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Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

by Prince Of Petworth April 11, 2013 at 10:00 am 123 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user wolfkann

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

  • Rant: Cherry Blossoms will be gone before the weekend.

    Rave: Thunderstorms!

    Rant: North Korea acting dumb.

    Rant: Maybe the POP community was right. I may not be ready to deal with the ups and downs of dating/relationships at this moment in my life. I seem to be much happier when I make my own rules. I guess I don’t have the patience for it after all… :P

    • 1. I haven’t seen the blossoms :(
      2. Yaaay thunderstorms
      3. Boo North Korea
      4. Elaborate please…

      • Anonymous

        I’ve lived in the DC area most of my 40+ years and have never seen the cherry blossoms (unless maybe my parents took me when I was a kid.) I don’t see what’s so great about a bunch of pink flowers.

        • I just want to go walking in the moonlight with my boo amidst the blossoms….is that too much to ask?
          Well I also need a boo but whatever lol

          • Walk through the blossoms at midnight? Your boo better know kung-fu, walking downtown is dangerous at night! :P

          • saf

            Jack – not really dangerous, unless you walk in front of a car or fall into the water. Walking around the Tidal Basin at night is really quite safe, especially this time of year when so many other people are there too.

          • saf

            And then I saw the smiley face.

            (gilda radner voice) nevermind (/gilda radner voice)

        • saf

          Go look at them. You will then understand.

    • Anon

      Re: North Korea – This is an act?

    • houseintherear

      You should read “Going Solo” by Eric Klinenberg :)

      • Looks like a good book!

        Thanks for the suggestion! Is this your personal philosophy?

        • houseintherear

          Still trying to figure that out. :)

    • Hah, isn’t North Korea a bit more important than my relationship grumbles!? LOL.

      Well, I haven’t really been actively in the dating game for about 3 years now. loosely dated a girl about a year ago but got tired of slow responses to text and phone calls. This one is showing signs of the same behavior. I have been getting slow responses to text, and I don’t really text often so it’s a bit confusing. I’m not wound up about it, but I prefer someone who is easier to communicate with. Don’t know if I have the patience at this point to keep trying. :/

      • jerseygirl

        how slow is a slow response? sometimes i take 1/2 a day or even a day to get back to someone because 1) i don’t check my phone obsessively, and 2) work can get crazy busy! is that considered a slow response?

        • Just acknowledging that she got the text (soon after) is enough… I asked her if she was busy this weekend yesterday around 1pm… Haven’t heard back yet at all… I’m not the type of person to call or text excessively (no matter how hot she is). It’s perceived by the guy as a lack of interest if there’s no response at all. The most annoying thing is hearing at the last minute that she can or can’t make it out because I might line up something else and have to tell her that I made other plans. Then I’m the one who looks like a “jerk”… hah.

          • Anonymous

            Long time reader, first time poster. Dude, you need to watch Woody Allen’s movie “Play it Again Sam”. I’ve read your posts, you need to get a bit more aggressive and ditch the whining, “she doesn’t respond to my texts, she doesn’t move fast enough.” Make her move or you move on. Thats, that. As Bogie says in the movie, “Take my advice and forget
            all this fancy relationship stuff. The world is full of dames. All you got to do is whistle.”

          • Anonymous

            Jack5 – as I remember, you’re 38 and she’s 24 right? Sorry to say, but this ain’t going to happen. Age difference is not insurmountable, but it is relative to – sorry, in harshest terms – how extraordinary you are. Picasso, Henry Miller, Richard Burton (explorer not actor) Fred Astaire yes. Rich? Hell yes. No woman on the face of the earth would be with Donald Trump were he not rich.

            Of course it’s possible for a younger woman to be head-over-heels smitten with a regular guy, an ordinarily nice, funny, smart etc. guy. But it isn’t likely, and nothing she has done so far indicates – in any way – that this is the case. Honestly, why would she? She’s 24. She has 10 good years to find true love – or a better deal. Move on.

        • 1/2 a day fine, but 24 hours seems a bit much, at least with someone you’re (potentially) dating.

          Jack, I think it is pretty clear you need to move on from this woman. She is either super lame or just not into you (or both). I’m assuming it is the same one you’ve been mentioning before…

          • jerseygirl

            hmmm… i always thought of texts like emails — i’m “allowed” to respond when i get around to it. I figure if it’s something that requires an immediate response, the other person should pick up the phone and call. then again, maybe i’m old (and old fashioned). seems like no one uses the actual calling feature on their phone these days!

            after getting out of a 10 year long relationship, i’ve found the world has changed, and kids these days are all into texting. i don’t know what the rules are!

