• Now if they could only manage to put one IN PETWORTH so I don’t have to go all the way over to the horrible one with no parking on 14th street … >:[

    • Why not just go to the other horrible one with no parking on 14th Street? ;-)

      Seriously though, a DD would make a fortune at Park Place. Next to Subway, perhaps, or on the corner at Quincy? A guy can dream…

    • There are three free 15 minute spots on V Street, right alongside Busboys and Poets. They are usually available and I use them all the time when I’m grabbing DD on the weekends in route to my appointments/errands.

  • Anonymous

    It’s like a metaphor for my diet!

  • From salads to donuts. A sign of the times?

    • Anonymous

      I believe they’re preparing for the big increase in the number of police officers in the District.

  • Anonymous

    good timing for this – downtown donut comps are up to around $30/dozen this spring

  • Sweet sweet iced coffee, just in time for summer!

    (this is along my walk from the metro to my office)

  • Anonymous

    if Dunkin Donuts just offered fried chicken, they would apparently make a killing here in DC.


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