Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

by Prince Of Petworth April 9, 2013 at 10:00 am 191 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user jacquesofalltrades

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: The radiator fan cover in my car fell off. Is it dangerous to drive without one?

    • Not dangerous in the sense that your car will explode or something like that. You could probably get by without it for awhile. But it does serve the role of channeling unheated air into the radiator, so you may want to replace it before the temps get crazy.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks. I generally don’t drive very far during the week. I’m going to drop it off at the service center tomorrow morning.

    • Anonymous

      Replying to you, only so this will be near the top and hopefully spur some discussion:

      Rant: Yesterday, I saw a visibly pregnant woman commuting by bicycle in downtown DC at rush hour. She looked to be about 6 months pregnant and was cycling on a road bike. Incredibly enough, she wasn’t even using a street with bike lanes – she was just cruising up 19th Street at the intersection of M, which is notoriously clogged with traffic after work. Incredibly stupid or super f#cking stupid?

      • Anon

        1- Stop assuming that riding a bike is dangerous.
        2- Never assume a woman is pregnant.

        • Riding in traffic (as opposed to in bike lanes or side streets) during rush hour in DC is incredibly dangerous and stupid. You may wish it wasn’t, but your wish doesn’t change reality.

          • jerseygirl

            I hope this comment is tongue in cheek? i do 99% of my commuting by bike, during and not during rush hour, at every time of day, and mostly in traffic on streets w/o bike lanes. it doesn’t feel unsafe at all to me.

            i’ve had plenty of friends bike commute until they were 7 or 8 months pregnant (using a cruiser type bike because eventually the position of the road bike became too uncomfortable)… not in DC, but I never thought of that as any more or less dangerous. your life doesn’t have to end just because you’re pregnant.

          • I agree that pregnancy is irrelevant here, but riding a bike in traffic lanes on DC avenues w/o bike lanes is a really bad idea.

          • jerseygirl

            only 5 blocks of my daily commute has bike lanes, and often they are the worst part of my ride. cars randomly park in the lanes, and the closest I’ve ever gotten to getting right hooked AND doored was when i was in a bike lane. without bike boxes at intersections, being in the rightmost lane can be more hazardous because cars often turn suddenly and don’t necessarily see you. I feel when i’m in the lane of traffic, i’m happy to trade being slightly more annoying to drivers for the sake of visibility. drivers cannot but notice me when I’m directly in front of them, as opposed to off to the side.

            when i’m riding in traffic, i stay very aware, and am aggressive about taking the lane (and I keep up with the speed of traffic — luckily with all the traffic lights, i can often go faster than traffic, so keeping up isn’t a problem).

            the buffered cycle tracks (like the one on pennsylvania) are another story entirely. LOVE those!

        • Anon OP

          She was definitely pregnant. Her belly was too perfectly round, so it wasn’t body fat. The rest of her body (arms, legs, hips) was in shape.

          • Maybe she just robbed a soccer ball store and was escaping from other cyclists which is why she chose a road without a bike lane.

            Stop assuming

      • Anonymous

        I guess I don’t understand why being pregnant is relevant. If she and her doctor think it’s OK to ride a bike, that’s between them.

        • Anon OP

          I have no issue with pregnant women riding bikes for recreation in designated areas for biking.

          Commuting by bike through DC whilst pregnant just seems to be incredibly dumb. You’re putting your baby’s life in the hands of DC’s moronic commuters.

      • Anonymous

        Get that woman into a minivan! And make sure a MAN is driving it! She’s too pregnant to make independent risk assessments!

        • Anonymous

          YES!! Because being in a car is so safe!

        • C3PO

          This is the sad outcome when you let women think for themselves. It’s not like she can determine what’s right for her own body. She’s hosting a man’s seed in there!

          • Anonymous

            I’m intrigued by the OP’s implication that (visibly) pregnant women should have a different threshold than other people for avoiding activities with no direct consequences for the fetus.

      • she probably should avoid intersections during this time in her pregnancy altogether, right?

        • Anonymous

          Illogical analogy.

          Being on a bike and sharing lanes with high speed/reckless drivers is a lot different from being in a car or walking.

          If you can’t fathom the difference in safety, then there’s nothing more to discuss here.

          • I don’t think there ever was anything to discuss here to begin with. Either you think it’s okay or you think it’s a bad idea. OP clearly wasn’t looking for differing opinions.