          • Yeah, like I said, you guys may be right. It’s not so much this girl personally that I’m invested into…

            I’m mostly worried that I’m beginning to seriously consider living the rest of my life in solitude like a miserable hermit crab because of all the BS you’ve gotta overcome in dating.

          • Not saying that is the case, but sometimes txt messages are not delivered as immediate as we think. The problem for me is more about showing interest, if the other person show little or no interest, then it’s time to move on and keep looking. I would encourage you to keep trying, who knows? Maybe the next one could be the one!

          • Thanks @pabloraw the interest was there as far as I could tell. Age may indeed be a factor here though, but I also know older women who despite being extremely eager to get into a meaningful relationship still play these kind of communication games.

            It’s not like my biological clock is ticking or anything, I just hate the early stages of arranging meet-ups with women in general. It’s always a bunch of teeth grinding in my experience… Things should be a bit easier than this but her playing “hard to get” is actually turning me off… I’m too old for that s*it. :)

          • anon

            If you’re not feeling it, walk away. That being said, not hearing from her for 24 hours doesn’t necessarily mean she’s playing games. Sometimes I don’t answer emails for days because I don’t check my personal email every day. Especially on days I get home late. Same with my cell. My phone is on silent at work, so if I work all day, head to Pilates, get home around 8:30 or 9, make dinner, sit down and relax, maybe watch a little TV, then head to bed, I may never think to check my phone that day. And texts, forget about it. I never text message, so I can not know a text message is there for weeks. Granted, my friends know this about me, so they never text me. But they know if they call or email it might take me a few days to get back to them.

          • I’m with you on that! (too old to play games) but in my experience age itself (chronological) it’s not a problem in all cases, for me it’s more about how mature the person is. Maybe I’m too immature, but I’ve had better relationships w younger women. Don’t settle on being miserable the rest of your life!

      • If this is the girl who brought the sister, you’re better off without.

        • Anonymous

          She’s 14 years younger; the “girl” has a whole different sense of time, with her an endless future ahead of her.

          BTW, one date isn’t the same as dating; it’s window-shopping.

        • Hah, way to rub salt in the wound @hiphopanonymous! :P

          Pretty much every girl I’ve dated exhibits this kind of behavior at random times… I’m just beginning to worry that maybe it’s me I need to change somehow…

          • That’s not a worry – that’s a good thing. Other people we don’t have any control over, but we do have control over ourselves. Or should, anyway. Changing yourself is hard work, but at least it is possible.

          • Jack5 – I’m glad you mentioned age, because in the back of my mind I was saying to self, “this person is young”. If what I read is true, that she is 14 years younger, please leave it alone. Go listen to Steely Dan’s “Hey Nineteen” and you will find the reasons why I say leave it alone.

          • Anonymous

            Well yes – it IS you. Not that you’re faulty. Just that her faultiness doesn’t match up with your own.

            Seriously – move on.

        • Thing is I’m not sure how I could or would change how I interact…

          A happily married friend of mine told me that you have to pursue a woman (cautiously but persistently) and climb out on a limb to convince them of your worthiness, similar to mating dances that animals do in the wild.

          I prefer a more natural progression of attraction to start a relationship without all the ritual self sacrifice and creepy stalking. Call me crazy. LOL.

          • Maybe just adjust your expectations a little? I dated someone last year who completely misinterpreted my communication style because it wasn’t his style and that led to a lot of conversations clarifying intentions. Blehck.

            It’s one thing if your communication styles don’t mesh, but you don’t have to have the exact same approach for things to work out.

          • Anonymous

            Your “worthiness” should never need “convincing.” It should simply be part of your life.

        • TG

          Hmm. I think you said you were mid to late thirties which makes her early to mid twenties? It may be that she does not think of dating in any of the same ways that you do. When I was 24 I seldom planned my weekend in advance. If you are ready for a mature relationship I think you might consider a woman that is a little older. Not saying 24 is incapable but I think there is a big difference between 24 and 28 and 32, or 34. I think 28 plus would be a good range if you are 37-38. Don’t give up. Just look at this site, there are a lot of single women out there in this city that would love to meet a nice and thoughtful guy.

