size along with the small fountains on the 16th street side, is a good bit of water….

    • Anonymous

      You’re right. Let’s ban all fountains. And not water the parks either. All enjoyment of the outdoors should fall victim to sequestration and austerity measures.

      • Tim

        Well if your choices are cutting schools, social security, or assistance to the poor, it may be best to limit spending on fountains.

        • Alan

          Yes because we all know how much poor people hate having parks in their neighborhoods.

  • Wow, I had no idea that Meridian Hill Park was part of the NPS. Are most parks in DC part of NPS? I thought Rock Creek Park was the only one.

    • I was under the impression ALL parks in DC, since we’re not a state and thus don’t have state parks, are run buy NPS, and thus are national parks…

      • Most natural parks are, but places like Banneker pool, and the more recreation-y parks tend to be managed by DPR.

        • Yup, even things like Dupont Circle, Freedom Plaza, and the African American Civil War Memorial. It makes park use a pain because you have to permit through NPS.

      • TG

        Even Sonny Bono park is a national park I believe. It is my favorite. I have long wanted to call NPS and tell them that a bear is loose in Sonny Bono park.


        • My favorite park is Mitchell Park in Kalorama. It’s usually very quiet and the rich people in the neighborhood sink A LOT of money & effort into the gardens and facilities. Really friggin’ nice.

      • AK

        No, not everything the National Park Service oversees is a national park. Details: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_areas_in_the_United_States_National_Park_System. NPS counts Meridian Hill as part of Rock Creek Park—which doesn’t fit into any of their categories like national park, national monument, national historic sites, etc.

  • Anonymous

    The “Jazz” schedule looks pretty good. And I say “Jazz” because some of those acts aren’t jazz, but damn good local ones. I love Ruthie and the Wranglers!

  • Meridian Hill Park is managed by rock creek park personnel. Working on a project there, the project was titled rocr meridian hill park. rocr being rock creek.

    A lot of water gets evaporated, so the make-up water line is running pretty much continuously all summer long.

  • Anonymous

    A lot of people get married there? Wow, I guess they’ve really cleaned up the place. You could pretty easily witness a lot of really nasty stuff going on in that park, especially after dark.

    • haven’t been there in awhile have you?

      • Anonymous

        It’s been about ten years. Back then, it was not uncommon to witness drug use and lewd behavior in the park itself, and you did not want to set foot into that men’s room unless you were there for business. It’s good to hear that they’ve stepped up security and gotten the place back under control. It’s such a beautiful space.

    • Anonymous

      Yep. A friend that was park police used to do undercover work there from time to time. Think Senator Foot Tap.

  • Los

    what’s the cost to have them filled and running for one day? If there’s enough would be couples may be you all can pitch in and have them working earlier.

  • GM

    Is it too much to hope that this year there won’t be any idiots deciding to “stock” the fountains with goldfish?

  • Anonymous

    If they fill it with water, where will the skateboarders skate??

  • Chris

    If there have to be cuts to government spending the fountains in parks seems like a good place to start.

    • Or the hundreds of billions on the F-35 perhaps? Perhaps the choice wars in the Middle East?


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