  • Britt

    Rant: Back from vacation yesterday…
    Rave: Had an awesome time – husband completed his first tri and rocked it. I finished another tri with good friends and the husband and it was so much fun!
    Rant: Wore a dress today, fully expecting that my permanent marker number and age on my legs had been completely rubbed off from many scrubbings… looks like that’s not the case!
    Rave: Horse show this weekend with the mare I’ve been leasing. Looking forward to some fun :-D

  • Rant: Saw a mosquito yesterday :/
    Rant: The camera I wanted to sell, is missing a piece :/
    Rave: I’m going to be taking lots of studio portraits in the next two months!! (thanks to all the PoPville volunteers :D )
    Rave: the weather!

    • Anonymous

      I saw one on the bus two days ago! Really, already?! :(

    • TG

      I hate that goddamn asian tiger mosquito. I hate chemicals too but I am thinking of having my yard sprayed this year. Need do do some research on this point.

    • Mosquitoes in DC are the worst… They bite me on my knuckles, it was ridiculous last summer. The cost of OFF spray has tripled in just one year also. it went from 2.50 to around 8$ now. highway robbery, but a necessary DC bug defense.

      • I didn’t think of that! I should have bought spray during the winter!

        • The price never goes down :( I usually buy it and spray it around the drain by the front door of my house. Tiny Mosquitoes are usually attracted to that drain because of the moisture there. it works well to keep them away from the front of my house. Cleaning gutters and anywhere there’s standing water around my house keeps them away (for most days) too. Cheers.

    • I keep meaning to pour some Mosquito Bits into my downspout drains… must do this before I forget.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: What is with the new traffic director on 12th and Mass NW in the morning? She is ignoring the lights and causing extreme traffic jams for no apparent reason. My usual 15 minute jut across the city has turned into 45, with NO traffic after 12th and Mass.

    • anon

      agree – that lady is terrible. there should not be that much traffic right there

    • sbc

      email, call, or tweet ddot (maybe pedestrians or passengers can take pictures?). I’ve found them very responsive to this sort of thing in the past

  • Rant: Really in need of a Hawaii Vacation. Virginia Beach just won’t cut it any more since I went to Hawaii in 2009.

    Rant: Second doctor’s visit this evening for an ear infection. he is in Maryland, have to drive like a madman out there in rush hour just after work today. not looking forward to the traffic lag.

    Rant: It’s only Tuesday.

    Rave: Uh… (Struggling to think of something).

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      take some wax from your healthy ear and put it in your infected ear


    • Haha, wax transplants? Way too scary for me to attempt! If I stick anything in my ears they swell up and become painful… I’m not experiencing pain right now, just poor hearing. Gonna go to the doc and get a cleaning and antibiotics to be on the safe side. :)

  • Anonymous

    Revel: Glorious Day!

  • JGK

    Rant: People with poor Metro etiquette, like the young lady who pushed me this morning. If you want to get by, say excuse me, or tap me on the shoulder or both. Don’t just shove me. Believe it or not, my morning isn’t focused on your need to be at the train door 3 minutes before we arrive at Gallery.

    Rave: The weather is beautiful and trout season opens in PA next weekend.

    • Anonymous

      Completely agree. I have discussed this on Rant or Revel before, but I hate when people try to get to the door of the bus way before their stop. It just makes it more dangerous for the rest of us who are trying to stand and not dall over.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: getting over this break up SUCKS…
    like seriously

    its making it hard to enjoy thinks i typically love

    • Anonymous

      Sorry to read. See you on the other (happier) side!

    • Rant: ditto! It hasn’t been that and i found out that he has already moved on. I am MISERABLE!

      Rant: if i did want to meet someone i’m not sure how i’d even start!

    • Traveler

      Sorry to hear that. Been there and trust me, you’ll get to the happy side soon enough. I’m in a really good place now and it took a while to get there. There is no magic route or silver bullet, unfortunately. But take this time to focus on yourself. Maybe take a class or treat yourself to a vacation! Hang out with friends! Now that it is warm, spend a lot of time outdoors! Do new things!

    • Anon

      This is why I have been single for so long. I just don’t deal well with breakups. I haven’t found anyone worth it in a long time.

      • That’s the problem though, you’ll never know if they’re worth it if you don’t get to the stage where losing them will hurt.

        You can’t date without getting hurt, if you are you’re not getting to the know the other person and the other person isn’t getting to know you! It’s a bummer, but risk is inherent. And really, does anyone deal well with breakups? No, but some people value the reward over the risk and keep doing it. There’s nothing wrong with weighing them and deciding the risk isn’t worth the reward, but make sure that’s how you feel about it and act accordingly.