          • You guys rock,

            I totally agree – If a relationship is good it should just fall into place… I agree. I’m just not into dating a whole lot of women right now, a relationship isn’t an urgent need for me right now either, the only reason I got involved with this one was because of the positive signs… I’m mainly a guy that can appreciate good company without BS.

            My usual method is keeping a small circle of friends, but maybe what I need to do is just dive in and make lots of new friends. Maybe that’s what I need to change – I’m gonna try to be on next season of the Bachelor! Maybe that will solve this issue for good! hah. :)

      • hmm. I tend to disagree with some. When I was single, if it was from a new guy I was interested in (i.e. asking about plans for the weekend) I wouldn’t take 24+ hours to respond. I understand being busy but in the age of cell phones, a quick reply on text to say something SHOULD be expected if you’re excited about the person.
        I say move on. I also think 14 years is probably too much of a maturity difference…

        • TG

          My single female friends would concur. Jack – I find your posts endearing but I think you are an over thinker. If you meet the right woman I don’t think you will have all of these questions because I think it will be evident to you that things are going well and she is also interested.

          • Anonymous

            Long time reader, first time poster. Dude, you need to watch Woody Allen’s movie “Play it Again Sam”. I’ve read your posts, you need to get a bit more aggressive and ditch the whining, “she doesn’t respond to my texts, she doesn’t move fast enough.” Make her move or you move on. Thats, that. As Bogie says in the movie, “Take my advice and forget
            all this fancy relationship stuff. The world is full of dames. All you got to do is whistle.”
            -sorry if this double posts. Read first line of post!

        • Anonymous

          Exactly. Also – MANNERS! Yes, everyone is busy and tangled in various communications and yoga and whatever. But this is basic consideration of a fellow human being. Not responding is rude and cruel.

    • Re: North korea, This is a great time to watch “Team America, World Police” :D

      • I don’t trust reports about their limited capabilities. I think they’d love to surprise us with something we didn’t think about. What gets me worried most is that everyone seems to be a bit too tranquil about the situation.

        • Maybe because it is an almost annual thing they do?

          • But their range and technology is improving with every year. If there’s one thing I’ve learned is never underestimate someone in a fight who’s got nothing to lose!

          • Except North Korea would lose EVERYTHING if it launched any type of nuclear attack on another country. Kim Jung Un might not care about his fellow countrymen, but I’m pretty sure he’s happy to be alive and being a dictator.

            So the DPRK leadership does in fact have something to lose.

          • @15thstnw I hope so!

        • Anonymous

          Wait – are we talking about North Korea or The Girl now??????

  • Britt

    Rave: Spent a great evening outside last night – saw a beautiful sunset from the back of a horse and hung out with good people.

    Rant: Second horse of the night was feeling his oats and got me off once – I managed to land on my bum knee (note to self – stop trying to land on your feet – it never works!) and it’s not feeling so hot.

    Rave: Had a beautiful morning, made myself a yummy smoothie, and settling in with good music to take a crack at some interesting work.

  • Anon

    Rant: Blinkers! Its not that hard to use them people. At most you need to move your wrist.
    Revel: I have so far avoided being crushed by people who can’t signal their turns.

    • RJS

      There are two things going on here:

      1 – If you have one hand on the wheel and are holding your cell in the other, you have no free hand to flick the signal (I often wonder how people with sticks use their cell phone while driving – I’m sure they do it somehow).

      2 – Some people see a tun signal go on and take that as an affront, they accelerate and cut off the signaler rather than let them merge or turn left. Therefore a lot of people don’t signal or just turn it on after they’ve started their movement so they don’t get cut off. This happens more in the DC area than anywhere else I’ve ever driven.

      • If you have the wheel in one hand and are holding your cell (or any other electronic device) in your other hand, you are breaking the law in DC, MD and VA. Don’t do it…you’re not good at doing both at the same time. The most important thing you are doing is driving. Concentrate on that.

        • RJS

          Just to clarify, I wasn’t excusing either behavior, lack of signalling is my biggest aggravation while driving, and I never talk on my cell while driving

    • Anonymous

      Is signaling even required by Maryland law? I ask this sincerely as I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a Maryland-tagged vehicle signal any intention to turn or change lanes. I live in 16th Street Heights, so I see more than my fair share of Maryland vehicles. Mostly cutting people off weaving in and out of traffic speeding to or from Maryland.

    • Also – a true fact – the physical energy of lifting your hand to the signal switch just 15 times a day burns enough calories to loose 2 pounds a year.

