• Denizen of Tenallytown

    Awesome! Let me know when they put the koi back in.

  • D

    Walked with visiting family to the park this weekend. They were impressed.

  • Anonymous

    Now if only people can refrain from being “helpful” and not put goldfish in it this year it’ll be perfect!!!

    • classic_six

      I always thought that was a city effort – the goldfish.

      • Anonymous

        Nope, it was apparently just some random person who dumped them in there, and then there was a whole bunch of drama last fall about finding them a home after the fountains were turned off.

        • bdaneker

          oh please they are gold fish not humans. Put them in the fountain and call me in the fall…gold fish for dinner! yum! STFU!

  • 17th St

    St Joan has her sword back, so all will be well!

  • Ashley

    Thank you for sharing with us that they were filled, been looking every where to find out!


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