Fri. Afternoon Rental Option – Hill East

by Prince Of Petworth April 26, 2013 at 3:00 pm 9 Comments

1717 East Capitol Street Southeast

This rental is located at 1717 East Capitol St, SE:

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The listing says:

“NOW LEASING***FIRST MONTH FREE** Rents start at $1595-1700/mo SUBJECT to CHANGE without notice** LIVE on CAPITOL HILL** located at Stadium Armory Metro* Stylish and sophisticated features and amenities*”

This studio is listed at $1,595/Mo.

  • Seriously? A STUDIO way over there? For $1,600.00? And “subject to change with out notice?” WTF is that?

  • HillEaster

    Way over here is awesome. Walking distance to 8th Street or H Street, and within two blocks of a close-in metro stop. Rents are maybe a little high (on par with the corporate buildings around Nats stadium?) – I think that’s why management has reserved the ability to make adjustments from the advertised price. Of course, once you sign a lease, your rental rate is locked in.

    • La Molkas

      walking Distance to 8th Street? H Street?? you are kidding right? it is a bit of a hike – I’m a walker and I do not consider that around the corner

      • Anonymous

        I consider it walking distance– but I also walk to the National Mall, Metro Center, and Chinatown from Capitol Hill, which most people would not do.

  • Anonymous

    I’m pretty sure rent can’t be subject to change without notice under DC law…right?

    • Rent Control doesn’t apply to buildings built (or converted to rental) after 1975, so this place is likely exempt. That means they can pretty much charge whatever they want. However, if an actual lease is involved (unless there’s some clause in it to the contrary) the rent can’t change during the term of the lease. On month-to-month, generally 60 days notice of a change is given (though unclear if that timing is mandatory). Even though a landlord is required by law to tell you if an apartment is or isn’t under rent control, it’s a good idea to verify that with the DC Rent Administrator…especially if you do not see a sign displayed in a publicly-conspicuous location that indicates a Registration or Exemption Number.

    • T

      I assumed this just meant that the rent on the listing might be different than the rent when you walk into the leasing office. I think it’s a poor deal at this price.

      • Anonymous

        Isn’t that what always happens? If you’re looking to rent in an apartment building always expect it to be a couple hundred more than advertised.

  • Alan P.

    They need to find a rental price point and stick to it. “Subject to change without notice” sounds wishy-washy. Pick your price point.

    ps: This apartment is more Hill East than Capitol Hill proper, but it’s all good.

    pps: Just found out that one bedrooms at the Atlas on Bladensburg go for $1800. Studios for $1500. Right around the corner from H Street. I guess the choice depends on whether you’re a bar hopper or a soccer fan. Ha.


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