    • dcladi

      When I was going through a tough breakup, someone on Popville told me this— Take all the love you would have given that person and slather it all over yourself– It took a while, but it worked! :)

  • Raves: Lovely weather; wearing a new dress from Goodwill (Macklemore would be j-e-a-lous); yesterday the Starbucks guy spelled my name right on my cup without asking (it’s the little things); almost done with law school.

    Rant: This is my last week of working at an internship I love, and after that it’s on to the big wide wide world of over-educated post-graduation unemployment. #firstworldproblems. I’ll deal. :D

    • TG

      Good luck with the job search.

      • Thanks, if anyone needs an environmental or administrative law attorney, regulatory analyst, or compliance counselor, I’m your girl!

    • Anonymous

      So now I’m listening to Macklemore…

      • That song validated all of my long standing thrift shop big pimpin’ delusions.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: So completely bored with my life.

    • Anonymous

      Why not travel?

      • Anonymous

        Or get a new job, pick up a new hobby or skill, read an interesting book, explore places in DC you’ve never been or haven’t been to in a while? I have nevr, ever, been bored with life!

        • Anonymous

          YES! Explore the city… it has so much to offer. Little goals: go to a new historical site every weekend. It will take you to random places, I am sure!

        • Anonymous

          Everyday is like the Groundhog Day movie. Just seems to repeat in a sluggish, boring way. Sorry to whine; just gets to me sometimes.

          • Anonymous

            I hear ya. Sometimes you just have to complain and rant about stuff. Hope you start feeling better soon.

          • Ned Ryerson?!?!?!

          • Anonymous

            I don’t where you’re headed, but can you call in sick?

    • Anonymous

      what things dont bore you?

    • Right there with you.

    • Anonymous

      spring fling

  • Walker, DC Ranger

    RANT: Somebody was throwing rocks at cars around Euclid & University Place this past Saturday.

    Rant: Didn’t get to post till now

    Rave: 911 and MPD seemed very concerned and emphatically told me I was doing the right thing by calling 911, then followed up with a phone call, alleviating my fears that I was tying up 911 for a non-’emergency’ (like someone who’s shot or something).

    Hope they caught the f-worders.

    • Anonymous

      Probably just kids who don’t know that it’s wrong to do that.

      • Anonymous

        i threw rocks at cars with my friends. and we ALL knew it was wrong.

        • Walker, DC Ranger

          That’s some messed up ish, right there.

          Hell, I was a school bully and even I knew it was super dangerous to throw rocks at cars.

          These weren’t pebbles, either, but rocks the size of lacrosse balls. Huge chip in my window, would’ve broken the glass and hit me in the head had it been thrown just a little harder.

      • DC20009

        And that’s why it was right to call the police on them – what better way to learn it’s wrong to throw rocks at people?

    • Kids threw rocks at my friend’s car this winter right around there. Nice to know they’re keeping up the habit.

  • Anon

    Rant: people who spend $900,000 on a townhouse but can’t spend $200 to make their treebox — that small green area between the sidewalk and street — look nice. C’mon, people! Your nice house looks ghetto with a weedy-ass box.

    • Anonymous

      What do you want people to do? Plant a bunch of flowers that will promptly get trampled? Put up a little fence that will ding the car doors of everyone who parallel parks there?

      I keep mine grassed and trash-free. There is nothing else to do.

      • I actually sympathize with both of the above. A nice parking strip helps make a block, but it is so hard to keep them nice. Between people throwing trash in it and others letting their leashed dogs strangle our little rose bushes, it’s enough to make us throw up our hands in despair.

        • I was planning on grabbing a few of those double knockout rose bushes from a garden store this spring to plant in the treebox. I got a few for my backyard last year and they flourished without any real attention, and I thought they’d be good for the roadside. But I worried about cars having to parallel park and open doors into them, and about what the local litterbugs would do. They aren’t terribly expensive, so I might just go for it and see what happens.

          • Colhi

            I appreciate the thought but please don’t put roses in the tree box. It would make it really hard for people getting out of a car and having to be attacked by thorns and bushes. I try to be respectful to the pretty plants in the tree boxes but sometimes, you just need to get out of the car, especially if you have kids, packages or someone will limited mobility. Some nice treadable ground cover may be a good option.