  • Anonymous

    Rave: Home renovation project almost done.

    Rant: Home is NASTY. Drywall dust is everywhere. Anyone recommend a home cleaning service for a once time deep clean?

    • Congrats on the renovation project!

      The general contractor I used did a great cleanup job, but I think he only does it as part of his projects. He may be able to point you in the right direction though – Frank Nichol – http://nicolliving.com/

      • We used Frank too for a total gut/reno and really liked him.

  • Anonymous

    Random question: did anyone hear fireworks around Georgetown last night? I woke up to some very loud firework booms around 12:30-1am last night, near 34th Street. Not sure if I was having some crazy dream or there actually were fireworks going off last night.

    • Anonymous

      I live on P & 34th and didn’t hear anything.. but I was sleeping very soundly for once.

    • Anonymous

      I was up with my newborn and I saw them. big display!

  • Rave: new camera
    Rave: new camera
    Rave: new camera

  • Anonymous

    Rant: All the gunplay on 5th St NW lately.

  • Sue

    Rave: Beautiful day. Everything’s in bloom.

    Rant: lawn service companies have emerged like cicadas, blowing and blowing and blowing every leaf to kingdom come.

  • C3PO

    Rave: pics of baby and bulldog puppies. So cute I don’t have words to describe it.


    • I WANT ONE!!!

      • jerseygirl

        baby or bulldog? or both?

        • BULLDOG! I dont want babies right now.

  • Anonymous

    Rave: I want to plan a summer/fall trip out of the country (and out of North America). I hear flights to Europe are incredibly expensive right now being at least $1500 bucks. Does anyone have any suggestions of international travel destinations with flights more in the $1000 range? The only must is a good food culture.

    • Last time I checked, Turkish Airlines had great deals on flights to Istanbul. Fall is a great time to visit. Awesome food. Also check out Iceland – never been there but i keep seeing Icelandair ads for cheap flights to europe

      • saf

        I’ve been to Iceland, and it was lovely. I have also used Iceland Air for decent fares to Paris – although that was a few years back.

    • Anonymous

      Portugal. I got a flight for end of May for $733. However, I used this site: https://www.getgoing.com/
      You have to pick two places you’d be willing to go (you pick the exact dates and flight times) and the site chooses your destination. The prices on here were about $200 less than on expedia, etc.

    • Vancouver, Canada has great food thanks to large Chinese and Indian immigrant groups, and is beautiful in the fall. And the money you’ll save on airfare means more to spend on shopping or visiting nearby islands.

      • Sorry–still in North America but definitely worth the trip!

    • Fly in mid September to Europe. Flights will definitely be less than $1000. I usually go to Europe in late spring or early fall, simply because it’s cheaper and less crowded. Summer in Europe is kinda awful and will destroy your bank account.

      I love Iceland, but TERRIBLE food culture. Just. Don’t.

      • saf

        Oh, didn’t see the part about food. Yeah, the food in Iceland is not great.


    • Yep, flights from IAD to Istanbul on Turkish Air are often under $1000. I flew there for around $600 two years ago. I don’t think it is that cheap now, but certainly can find a ticket under a grand.

      I also recently found flights for around $1000 via Turkish Air to Central Asia (Almaty, Tashkent, etc).

      You can fly to Eastern Europe for several hundred bucks.

      And lastly, you can get a ticket to Mumbai for just around $1000.

      (Last month I was looking for a place to go to in October, that’s why I have all these suggestions)

      • Anonymous

        October flight prices might be very different from summer prices…..

        • Obviously but s/he said summer/fall and I do believe October qualifies as fall.

    • Anonymous

      Airfare to anywhere in Europe is expensive from now until late August as it is peak travel time. I am booking a London trip in September, $1100 roundtrip. The same flights in August were $1500.

    • Peru. YOu can get down there for 600-700, and lots of good and interesting food.

      • +1 on Peru. Utter food heaven. Also, don’t dismiss Mexico (if you avoid the gringo-landia towns, you will eat like a king).

    • Anonymous

      Vietnam! Leaving tomorrow and my flight was $1163 with all taxes and one layover in Tokyo.

    • Anonymous

      Great ideas everyone, thank you! We actually did Istanbul for our honeymoon and its the most amazing city. But great thoughts on Peru and Portugal!

      • Anonymous

        I went to Portugal last summer and it was absolutely beautiful!

