Washington, DC

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From MPD:

The following streets will close at 12:01 am on Saturday, April 27th for set up and will re-open at 11:59 pm, Sunday April 28th:

Pennsylvania Avenue, NW from 14th Street, NW to 12th Street, NW
Pennsylvania Avenue, NW from 12th Street, NW to 9th Street, NW

Complete Race Route after the jump.

The race will start at 7:00 am and all streets will finish at 11:00 am:

START: 11th Street NW and Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Head SOUTHEAST on Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Turn RIGHT onto 9th Street NW
Head SOUTH into 9th Street Tunnel to off ramp for 395 South/VA
Turn RIGHT onto off ramp (turns into Maine Avenue SW)
Head WEST on Maine Avenue SW
Turn RIGHT onto 15th Street SW
Head NORTH on 15th Street SW
Turn LEFT on Independence Avenue SW (westbound lanes)
Head WEST on Independence Avenue SW to 23rd Street SW
Turn RIGHT onto 23rd Street SW (southbound lanes)
Turn LEFT into Lincoln Memorial Circle; enter Memorial Bridge (eastbound lanes)
Head WEST on Memorial Bridge; run CLOCKWISE around Memorial Circle
Head EAST on Memorial Bridge to Lincoln Memorial Circle (westbound lanes)
Turn LEFT onto Rock Creek/Potomac Parkway
Head NORTH on Rock Creek/Potomac Parkway to F Street NW
TURNAROUND (clockwise) on Rock Creek/Potomac Parkway at F Street NW
Head SOUTH on Rock Creek/Potomac Parkway
Slight RIGHT under Lincoln Memorial Circle
Continue onto Ohio Drive SW (West Potomac Park)
Continue SOUTH on Ohio Drive SW into East Potomac Park; take Ohio Drive SW through park following road
Continue on Ohio Drive SW turning RIGHT upon exiting park onto Ohio Drive SW
Turn RIGHT onto Maine Avenue SW (westbound lanes)
Head NORTHEAST onto off ramp towards 9th Street Tunnel
Turn LEFT into 9th Street Tunnel
Head NORTH in 9th Street Tunnel to Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Turn RIGHT onto Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Head SOUTHEAST on Pennsylvania Avenue NW to 3rd Street NW
Turn RIGHT onto 3rd Street NW
Head SOUTH on 3rd Street NW to Maryland Avenue SW
Turn LEFT onto Maryland Avenue SW
Head EAST on Maryland Avenue SW to 1st St SW/NW (circles)
Turn LEFT onto 1st NW/SW
Head NORTH on 1st St NW/SW to Constitution Avenue NW
Turn LEFT onto Constitution Avenue NW
Head WEST on Constitution Avenue NW to Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Turn SLIGHT RIGHT on Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Head NORTHWEST to Freedom Plaza to FINISH (Finish at 11th Street, NW)


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