          • Colhi, your point is well taken. Any bushes should be planted well back from the curb, kept trimmed, and there should be a path to the sidewalk. If they are planted this way, then no one should get close enough to be pricked by a thorn.

          • sbc

            it’s not good to plant extra stuff in a box with a tree in it since it sucks up water the tree needs and crowds roots. Casey Trees has good tips on its website and can provide (I think they cost some money) bags that go around trees and slowly release water. but PLEASE do not put out those black tubs that slowly water trees–they are open so attract trash and mosquitos.

          • SBC – there’s no tree in my treebox. Just grass/weeds and litter. I’m trying to come up with low maintenance ways to keep it looking nice. Not huge into rock gardens, but that’s an idea.

    • Anonymous

      mine looks like hell. if you’d like to help, i’ll take the help. i have no idea what to do.

      • anon

        Rock garden tree boxes are relatively easy and low maintenance. If you have the inclination to dig up the existing grass and put down landscape fabric you can cut holes for a couple plants and fill the rest with pond pebbles (they sell bags at Home Depot). Or do what I like to do and bring home a couple interesting stones each time you go on a hike :)

        Just don’t put a fence within 2-3′ of the curb for car doors.

        • There are codes that mandate minimum distances from the curb. Anyone considering redoing a parking strip should look up the codes on DCRA’s website.

      • Anonymous

        Dig out all the dirt down to the tree roots, put in compost and dirt mix.

        put in something super-tough and unkillable, but not shrubs or something spiky like roses. Think euonymus, liriope, pycnanthemum, vinca, asters, steppable things like ajuga and some sedums. I am a fan of native plants, but you want invasive-grade toughness, drought-tolerance, and steppability, more than anything else, just don’t cross over to actual invasiveness like with ivy.

        • I think that’s good advice. Something pretty, hardy, and low profile that people can walk on. And something that can just be doused in dog pee.

    • I’m definitely not spending $200 on mine. I pick up the trash and keep the grass (and weeds) neatly trimmed but that’s it.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Someone heated up what smells like potato kugel in my office. It smells soooo good and is making me hungry.

    Rave: Checked out the cherry blossoms last night and it looks like there are a lot of buds still, so they should be looking great when I come back later this week and during the weekend. I love living so close that it’s easy to go there for a quick stroll.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: People on twitter posting rumors that Cher died. I almost had a heart attack when I read that!

  • Rant: Too much free time on my hands (sorry but that’s the best rant I have right now)

    Rave: Sunshine and happiness. That and there’s virtually no stress in my life at the moment.

  • PG

    Rave: Vacation on Friday!

    Rant: Didn’t realize until my gf looked at the flight schedule that we’re leaving from BWI and returning to Reagan. I thought both flights were BWI. Instead of long term parking, I’m going to have to get cabs or shuttles both ways.

    Rave: I don’t mind, because it’s my first real vacation in a long time!

    • Anonymous

      If you’re leaving during the week, the MARC to BWI is good way to get there.

      • If the MARC isn’t running, there is always Amtrak too.

        And the bus from Greenbelt metro isn’t bad. Seems to be more consistent than the 5A to Dulles.

        • Anonymous

          +1 On Amtrak. That’s how I get to BWI – no too expensive and you get Guest Rewards points anyway….

        • I second the B30 bus. It’s really good, especially if you live on the green line.

          • Anonymous

            I used to think so too! And then I got back from vacation two weeks ago, landed in BWI, and attempted to take the bus to the Green Line (since I live near U street). It was scheduled to arrive in 10 minute…

            ONE HOUR LATER we were still waiting! We ended up catching the NEXT bus as the one scheduled before that just didn’t show. I nearly froze my butt off and was incredibly miserable. I would really hesitate to count on the the B30 if I need to catch a flight.

      • PG

        It’s a 6 AM flight. Does MARC run at 4 AM?

        • Anonymous

          Probably night. Just take the last one the night before. :)

          • Anonymous

            *Probably not, that should say….

        • No, but Amtrak runs around 3 am I think. I did that once for a 6 AM flight.

          • Anonymous

            Correct. Amtrak runs around the clock, just less frequently in the early early morning.

  • oh and
    Rant/Rave: Finally decided to start dating again and created an okcupid profile over the weekend.

    • Anonymous

      Me too! But not on OKCupid.

    • I put one up recently too – good luck! I’m debating whether OKcupid is the best site to be on, but I’m not quite to the point where I want pay to join a different site either.

      • Anonymous

        My theory is that if someone is paying to use a dating site, they are probably more serious about it.