    • Turkey is a good suggestion, flights on Turkish Airlines have been showing up as some of the cheapest options in my searches for airfare lately. You might want to check out the sale that SAS airlines is having (I just bought a ticket flying into Paris and out of Berlin in June for $1089) now through April 16th — airfare from DC to the cities they serve is $850-1050.

  • Rant/revel: Made it to the cherry blossoms yesterday morning, and they were beautiful, but it was HOT and I walked about 9 miles there and back and my shoes destroyed my feet.

    Rant: Car in the shop. Hate having to deal with repairs.

  • David T

    Rave: Gorgeous spring (summer?) weather–Finally!

    Rant: A/C is out at home, and it gets a little warm in my 4th floor walk-up.

  • Eko

    Rave, Rave, Rave:Going to Philly for a week for work. Will be staying in the middle of downtown.

    Any suggestions on places to eat will be greatly appreciated.

    • Britt

      Woohoo! It’s an awesome city – tons of great places. Have you ever been?
      Monk’s Cafe for mussels and Belgian beers
      Parc on Rittenhouse Square for morning coffee and pastries (and for the people watching)
      Jay’s Deli for really yummy deli sandwiches
      Piazza at Schmidt’s – venture up there to enjoy outdoor beers, good food, and an awesome venue
      Capogiro for awesome gelato
      Nam Pheuong for great vietnamese (not downtown)
      Jamican Jerk Hut for live music, great outdoor venue, and yummy food.
      Tons more that I can offer up – Philly has an incredibly BYO scene so make sure to stock up on wines and such to bring with you.

      • Oh, Monks….I loved going in high school to drink because they never carded. I couldn’t even tell you about the food.

      • RegO

        Chifa, and Mixto.

    • Britt gave some good options. I will weigh in on cheesesteaks (sorry 4 years of cheesesteak saturday means I still crave them!)… If you are headed to south street stop in at Jim’s.

    • Anonymous

      Paddy’s Pub

      • Mike

        Home of the Original Kitten Mittons!

    • I second Monk’s. How I miss it!

      If you want to eat out the oldest, family-owned Italian restaurant in the US, check out Ralph’s.

      For jazz, definitely go to Ortlieb’s.

      And I know DC just got its own donut and fried chicken place, but it really is worth a trip to South Philly to check out Federal Donuts. The best chicken I think I have ever had.

    • Anonymous

      Dmitri’s in Queen Village– two or three of the best meals of my life.

      Pro tip for eating out in Philly: Many of the best restaurants, food-wise, are BYOB. So, you know… BYOB. Also, many are cash only. Websites will make this clear. It’s an amazing restaurant scene, but my personal knowledge of it is a little out of date. There are fantastic restaurants that come and go within a year or two, as the concepts and the muses move.

    • Anonymous

      if the weather is nice a tasty lunch suggestion is to hit up di bruno’s for some excellent take out and have a picnic in rittenhouse, or if you want to really authentic experience head to the original in the italian market and stop at nam phoang on the way back (sooooo good!). There are some excellent BYOB’s (Pumpkin in Grad Hospital, Cochon in South Philly) and of course the craft brew scene is AMAZING! Kraftwerk in fishtown, Sidecar in Grad Hospital, and Resurrection Ale House in Grays Ferry are all fantastic choices. Frankford Beer Hall in fishtown is a lot of fun, even for a Starr creation, and if you do make it over there Johnny Brenda’s has the best burger on the face of the planet, I stand by it. Can you tell I miss my hometown? :)

      • Anonymous

        I second Resurrection Ale House. Grace’s Tavern is in the same neighborhood and also great. Any of the Jose Garces places are excellent (Chifa, Amada, Distrito, Village Whiskey/Tinto). I recommend a burger from Village Whiskey or some sangria from Tinto. Mixto as recommended earlier is also delicious. For something different, try Rotisseur for amazingly delicious and cheap banh mis with your choice of southern-style sides (weird combination, but it totally works). Catch the weekend brunch at Day by Day if you’re there then – it’s well worth it (and better than the huge wait at Sabrina’s). Also, agreed on the amazing BYOB scene – they’re all excellent, but my favorite there is probably Audrey Claire.

        • Anonymous

          oooohhh Audrey Claire!!! Good call :)

  • jerseygirl

    rave: finally got around to doing my taxes, and am getting a refund!
    rant: it cost me an arm and a leg to get my taxes prepared.

    • This is my plan tonight.
      Must avoid happy hour and do taxes.