        My experience at OkC has been mixed. I had two good dates but didn’t go anywhere but also a bunch of weird requests that drove me away from the site.

        • In general I would agree with you, but I’ve tried Match and Eharmony without much success. It’s a been a few years since I tried Match, so I’m considering trying it again but the last time I was on it I had no luck at all.

    • I need to do this too (whether on OKCupid or somewhere else.)

    • jerseygirl

      we need a popville dating site. :)

      • That’s a good idea — I’ve heard it suggested before. In it’s absence, what if people join OKCupid (it’s free) and put the word PoPville in their profiles? Then we can search for each other using the “keyword” search. I need to re-rewrite my profile anyway!

    • Anonymous

      Good luck! I met a guy from OkC two months ago and we are leaving for a 2 week vacation to Vietnam on Friday. This could be amazing or a disaster, but you only live once! My advice is to be open and try to go on as many dates as possible.

    • I met my hubby on OKCupid. I also met some weirdos before him, but the good ones are out there!

  • Rave: This amazing weather and sunshine

    Rant: I have senioritis and cannot motivate myself to work this morning.

    Revel: Heading out of town early on Friday for some sunshine, jazz, and time with my girlfriends.

    • Where are going that has sunshine and jazz? Inquiring jazz and sunshine loving minds want to know about this destination.

      • New Orleans for French Quarter Festival!

  • TG

    OK dog people and zoon politikons, here is my query. New neighbor is responsible dog walker and poop cleaner but new neighbor’s middle school aged kid seems not to have been instructed in the fact that the delicate balance between the Hobbsian war of all against all and civilized society is jeopardized when you let your dog poop in someone else’s yard, on the sidewalk etc. How does one help preserve the fabric of civilization without either a) coming off looking like a jerk by yelling at a kid, or b) coming off looking like a jerk/getting the relationship off the wrong foot with the new neighbor. Thank you in advance for your sage words.

    • I would talk to the kid nicely. He’ll probably stop doing it and be too embarrassed to mention it to his parents, but if that doesn’t work, I would talk to the parents. Is your yard fenced because if it is, that’s particularly messed up.

    • anon

      Don’t assume middle school age kid wasn’t told to pick up poop. Assume middle school age kid didn’t listen to parents.

      Your first option doesn’t have to be to yell at the kid. If you catch him/her doing it, just ask him/her to pick up the poop. If s/he doesn’t, you say you know his/her parents pick up the poop every time and you’ll have to talk to their parents about it if the kid keeps not picking up the poop. You already know they are contentious poop scoopers, so likely the kid has been told to pick up the poop and just thinks s/he’ll get away with it. If the kid keeps it up, then you go to the parents and talk to them about it nicely. Since they’re good scoopers, hopefully it doesn’t have to start off the relationship badly.

      Good luck!

  • rant: In the last 36 hours I have killed both a stink bug and a wasp in my apartment – does anyone have tips on how to seal windows so that large bugs can’t get in? I have the usual windows which slide open and have well-fitting screens – my only idea is to re-do what I did last year – using clear packing tape to seal all seams between the windows and screens (I honestly don’t know how the bugs are getting in).

    • Anonymous

      Are you sure theyre coming in through the windows? I have been keeping my windows closed, but now I’m getting a little freaked out that these bugs can slip on through.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, I had that problem when I lived in a big building in Arlington. If I had a single light on at night my ceiling would be swarming with flying bugs, even if I kept the windows closed and locked. There were no noticeable cracks in the window frame so I have no idea how they were getting in. When I brought this up with my landlord, who also lived in the building, her response was “yeah, but they’re harmless and they’re dead by the next morning so I just vacuum them up.” Not the solution I was looking for…

  • Anonymous

    Rave: wearing a cute summery dress. Bye-Bye tights!

    Rave: Starting doing yoga and exercising more in January, and I feel really great about myself.

    Rant: Sympathize with “my life is boring” rant. Sometimes you just get in that rut of doing the same things, every day.

    • Anonymous

      But the prescription is right there in the symptoms (and the cause). You’re doing yoga and exercising, and there are so many more ways to push yourself.

  • Anonymous

    Anita Bonds will be (re-)elected to the DC Council.

    Patrick Mara will win the most votes west of the Park, and some pro-education votes among new voters immediately east of the Park.

    Silverman will do OK in the middle part, but votes will be splintered among those focused on transit, corruption, marijuana and education.

    Zukerberg will be the only one besides Bonds to get a significant number of votes east of the River.

    • Anonymous

      This is pretty much right. It’s so disappointing because while Bonds is not a complete disgrace like Michael Brown, she is a mostly useless hack. I think Mara or Silverman would do a much better job, but they’ll split the votes. Why can’t the reformers unite under a candidate??

      • Anonymous

        What did bonds do that was disgraceful?

        • Anonymous

          I said she WASN’T a disgrace. I just think she’s shady in the way that’s unfortunately pretty typical for DC politicos. She has had a pretty clear conflict of interest regarding her ties to the construction industry. While she’s certainly not the only council member with issues, I think when we have a chance to not vote for these DC establishment types, we should take it.

          • Anonymous

            whoops. sorry.

    • So who are you voting for? I’m voting for Silverman.

      • Anonymous

        I think I’m voting Silverman.

      • Anonymous

        Silverman as well. I like the anti-corruption thing and think she would vote my interests.

        Unfortunately, Grosso kind of already owns this schtick.

        I won’t vote for Frumin – the knock on him as an unelectable as representing a west-of-the-Park perspective rings true. If he spent a few years advocating for schools east of the Park, where I live – and where my kid is zoned for – rather than just Wilson High (aka the only traditional DCPS HS that works), I would more prepared to believe.

        And Zukerberg – he picked one issue, and he’ll get all the people that will vote on that one issue alone. And lose.

        And I won’t vote for a Republican. I’m not going to fight them nationally and vote for them locally when they’re all on the same team.

        • For what it’s worth… Grosso has endorsed Silverman.

      • saf

        You know she took money from Skinner, yes?

    • Sadly you’re right. The black establishment got their act together and unified their vote behind Bonds, who is just another “pay-to-play” politician. I know the black community places great importance on keeping the Council majority black, but I wish they’d united behind a better candidate. It’s not like the “progressive” candidates (and Mara) are anything to get excited about either.

      • Anonymous

        I think you’re partially referring to the story in today’s Washington Post about Bonds attempting to rally the black establishment behind her (partially out of desperation). I do think she’ll win, but I also think it’s unfair to characterize the city’s corruption as a black thing. Catania and Evans also have business ties, and don’t even get me started on Jim Graham. No matter her racial background, Bonds is typical of DC’s pay-to-play culture, and she’s gotta go.

        • I’m not saying the city’s corruption is “a black thing.” What I’m saying is that the black community in DC is still the dominant political force and I wish the politicians they were choosing to back were better choices. Kwame , HTJ, Orange, Michael Brown are all pretty lousy. But you can only vote for the people who run, so I guess it’s our fault for not helping quality politicians (black, white, Hispanic, whatever) to rise up.

        • And you’re right. Jim Graham is the worst of the bunch. Catania quit MC Dean, so I’m a bit more comfortable with him. Evans definitely seems to be too cozy with developers.

          • Oh come on, to be fair Jim Graham turned down his bribe…

          • Lol. Yeah. He’s a real champion of law and order.

  • Rant: People hating on Le Diplomat before ever going there simply because it’s “another overpriced bistro” (I thought 14th st was full of overpriced small plates…? which is it, people?!)….already convinced that the place sucks. The renovation is gorgeous and a vast improvement from what was there. People are so irritated by 14th St development, like the drugs, homelessness, hookers….or even the riots were better? Some folks needs to get over themselves. Don’t patronize, but don’t hate.

    • Anonymous

      while i lament the cost of things, i think it looks awesome. and i think DC needs this recharged vibrancy.

      • I just don’t understand the hate of development. I mean, what do you want DC to be? I mean, I know many of these people believe everything is better in NYC (why not live there….?)

        • Anonymous

          To be fair, just because someone is not happy with every single new business along 14th street doesn’t mean they are against all development.

          • well, when you don’t live in the area and criticize every new spot….it’s hard to believe that they don’t dislike development. I said it’s not perfect, but to say it isn’t an improvement of what it was even 5-6 years ago (I’ve been here 9 years) is ridiculous. We definitely need a larger variety of businesses, but it’s not all bad.

          • Anonymous

            Yeah, I agree with that view. I’m happy to see new things, but I just with there was more variety. I didn’t post anything on Le Diplomate, but I am disappointed at yet another place opened that I can’t afford. I think it looks gorgeous, and I don’t expect places to cater to me– I understand that the market and the rents mostly dictate the high prices. It’s just that I don’t make nearly as much money as I think most PoP, and I’m young and single and I want to go out!