      • Anonymous

        Rave: Got my taxes done sitting by the fire on a miserably cold night in early February.

    • Anonymous

      Me too! Got a federal refund. Haven’t done state yet.

    • Anonymous

      My girlfriend just got a letter from the VA Department of Taxation saying she owes them four hundred and something dollars because she worked in Virginia but paid taxes to DC where she lives. Does this normally happen?

      • There is a form that her company should have had her fill out. It’s called Generic Lived-In/ Worked -In Tax Withholding Jurisdiction Change Form. My company had me fill this out after receiving my first paycheck and I didn’t have a problem. I think the form number is TX001-2.

  • Rant: Can barely move two days after working out for the first time in a couple of years. Even laughing hurts!

    Rave: It’ll only get better from here, and I’m excited to get back into boxing.

  • Rave: Finally have new carpet iin the basement! Only 10 months after flood number 1. It’s been a long slow $$$ process to protect our basement from DC water…

    • Anonymous

      Carpets in basement = always a bad idea.

      • Hard wood floors, too. A friend of my co-worker lives in a $400K basement apartment in the Floridian and during the September storms, their apartment flooded. Apparently, the Floridian never installed back-up preventers when they constructed the buildings. And, of course, this girl didn’t have insurance for back-ups (it’s a separate policy).

        All her hardwood floors had to be ripped out and furniture tossed out. It was crazy $$$$$.

        I’ll never buy a basement apartment.

      • so what would you suggest instead? Concrete? Doesn’t exactly go with the asthetics of our row house… I love know it all anons!

        • Ceramic tiles? Stained concrete?

        • If I remember correctly, you live in the Bloomingdale flood plain, yes?

          I’d go with tiling. That’s what I had in my old U Street row house and it worked fine when the rain overflowed from our outdoor vestibule into the basement (the vestibule’s drain was clogged with debris). It was easily to clean up, since all we had to do was mop and air out the place.

          Carpet will probably just get ruined again at some point in time. And tiling is one of those projects that you guys can do yourself, if money is an issue.

          • yes, nice memory :)

            Unfortunately, part of the basement is already tiled, so if we’d gone with that option we would have had to retile the tiled part OR buy the expensive tile the prior owners put in. Carpet ended up being the cheaper option!

        • Chocanon

          Our neighbors have Mexican tile that is heated with elements underneath and it is sooo gorgeous and warm and cozy and dry.

      • KenyonDweller

        I don’t know why carpet is a bad idea. It can be cheap and easy to replace, unlike most other flooring. Regarding tile underneath carpet, how does tile differ from the underlying concrete as a base for the carpet? The tile seems like an unnecessary expense to me, but I may be missing something.

        • I don’t think carpet is a bad idea per se, but if someone lives in an area in danger of flooding, it’s an expense they’ll have every time there’s a flood. The difference between the ceramic tile and the concrete is aesthetic. Tiles with lighter color will even make the space look bigger.

          • +1

          • KenyonDweller

            I get the esthetic difference between ceramic and concrete. I was mostly responding to the poster below who put down tile and then carpet on top of the tile. I wasn’t sure what the point of the tile was.

            And, wouldn’t a flood degrade the tile substrate, requiring an expensive redo? I’m really not sure, just asking.

    • Anonymous

      After the second time our basement flooded, we put down tile, then got a giant piece of cheap carpet and had it edged. It covers 90% of the tile, so you get the warmth and softness of carpet that a basement needs, but it can be rolled up and taken out to dry, or even tossed and replaced for under $200.

      • Or one could do cement or tile + aesthetically pleasing area rugs that can be removed in anticipation of storms.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: My coworker is really dumb. I mean, I hate to say that about someone, but she really is. We’ve been working together for 6 months and I still have to hold her hand EVERYDAY through everything. I’m not getting paid enough for this. I know people learn at different paces, but damn! Just leave me alone for an hour. Please. I just want some quiet.

    Rave: It’s almost Friday and I’ll have two days without her.

  • Rant: I have been bored since 8:45 this morning and it’s probably going to be a sloooooooooow last hour. Ugh. Plus its HOT in here.

    Rave: The weather outside!! Found a nice patch of grass in the shade for lunch and might just do so after work, too.

    Rave: No offense to jack5 but your saga has provided some entertainment to this utterly boring day. Surely, there MUST be a girl on PoP for you!

    …and one last rave about cherry blossoms, just because I can!


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