          • shit, I’m not young and I’m not (that) broke, but I generaly don’t go out on 14th Street for the most part. My husband and I stick to the same three spots…and I agree the area could use a bigger variety of businesses – especially services (I’d love more places I can actually shop!).

            However, the street is busy, looks amazing, and draws in people from all over for dinner…I’ll take the revenue and visitors. I’m not THAT much of a debbie downer!

          • amm

            yes more shops and local boutiques please!

        • Well, I’m not the anti-development crowd you’re referring to, but I certainly get bored hearing about new restaurants, bars, and snack shops (by that I mean fro-yo, cupcakes, chicken&donuts, etc.) I’m not a foodie or a drinkie (?) so the proliferation of such businesses is not interesting and the benefit of such development becomes more and more abstract to me.

          • So glad to have company! I’m also not a foodie/drinkie. Which is why I was ecstatic when Annie’s hardware opened in Petworth, but was meh about Chez Billy.

    • I think you bring up an interesting point. The restaurant looks really nice (a 1000% upgrade from what was there before). But I think people are getting tired of the “high-end prices for mediocre food” paradigm. This place might be worth it. It might not. We’ll all have to see. One can be unhappy with one’s restaurant choices without being anti-development. Plus, so much of the snark related to restaurants seems to be rooted in silly neighborhood bashing anyway. When I read reviews talking about how much a place sucked and the location is included as a reason (one of yesterday’s posts in the thread dealing with DC’s hottest new restaurants is an example), I know that the reviewer was probably biased going in and would never have been pleased.

      • I agree completely. Prematurely hating on something isn’t helpful. There are too many high end restaurants. I agree, but the place looks gorgeous and I personally don’t think the area will attrack the services we need until many of those condos are finished. Trader Joes will be fantastic.

        The funny thing is the people I’m referring to (specifically through a FB post) simply said they wished it were different types of food or even a bar. I mean, really?

      • +1.

        I’m always happy to see vacant spaces getting developed… but it’s a little discouraging when so many of them seem to be super high-end.

      • I think Le Diplomate looks great and the prices are in line with a higher end restaurant. That’s fine, I’ll go there for a special occasion. And the mussels appear to be a pretty good deal.

        However – and as I said yesterday – $17 for 6 oysters is a CRIME. Those oysters cost the restaurant less than 50 cents each and require minimal preparation. I’m a huge oyster fan and have no problem criticizing them on that.

  • Marymay

    Rant: I was supposed to tag along on BF’s work trip 2 weeks away. He told me to hold on getting a tix. Since going would require me to get a visa and take antimalarials, I guess I’m not going.

    Rave: so nice outside!

  • Rant: So many boring chores to do (laundry, tidying apartment, groceries).

    Rave: Must do them tonight & tomorrow to be ready to go to PH90 on Thursday! Hello Flor-ree-dah!!

  • Oh, Raves!
    Rave: breaking down and hiring housekeepers….I love the day they come. I don’t have to inhale the cleaning supplies, and it’s DONE. It’s a cost, not one I love spending, but the time spent cleaning is worth having someone else doing it. They also DO laundry! I put it in before I go and they swap it all out.

    Rave: husband and I are going to Bedford Springs for our vacation. Local, not too much money….if anyone’s been, let me know if there’s any specific recommendations!

    • jerseygirl

      what housecleaners do you use? i spent yesterday (my first free, unscheduled day in weeks) cleaning my apartment which was so sad because it was SO gorgeous outside but my bathroom and kitchen were filthy! i’m thinking i might need to hire someone to help…

      • I used Veronica Marin – she sends ladies. I’ve tended to have the same women each time. They’re very sweet and do a great job and my dog doesn’t bother them. I used to use them for quarterly deep-clean – 3 women would be there for 6 hours cleaning every inch of my place and it was $250. 202-437-9067. I’ve been very happy with them, I use them bi-weekly.

        • Anonymous

          Do you mind if I ask what the bi-weekly rate is?

          • I pay $125 biweekly – I have 1 1/2 bathrooms. She quoted me $100 a week, which I just couldn’t afford. I can clean up enough mid-week.

          • what is the sq footage? I am looking at possibly replacing ours but we have a 4 level row house so am trying to figure out what an equivilent price might be.

          • We have like 860sq feet. Not sure what it would be for bigger, but she’ll come by and give you a quote. And when I booked the “deep clean” that’s normally $250 for us, because I was then going to start regular service, she charged me $200. Which is an excellent deal for 3 people working for 5-6 hours. It did, however, make me feel like a total slob that they were there for that long!

        • jerseygirl

          thanks! do you know if they cover shaw? I’m on new jersey ave (hence the name)

          • she’ll go anywhere – I’ve had her in my old place in Dupont and my new place between Logan and Shaw. I think she drops the ladies off and then picks them up. They’ll also come on Saturday (that’s when I used to do the “deep clean”). I’d give you my name to say I recommended….but don’t want to post it here. Maybe PoP will share if you ask him.

        • Every time I scroll past this I think your lady is Veronica Mars and I get all excited. I want Veronica Mars to clean my house!

    • Anonymous

      I’m having what can only be described as “issues” with my housecleaners. After an AMAZING first couple visits, they’ve gotten sloppy. No longer wiping the toothpaste splashes off the walls adjacent to the sink; not even opening the oven; wiping off the main fridge shelves but not the door shelves… But then, this past visit, I went from thinking “eh, it’s better than doing it myself” to “I can do better than this myself”: when the cleaner left the name of a pest control company pinned to my bulletin board. (Sugar ants, like three of them, happily eating terro and therefore not long for this world.) So she’s sloppy AND passive agressive and judgmental. I think I’m done.

      • I am with you! my house cleaner has an assistant who “took” 3 pairs of shoes and a belt because she thought they were trash because I had them in a bag (no where NEAR the trash can). She has since fired this person but now I wonder what else I can’t find might actually be in her posession :(

        • Once my houscleaner brought a little girl with her. A few days later she called me and said the little girl had taken my credit card to show and tell at kindergarten.

          Actually I foudn that hilarious…

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Last night at the corner of 16th and Arkansas there was a man just full on, pants down, enjoying himself on the spring afternoon if you catch my drift. I called 911 and was not the first person to report it. No cop came that I saw – my window over looks the corner and I’m disappointed. There were a ton of people out – what a mess for all to see.

    • Anonymous

      too bad that tai chi guy with the sword wasn’t out there then! could’ve fixed THAT problem!

  • meredith


    As may know, a business named “Quik Cash Pawnshop” (at 14th Street & Spring St. NW), has applied for a Basic Business License for the Pawnbrokers category. If neighbors have any objection to the Pawn Shop coming to 14th Street between Spring Road and Quincy, they must inform the 4C Commissioner, Rickey Williams rickeywilliams78 (at) gmail.com by Wednesday morning (April 10).

    With violent muggings and property crimes in our immediate neighborhood happening on a regular basis, I have concerns that a cash for goods business may contribute to the problems we already have. Please send an email to the above address stating your concerns if you agree! Thanks all!

  • Rave: It’s nice outside!

    Rant: It’s freezing in my office. I’m all bundled up and I’ve got the space heater turned on.

    • I’ve got hot tea and I’m fixing to bust out the office fur to combat the “controlled climate” of my office.

    • Sun Worshipper

      I used to have a warm, sunny window cube until management decided to shuffle us around. Someone who was relocated to the window was complaining today that it’s too warm and sunny. :( I keep slipping out to take walks around the parking lot (I wish I had a nicer place to walk but I’m in a mini office park surrounded by construction sites).

      • Anonymous

        Ask them to trade spots with you? [/obvious solution]

        • hahaha that obvious solution would require at least 4 managers to sign off on and at least 8 weeks of paper work before it MIGHT be approved at my office. Then it would require 1 phone guy, and 1 to 2 computer guys to implement the move.

          • Anonymous

            It’s not even an option with the mangement where I work. ;(

  • Anonymous


    It appears an Office Depot is moving into 1875 Connecticut across from the Hilton. And another deli is moving in next to the Office Depot. Not sure if this is a Revel or Rant.

  • Rave: Off to Coachella first thing tomorrow morning
    Rave: Muse just announced a date in DC

  • Does anyone know if there is a specific date that landlords can turn heat off in an apartment building where individual units do not have control over their thermostat? Thanks!

  • Revel: Did my spring waxing last night and used some peppermint oil on the freshly waxed areas..PURE BLISS! *Dont judge me!*

    • Anonymous

      Tell us more about your waxing….

  • Just hired Paula – from Popville recs. – and she is WONDERFUL. Just her own independent self, with flexible times and services, very detail oriented. Paula – 763-807-4864.

    • That was meant to be on the thread for house cleaners –


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